Monday, January 29, 2007

Hello one and all! =) Shall attempt to try and consolidate cny plans so far cos everything seems unconfirmed and hanging in the air! Plus I want something to look forward to during cny cos I miss school..

So back to the topic at hand, cny plans...

1) Reunion dinner

Date: 10th Feb
Time: 5/6+ onwards?
Venue: Steamboat place at Marina

2) Visiting yulaoshi

3) Visiting zx(my) house - 19th Feb (chu er)

I think reunion dinner should be confirmed right? So can start spreading the word to people who don't really read the blog I guess.. Visiting activities can be confirmed much later ba? Hope to see you people soon! And hopefully we'll all still be =) after results come back..

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bike Quest 07

hey jnrs~! there's tis upcoming event held by NUS Students' Arts and Social Sciences Club which i figure u all may b interested cos it's gg to b a lot of fun! can ask ur classmates along, or even sec and pri sch friends~! it is an overnight cycling event, you can take e opportunity to cycle ard Singapore and be amazed by e night view, it is really amazing cos i went for recce liao. ;) for further details, check out if in doubt, dun hesitate to contact me at 97823579 oh~!
Xin Yu

Sunday, January 14, 2007

but pohjee means..

Your Elf Name Is...

Holly Sugar Butt

tanpohjee means

Your Elf Name Is...

Flakey Fluffernutter

shell's elf name is:

Your Elf Name Is...

Twinkles Candy Cane Lips

yoyo!! anyone on for cny reunion dinner? gees... didnt manage to catch a lot of pple at campfire... so a good catching up over steamboat/buffet dinner would be nice? i miss going to school now!

reunion dinner

yoz..chinese new yr coming

so really hope we can go eat marina steamboat on a nice sat nite

lyk wad we hab last time..

but w more ppl dis time round i hope..


cos i dun noe how many ppl actually reads this de

n not many turn up for the campfire *boohoo*


most of u ppl five day work week right

or can take no pay leave?! =X

xi sheng xiao wo wan cheng da wo


can i suggest 10 feb?

or u all decide lor~

spread the msg arnd ba

hope to c u guys soon =P

post campfire at btfc

Monday, January 01, 2007

beng says: happy new year!

muppet, jiankai, liqian and i went to marina bay's countdown yesterday! haha i realised that singaporeans are really noble: we were packed like sardines but everyone tolerated the hot, stuffy air and disgusting foam just to watch 8mins of fireworks.

BUT the fireworks were worth the wait! damn nice!!!

let the pics do the talking! ^^
(all pics by jk except grp photo)

marina bay! the little orange spots on the waters are actually the big white balls i mentioned in the previous post.

four of us sharing a single umbrella! it was raining for a short period of time but we yin huo de fu because some ppl in front of us went off when it rained so we got to move forward.

and the fireworks!

more photos available HERE!

and videos of the fireworks!
(by jk)

part 1

part 2

part 3