Friday, February 24, 2006

Heheheheh im free now too!! While u guys are having bio lect and probably being treated to more gory scenes of my poor shan yang being dissected by sadistic ppl :(:(:(

anw... beng has made a weird connection btw two totally un-linked photos!! and wat's with tt comment?? *hrrmmph*

jts tmr right? hope everyone can make it! including all e huangcheng ppl... 14 more days to e perf.. jiayou!! :D

Saturday, February 18, 2006

hahahahah i love that photo! n the comment even more!
LONG time since i posted and i think i should be one of the few freest pple in class to post right? haha HUANG CHENG pple jiayoU! Give you guys moral support! hah. Your genuiene passion will see you through! Take care and have a pleasant experience!
hello people!
cue: clears suffocating cobwebs and appear in view

my computer is back from the graveyard, hence with that i managed to chunk my accumulating load of photos into the comp! since everyone's filling up the blog with photos, i thought i should join in the fun too. gahaha, dumb orientation06<-click me! photos here!

in addition, i thought that this photo resembles this...
cue: eww...

have a nice weekend!

beng :)