Monday, October 17, 2005


feels weird to be at home so early with nth much to do... hmm...

alright... all the best for tmr! 3 huge blows at one go but im quite sure most of us can take it. no matter wad stay happy cos everything can be a blessing in disguise!

~What does mozart do now that he is dead? He decomposes.....~

Friday, October 14, 2005

@ bugis

oh yes
so the few of us wanted to go somewhere with air-con which was low-cost at the same time so we went bugis to shop. hee ^.^ then our legs started to ache so we sat down at the food court. Pohjee ordered a claypot rice which was impossible to finish!! while we drank green tea (hoping that we wld win the $30000 if we found a certain number under the metal can ring lol)...while we were happily talking and playing the game of truth and truth of 建设性questions

haha pohjee's game was v funny! we played our funny and "intellectual game" until the auntie threw our can away!! the can was very exciting to use coz it turns in a way that you can never guess where it's going to point. Haha we asked questions like what you like and dislike about the ppl present at the table, what's your 人生哲理etc The answers were all so hilarious lah...

well.. it was quite a successful impromptu class outing and we had the highest number of 73 ppl gathered together at that moment while others were probably at home...

meanwhile enjoy these bonding moments while we can! ^o^

Thursday, October 13, 2005


heehee... finally we're free!

promos over! whether i get promoted is another matter... well... its time to play!

shall blog about the 'biggest' group outing on tue... after FOS some of us wanted to go kbox... at first there were 7... but as we walked out to the bus stop only left 3 of us who still wanted to go... hee... so we (me veron shell pohjee cheeyun) changed destination to bugis junction. pohjee was our tour guide for tt dae... time passed soooo terribly slowly. we walked from shop to shop. saw potential presents for the upcoming birthdae boys and girls... then we were talking about this idea of building up a collection of karaokae vcds by the class so that we can stop spending so much money at kbox. yeah... then we realised that our legs were too tired to go on animore it was oni 5pm!

so we went to food junction n began played a very constructive game. meanwhile pohjee bought a bowl of claypot rice which could never be finished... while shell veron n i bought canned green tea to see if we were lucky enough to walk away with $30000 worth of cash. aniwae after a long long time ningfei xueyi and liqian joined us and that was when the stoning started. turned out that the guys had been stoning in school since the time we left. actually we had tot of asking them to join us but then we decided that they wouldnt be interested in shopping. aniwae the bus was already in front of us so we concluded that they were not fated to join us that dae... haha...

yeah... so after dinner we crapped then continued with the pohjee invented highly constructive truth or truth game when everyone of us confessed wad we like about each person in the group and wad we didnt.

more stoning and we went home at about 8 plus tired but crazy. haha... yeah thats all..

i suddenly find myself looking forward to coming to school.. haha... not for the student development programme of cos, but the free time we get to eat and slack and chat and play stupid games... its such a good time for class bonding isnt it? hee... its a happy week after all...

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Arent u glad we dont take econs??
ok i just finished 古文 and some ironic facts i wanna point out.. haha yes im bored.

the great Five Willow Mister (FWM) 不求甚解 , which means 不刻板地细细钻研每字, but here we are trying to MEMORISE (not just remember okae, memorise) the translation, WORD by WORD.
the worst thing is the Peacock SouthEast Fly, fly to singapore i also dunno what it is talking. Wedding so damn elaborate for what.. now i have to memorise so many nouns that i wont use and probably wont see in my entire life! GAH!

Ok finished complaining.. hahah happy mugging. we have nice homes sheltering us from 天寒地冻 so there is no excuse to slack off! at least we dont need to borrow FWM n Peacock from pple and copy until fingers numb diao la.. ;p

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Happy Children's Day!

wee! taking a break from my ten-to-ten mugging schedule. todaes children's day... boo...

my siblings brought back a whole bag of children's day goodies yest. bleah... and they tried to make me jealous. sure i was. brought back sweet memories when i was still a primary school kid. i was one of those tootish teacher's pets. specs and short fringe hee... those were the carefree days... used to spend my breaks playing hopscotch and booking people whom i dont like when im on prefects duty (lol... i was only in P2, so quite corrupted) and then during childrens day we'd get this standard souvenir from the school plus chocolate or sweets or pencils erasers or stickers from each of the teachers. not to forget sharity elephant who came down to our school once and we were all so thrilled by that pink creature...

guess we have no choice but to accept it. that we're granted more freedom. but with it comes responsibilities, decisions, and expectations. and taken away from us are the simple things that used to thrill us and make us smile. then before i know it i'll probably step into adulthood, and one day i might just start reminiscing about my hwachong years. probably i will rmb the times when i spend my breaks mugging at the class bench, or when i was supposed to mug but ended up blogging on the class blog about my pri sch life, or the funny people from s73 with their funny comments in class.

and then thats when i'll sigh again like i am now and wish that i could go back to the past. lifes queer.

okie... enough of my rambling. time to mug.

hee... happy children's day.