Friday, May 27, 2005


It's James again. Hope this will be the last announcement for this month. The last day to take the GP essay test is TOMORROW. Those who will be taking the test, pls meet at our class bench at 10a.m. Mr Valles will look for you all there. Happy holidays!
i must clarify why i fell down so many times on ubin...

cos the brakes on my bike weren't working!!!! though come to think about it, i must have posed a hazard to myself and other poor cyclists that day....

but anyway how many times in your life do u get to fall down in mud? heheheh.. i bet u can count them on the fingers of your elbow.... for me though i am rather used to this kind of escapades... i have even fallen into those kind of deep ditches u get by the roadside once on a rainy day (it came up to my chin)... so i am usually not as horrified as those around me usually are when i get into such mess...

ok now EEP is over... its been great fun for me.. dinghy sailing was harder then i thought but still it was wonderful.. anyone else wanna share ur EEP experiences?

cya all soon... rmb to mug for block tests :)

Monday, May 23, 2005

Ningfei's request so I shall blog abt what happened to the orchard group. but must first clarify: I wanted very much to go ubin!!! gah!! budden my mum say cannot.. cauz wednesday got EEp camp I going ubin already. :(

Well anyway i set off for orchard at like 12+ hoping to meet majority ofour class there. Then I realise i was going to be late. So i sms sheila, tell her not to wait for me. Then she replied, saying she dunno who's going and she has a performance to finish or something like that. Hmmph ok. nvm.. so i happily board the NEL to dhoby gauht.

On the way i sms weiquan, thinking he was in ubin so i ask him what time they meeting us. Then it turn out that he wasnt in ubin and he will be meeting the orchard pple late. Then i told him to wait for me la. THEN i alighted at dhoby gauht and i walk walk walk all the way to somerset... peered into the station to see 2 poor souls sitting on the floor: Xue yi and wei quan. Goodness! By the time i reach somerset it's like 2pm already.. and tadah we have 3 pple to our class outing!! -applause- yup

ok then i ask them who we still waiting for - zhixuan n jian kai. hahah as usual jiankia's always late whereas zhixuan had lunch beforing coming to meet us.

Ok basically we were just wasting our time at orchard la. Strolling here and there with no aim. First we wanted to catch a movie, while waiting for the ubin pple to come back, bleah but reaslised that weekend 9.5 bucks v ex n we all broke so we gave up on tt idea la.
Then we decided to eat. I dont have $$$ so i suggested going macs so i can use my ezlink. Then cine no macs so we went out. ON the way.. realised that taka was where the nearest mac can be found but jk suggested mos.. so OK we walked to centrepoint (basically we have lots of time you see..) Then weiquan saw burgerking n said "eh.. mos very ex, why not see BK?" Then someone realised that cine got BK also and it was very stupid to go all the way from cine to centrepoint to eat BK. So in the end we decided to go FOODCHAIN :)

ok so we idled our time way in food chain, watching tom and jerry on the tv and finally zhixuan came and sat beside weiquan. mwahahah (there was no where else to sit la) Then we talk cok and eat. eat finsih already also dunno what to do. Want to chitchat also zo-dang so the girls came up with their goals: kl wanted slurpee- so tt's short term goal, zhixuan wanted coffee bean coffee and xueyi wanted to go kino. Right so we have 3 places to go now. (as u can see, we were pretty aimless)

So after getting my slurpee, we walked to taka for coffee bean. here's the irritating part, we got lost in kino / taka and couldnt find coffee club. Ask the security guard, she brought us to coffee club. Piang. Then all of us were very tired already la.. so we gave up and started browsing through books in kino.

Zhixuan n I found this very cute book on flakes and water. It proposed that water is ALIVE and it can form different shapes of flake under different emotions. example, water shown the picture of mount fuji forms a more beautiful flake than water subjected to polluted environments. And water to which someone says "I LOVE YOU" forms very pretty shape as well. SO this is what i suggested to weiquan: get a glass of water, concentrate n say "I love you!" x 100 and put it into the fridge to get nice nice flakes and give zhixuan :)

yadah yadah.. then we continue browsing through books until zhixuan had to go for dao ju outing... then i too sian so i went off with her too.


Hello everybody i'm James. Well, the Pulau Ubin trip was indeed memorable with all those unexpected happenings. It's a pity that I had to leave earlier but nevertheless the trip was still sort of exhilarating. However, the main point of my post is once again about GP.

What Mr Valles said was,''Given your different activity schedules in 05S73,I am willing to administer the essay test to the CCA leadership participants anytime on Tue (they can just tell me when they would all be free for any two-period session: I'll be in the staff room or staff lounge until 7pm). I wouldn't want to usurp other teachers'class times for the essay assignment. And so, I could meet the rest of the class in different combinations(if required) for the same for the rest of the week. I really hate spoiling your vacation (and the start of my next term with marking), but that is the department's policy: completing every exercise in Issues & Ideas volume 1. We just need to bear with it.One positive thing out of this is that the I&I themes covered are the same that will come out in the Essay Block Tests.?''

So, the conclusion is: the GP essay test will still be conducted next week but most probably on different days for us and pls start completing every exercise in Issues & Ideas volume 1, for those who have already received it. Have a nice EEP week!

Sunday, 22 march -- Pulau Ubin

ok i suay suay got appointed as the one who's gg to report wat happen today.dotz. wah lau act not appointed lohz.....ish the si muppet anyhow point to me.....
ok so im crapping now if u guys wanna mug go ahead n ignore this long post cos i haf a feeling this is going to be quite long.hmmphz.
firstly mus say that..........aft all the debate abt claz outing at pulau outing...we finally haf one! yayz! ubin rox! got mosquitoes! big big one somemorez....ehz but in the end turn up rate not bad. i expected like abt 3-4 but turn out to be 7!! *clap clap* yesh the others mus oso join us in the future! else u'll miss out on all the fun....aniwae the 7 of us are(in order of appearance): muppet, georgia, me(im third!), (Latecomers :)) -- Liqian, Man, Poh Jee, Joanne.(beng overslept) N the trip starts!
we made our way out of tampines mrt towards the bus interchange, den the gals rmb they din eat breakfast or sth......aniwae i din so we bought waffles frm a shop, er, forgot wat the name le,.....oh yahz im blogging like late in the nite aft the whole trip so im like half-dead so some details realli cannot vomit out, dui bu qi horz. ok so we ate the waffles. den we took bus 29, if im not wrong, to the jetty. er on the way muppet was as usual doing wat she does most n most of us jus kept silent the brains to save energy for later use......hahaz come to think of it so tt's y muppet was the first to tire out!......i was stoning, liqian too wif his stone look the gals were laughing at his face......Man was trying to show to muppet that she wasnt toking to the air wif his nice smiley n regular nodding of his eric valles-like face. oh yahz tt day i saw eric valles carrying his cute little bag like a student n flagging a taxi aft sch. damn cute.....georgia was sitting beside muppet so suay cannot sleep haf to listen to muppet tok cok.....poh jee was er......forgot le cos i was stoning mahz. joanne was as usual drunk so was laughing at nothing.....aniwae bus reach jetty, got out, walk towards jetty, pass by changi village, ( n i rmb the last time me, weiquan, xinhui, heng wei, georgia n guinea pig ate there aft bmtc.....haiz forgot to blog abt tt), walk wrong way, turn back, walk correct way, reach long queue. den i thnk muppet said sth like (in chi) "i din noe got so mani pple like us come ubin on public hol".
so we queued up.....den man n joanne n poh jee went to explore dunno-wat-thing......den we haf to cal them back to queue up lest they cant get in wif us. ok realise haf been typing for 15mins stil haven reach ubin yet.....diaox.
got onto boat.......was telling lq that i miss my old days on boat......the boat sway here sway there, quite seh. jump onto boat, sit in. decided to take a pic......ask tis ah-mo female help us take but she dunno how to use cam so haf to ask her husband bside her. ok crap. den we squeezed tgther n took a pic. snap! yay, first pic of the day. the cleanest one somemorez......if georgia can upload the pics u wil c the before n after pic........den u noe ubin realli mean business manz......aniwae we din get to tok much cos the boat quite noisy n we cant possibly use hand signals or mos codes cos we dunno how. oh yahz i thnk barney called one of us while we were on the boat or sth.....den v noisy cannot hear so hang off.
reach ubin. thnk same as b4, last time came here i thnk pri schooling.ubin rox. we walk to the entrance......n took the 2nd photo of the day wif the "welcome to pulau ubin" sign. wahz everybody spirits high body nice n clean chit-chatting.......dunno wats going to happen to us in the coming five hours....den georgia suddenly exclaim "who wanna go toilet?" den she point to this red building jus in view.....wth it was so sudden tt my bladder din even get to signal to me to release. er so in the end we din went but instead got ourselves 5 single bikes n 1 double bike from this quite lousy shop cos the bikes were quite rusty. we later found out that the bikes were quite unusable as one of the brakes was spoiled n seriously the two-wheeler horse power at all. so poh jee......dun blame urself on the multiple stops we had during the trip......blame it on the bike! niwae yupz pj say she dunno how to bike den the drunkard dunno y jiu jing fa qi pointed to me n tel me to ride her. :s.right. so in the end i stuck wif pj while the others singled out. but nvm i got my second exp of being a two-wheeler captain.......n a memorable one too.....was telling pj my first victim was heavier than her so she can rest assured.....later found out tt size realli din matter aniwae. so........
we started cycling. here mus say tt throughout the trip the leader keeps changing frm georgia(mostly) to man to me to joanne (muppet??), but reali mus applause for lq for being the sweeper all along. yayz! three cheers for lq! btw sweeper = last man = wait for everyone man = cannot realli enjoy ride man = helping those that fall on the way man (uh-hem) but not = the man. cos james is the man mahz. HAHA!...lame.
er.....where was i......oh the trip started out from a v v small valley squeezed wif shops + pple+ cyclists + dogs to a broad road where we cycled freely.....yupz. fresh air + beautiful trees ........earthly heaven. well tt's onli for the first part of the trip. we started out quite smoothly......den joanne heard tis guy saying (in chi) "ehz got durians overhead lehz" den she was like *big big eyes* "wow thx for telling".......we carried on....i was struggling to pei he wif pj.....den she told me she damn experienced in being a passenger cos she dunno how to cycle everytime mus ride behind others....over ten times somemore!....ehz told u to go learn cycling! so fun! .....ok the others were doing fine cos at the start mahz everybody spirits high high......ok until we reach this upslope. i mus say this here ........i hate upslopes!!!esp. if u try riding a two-wheeler!! will gek si de. at first i stil can tahan.....a few more times i gave up n me n pj haf to walk the bicycle uphill. er.....den there was a crossroad.......i chose the small path (brilliant me) which ultimately led to
we came to this swamp-like place, muddy ground, trees big big tall tall, wet atmosphere, muddy pools of water. hope u get the pic. den got a too-ed couple pitching sort of a tent there n enjoying the atmosphere there (wat atmosphere??) gal was ok not tt chio guy was topless n showing off his fats. niwae me georgia n man successfully pass tis stretch of mud road. but the others sort of stuck there(from now on mus say tt lq is innocent cos he sweeper.....else i thnk he can easily pass those obstacles).den later saw georgia's kayaking coach i thnk....Richard.....damn muscular guy, was admiring his muscles even b4 georgia told me abt his 4% fats body(normally is 10% for males i thnk. ask georgia).ok den the others finally got through......den i made the first mistake of the day......i chose a pathway tt isnt meant as a pathway.......for bikes.
at first got low branches n spiky leaves etc. den later got coconuts on the ground!wah lauz **** the monkeys lahz eat things oso dun clean leftovers!mus maneavor the bike expertly to avoid these but in the end cos of lack of space me n pj haf to stop n ride the bike.unfortunately the others were following closely behind......den i sort of saw tis small road which later turn out to be a deadline.......diaoz. so the track was meant for trekkers.........we ba-lek .....pass thru the same thorny branches tt time was sweating all over wif mosquito bites n scarred by branches. miraculously muppet was the onli one who haf the sense to wear long pants u can imagine her laughter at the end of the trip when everyone was scratching their legs while hers were like still beautifully hidden?.........dotz. later she confessed tt the pants were her sis. haz. bet the idea of wearing long pants was from her sis too.
aniwae we got out of the mess n went across tis wooden bridge.......den there is tis muddy road wif 2 big pools of muddy water....n in the middle got tis plank for us to ride thru.....hahaz i oso not sure wat happened but next instant georgia was on the plank, den joanne dunno y thnk drunk or wat wasnt moving(she was in front of georgia) so georgia, wif her bike, haf to fall somewhere.she fell right into the pool of muddy water on her left.......first casualty of day.landed on her butt i thnk. but no serious damage.......jus muddy all over......esp. shoes.were like we spent half our supply of tissue in cleaning her up.......her bag was oso muddy-ed. moral of story: nv ride aft a drink.yahz she was still laughing n all so we guess she was alright lahz.....esp. when xuan xuan's prezzie was like on the right of the bike so din get muddy-ed.....wah lauz shld haf fallen on the right....den can let her clean her own prezzie tt time muppet was alr tired. we wondering y we cycle so litt den tire alr ......den lq was like saying "we cycle 2 mins den stop 5 mins.....of cos tire lahz"
aft tt i forgot wat we did......onli rmb jian kai called alot of us to tok cok i thnk,.......den we realise the hp were charging on malaysian rate *wahz biangz* go mainland sure mus bash jk up. ok the trip goes on.......most of the time we two-wheeler overtake them cos we cant stop else we wil haf diff. in starting. so..........led to a no. of incidents where the back n the front were too far apart n frequency not the same chose the wrong road, in the end the back got lost the front haf to wait. haiz........sori arhz......
niwae drunkard was saying drunk-tok all the while n laughing drunklingly..mos times to herself lahz...den man was the silent guy who alys able to catch up wif faster ones n slow down wif slower ones......u c him rightz wil haf a boost in confidence lohz....georgia was relating her outdoor life in ubin in the past yrs to anione who bothered to listen.....hahaz jk jk act quite interesting but i was under the hot sun n riding a two-wheeler so half in half out lohz....muppet wil complain at every stop abt ubin, hahaz we were cheering her on by saying "ehz later go town meet jiankai lehz. got psychological comfort ......." den she was ....blushing?hahaz jkjk, jiankai arhz dun get disappointed horz cos she din blush.haiz....come to thnk of it ....wat if wq or xuan was there?...hehez den it wil b more interesting......muahahaz. me n pj was trying our mo qi but obviously we dun haf ani so we ren ming.......lq was too far behind so i dunno wat he doing.
ok den we come to the coconut part. as usual me pj georgia n man were faster so reach tis stop where they sell coconut juice.....but lq joanne n muppet were lost somewhere so me man haf to get them back. on riding back saw tis group of indians cycling .....were chiding at us i thnk for blocking the road......aiyoz den i bu shuang cycle fast fast (w/o pj she was resting at the stop)ahead of them......hehez at first felt like bashing them up but hwa chong taught me better. heehz hc rox.
so we had a well-deserved rest wif coconut juices. yam yam. din noe coconuts tasted so nice :). den man haf to go :( cos he got guzheng lesson. haiz despite all our persuasion in postponing the guzheng lesson he din agree......guess tt's wat a man like the man shld do -- man work.niwae we were so she-bu-de letting him go lohz....every step tt he took, as he climb onto his bike, as he turn his bike around, as he turn back n waved at us, as he took a step forward, as he turn back n waved at us a second time n saying gdbye.....we rmb clearly.........we kept saying gdbye......muppet was on the point of crying.......we were observing step by step he cycled further away frm us.....den it hit me. "ehz we haven take our photo at this stop yet lehz". diaoz. u can almost c the 3 beads of sweat tickling down the back of each of our heads, n man falling off his bike wif both his legs up in the air. hahaz of cos tis din happen. man coolly turn back, flash us a cool smile, coolly stepped down, coolly sweeped up georgia's camera, gave muppet a cool blow kiss, n snap! he got his cool picture!......rite tt was all fake.
the REAL thing is tt we took our photo wif the words "Cold Drinks" hanging behind us.......den man told us to go off first cos he couldnt bear to part wif us. haiz. poor man. so we bid goodbye n carried on our journey in a six-man team. we went past the OBS camp tt some of us haf attended.......the feeling is like gg back to a long-forgotten home......haiz miss the old chinese high days.niwae we took pics again.......den georgia say she dunno wats up ahead animore......n old muppet was complaining yet again(she so wanted to go back to the jetty with man, u shld haf seen her muppet face when she was seeing man off........i was pretty worried for barney, scared he wear green hat........muahahaz) we decided to turn back finally.
oh yahz there was this part v cute.....hahaz i promise muppet to write this. we were sort of cycling in a single file.......i could see muppet cycling right ahead......den one instant she was there, another instant she was hidden behind the bushes!n the bushes were like stationed it seems tt muppet suddenly decided to get a free ambulance ride out of ubin by plunging down duno-how-mani-feet to the bottom of the hill. but haiz gd things nv come to life......muppet was safe n sound jus tt she was so tired tt she din even noe where she was some way i find tt v amusing duno was v v funny lahz!ish like "ehz, muppet bu jian le!" "dui horz, ta qu na li le?" "wo gang cai hai kan dao ta de!" ahahahahaz.
as normal me n pj being the two-wheeler haf to ride faster in case we stop, so on the way back to the jetty we sort of lost the others again.......haf to cycle round the bball court in a circle ten + times while waiting for the the end return back to the bike rental shop find tt the others were jus behind us!.......georgia fell down n haf a small they were delayed.ok we were v nid say here ride finish the journey. hahaz.... first 05s73 riding experience .....
oh during the trip there were alot of vans n lorries n cars zooming abt........even in tight spots n narrow valleys.........were damn irritating n noisy.....n blow up alot of dust somemore. esp during uphill........if got car coming down or up u practically cant stay on ur bike animore.hahaz but it was fun no matter wat......
hahaz still rmb when georgia fell into the mud she was exclaiming "n im gg for the strings concert!"hahaz yupz n muppet was realli unwilling to go to town cos she was so tired.......n when we heard there were onli "no. of pple = no. of toes on ur right foot" in town(as jiankai put it)........we were like "huhz? we haf more pple here than at town?"........haiz so pple pls b more enthu for claz outing! i dunno wat happen to the pple at town.......hope jk or whoever wil blog it somehow.....but realli v depressing lehz c the attendance rate. yupz tok to pj abt tis prob during the 5-hr long journey......act onli tok abt tis for 15 mins the point is dun miss out on all the fun! n u will find new n great frens ard u.........
ok let me finish the journey. we went to the red building toilet n sort of clean ourselves (onli 1% lahz) den me n lq could hear muppets' voice toking in the female's toilet while we were in the male's toilet! *rolls eyes* cmon lahz muppet.....tired oso dunnid to chitchat in toilet ritez?hahahahz.......we took several pics den.....the "after" of which bears the sign "have a nice day" on top of us.den we took the boat back to the jetty. on the boat we were as lively as we first my surprise.......hahaz muppet even say the onli thing preventing her from diving into the sea ish tt it was polluted......erp.den we received calls frm the pple at town n realise tt onli xueyi n shell left in town. haiz........ok took a pic in the boat.......alighted.....went to changi village to makan.hahaz it was our lunch + dinner.......for lq n me ish our breakfast we eat full full lohz.aft having our main meals pj bought rojak lq bought chendol me bought pancake. n all of us each haf a big cup of juice in front of us.......imagine how famished we were. tok abt famine camp on june 4th........oh muppet was so tired tt her hands were shaking while holding on to the chopsticks lohz.......hahahaz.aniwae since me n georgia n joanne haf to go strings we siamed first, while the others went to meet up wif xueyi n shell. duno wat they did.....hopefully they wil blog?hahaz wat a split claz we went to joanne's hse to bathe...nth much to say jus tt i was damn embarrassed cos the two gals bathe faster than me :((......but cannot blame lahz my bathroom was like a prison cell so small....cannot even stand straight while i wash my.......haiz. so off we went to strings concert. as for the concert details......hmmphz ask others to blog bahz i damn tired now ish 2.18 am in the morn........surprisingly stil got 10 pple online.......mayb they too haf a claz outing n ish blogging abt it? hahaz ......wat a day for us all.....hmm yes when georgia asked the 5 of us whether we will come back again......we unamiously agreed tt of cos we wil come back!but this time wif the whole claz!yayz!

Friday, May 20, 2005

Yay, although today isn't my official birthday yet, but I'm feeling duly loved. =) Thanks for everything you guys! Especially the birthday card! It's so sweet I'm still melting inside... Okay, enough of the mushy stuff, but thank you all very much anyway! Love ya guys! =D

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Sigh, what a Friday the 13th... The morning started with an exceptionally long assembly with lots and lots of announcements, right before chem SPA! The weather that morning was humid and stifling as well. Just by sitting and not moving, one would start to perspire and get sticky, not the best conditions to do SPA in... First three periods full of chem spa, then a small 40 minutes break to cram in information about maths for the lecture test later. Then again, I don't think that cramming helped very much for the lecture test... Besides the inequalities and proving MI, I don't think I have much confidence in the rest of the paper, which is quite pathetic and miserable. Oh well. But thankfully the LEP dong ye xiao ce yan wasn't really a xiao ce yan, and we managed to postpone the mo xie. So Friday the 13th was quite miserable actually, with 3 tests to attempt to mug for, and some of them being non muggable/doable in the end. Bleagh. =(

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Update on Heng-Wei's hp no.

There is a change to Heng-Wei's hp no. The new no. is 98340968

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

vocab list...

yr vocab list...
muachi = very very high...esp after eating great nice fd eg. muachi @ ps

mogu = moving veri slowly (literally or physically), not able to make quick decisions.
eg. the guys are mogu-ing behind again.

miu = mute
eg. wo miu1 zhu le.

as for b5....haha ask beng beng personally if u wan to noe ;)

Monday, May 09, 2005

Hahah i thought our conversation at venezia was quite funny:

Kai Ling: "what else can i do, i am horny by nature. There's nothing else to see anyway"

B5: "For any country to conquer Singapore, very simple. Just grab all the food away and offer sweet potatoes as the only substitute. That will make everyone surrender. OH my ice kachang"

Zhixuan: "Machi!Mo-Gu! mIU! hey sounds like the gako-the-frog song! Mogu mogu machi MIu miu. hapalukae hapalukae, mogu machi miu. mogu miu, machi miu, mo gu machi miu!"

Shell:"we should have just bought the chicken [FYI we ate one whole chicken aft eating icecream]. but then if without venezia, we wont be that high to buy a whole chicken. Look! the chicken's flying into the paper bag. FEI JI!"

Hmmph -_-. I guess this is the LEP common trait.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Sports day foto..

Image hosted by seven3!!!

Image hosted by kailing

Image hosted by meat-.-"

Image hosted by Georgia n tianjiao

Image hosted by GO APOLLO!!!!!!! n oh pls get kailing sum pi pa gao
photos by quack

Monday, May 02, 2005

Steamboat at marina....

Yea class outing on Sun was a success!!! So fun.. we shld do this more.. anyway for those hu din go here are some updates on wat we did..

Shell was the most punctual.. followed by me! we reached there even b4 5.15pm.. anw finally almost everyone arrived by ard 5.50pm.. so we went 2 e bus stop n waited for a very loooong time 4 the bus.. then when it finally arrived the crowd all chiong to e bus.. so end up me, meat (aka tofu now), weiquan, dikai, ningfei and liqian didnt manage 2 get on.. so we walked all e way there.. :( but anw we finally got there but was told that there was no more place for us so we changed to another restaurant... we all sat at this long table with 2 steamboats btw us n ate.. food was quite good lah.. n throughout e meal barney n ningfei were v entertaining... haha.. then after tt we took a photo outside e bowling alley.. den most of e other girls went home while muppet, shell n me stayed n watched e guys play pool.. then in e middle of tt we went 2 e arcade 2 play.. haha.. den we went back 2 watch e guys play pool again n we played a bit oso.. till abt 10.15pm.. den me, shell n weiquan left first but when e bus came it was v crowded again, so we waited 4 e nxt one.. den when it came we managed 2 squeeze.. n we suddenly saw ningfei, liqian, barney n muppet walking 2 bus stop! so u can tell 4 how long we waited 4 e 2nd bus.. yea but think we all managed 2 reach home b4 twelve.. so class outing was quite fun lah.. must organise another one soon :Þ