Sunday, November 23, 2008

aww bengsy ^^ Anyway to all the ppl still in singapore and are finishing exams soon. Look at this!

Class outing opportunity anyone?

Friday, November 21, 2008

I MISS 73!!!

minna san! ogenku desu ka? 
bengsy is doing great in beijing, albeit struggling with her double major >.<. 
hehe, wanna share with you a korean group that has been capturing the hearts of most singaporeans (meat and i included!) here, thanks to our intertwined relationship with the koreans! not sure if you guys have heard of them (because when i was back in sg for summer, the impression i got was that no one except hardcore k-pop fans know about them, how could you!!!).

wondergirls! XD

their 成名曲 Tell Me swept korea like a tsunami, in fact they are soooo HOT that MANY MANY koreans learnt the dance. i've found some on youtube videos which are freaking hilarious =D

the original MTV:

the hilarious spin-offs:

traffic police version (at a variety show which wondergirls were present too!)

Even flight attendants lurve wondergirls :D

So Hot

Nobody (the latest craze!)

Don't you find the songs catchy? 1, 2, 3 lets go!
"tell me tell me tetetetete tell me"
"i want nobody nobody but you *claps claps*"