Friday, February 22, 2008

Back in Singapore

Hi dearest members of 73! It's me, and I'm BACK in Singapore!! Woohoo!! =D

Anyway this is not going to be a very long stay.. I'll be flying back (unfortunately) next Sat, 1 Mar at 23h55 =( Apparently according to Ziyun, the whole class is going to watch NTU talentime at Mediacorp right? And she suggested that the class might be coming to send me off again... all I can say is... YES YES YES PLS DO!! hehehehh ;) i love 73 =D i even wear my class tee in France!!

Finally just a last reminder.. Class outing this SUN 24 Mar, 12 noon at City Hall MRT. We're going to Marina Square to have Sakae Sushi! Decided by yours truly cos i simply miss good Jap food too too much :) Hope no one has any objections? heh

Ok that's all for now.. see you guys in less than 2 days' time!! =D

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

hihi ppl! Happy new year! Please try NOT to bring any more food to my place on saturday, because I think we'll have trouble trying to finish everything anyway. =) Anyway, just to 吊 your 胃口 and give you a little insight to what sort of entertainment there is in store for you (all)..

I have:
-a (singular) mahjong table with mahjong set of course, think tj might bring her chips or feel free to gamble with money if you want (at your own discretion)
-karaoke cds! (have fun digging through them again) with 2 mikes!
-2 sets of monopoly now (spongebob! + normal antique version) for those intellectual ones in class
-munchkin (which i haven't figured out how to play yet so..)
-poker cards (which you can bring more of your own if you want)
-(temporary) wii! which might disappear with my uncle on saturday so...

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing you all again! Though I just met some of you on Saturday and will see some more of you on Sunday.. X) Don't eat so much before you come! You all should come and help me finish food.. And it'll be nice, home cooked stuff so =D!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


hello! bengsy is back on class blog after a 5month stagnance, all thanks to the formidable great firewall of china which blocks blogspot (and wikipedia! damn) =X

it's truly great to be back in the warm and sunnny island, and meet the wonderful people of 73 =)