Sunday, February 27, 2005

..da big o..
1 more day.. to the impending doom!!! oh god.. i'm sounding so pessi.. oh well, dun nid to worry so much lahz.. i blif we wun hav a prob.. =) tmr, our class will most prob b left wif chi high n ny ppl ba.. since i dun tink duman ppl will cum fr e east n go back there again aft 2 'wonderful' periods of pe.. ya.. n i wun b there to catch shuttercocks too.. coz i'll b at home to catching sum slp.. muhahaha.. but i'll b in sch on tues (for robotics) when nobody else goes back.. heard tt other jcs hav 5days off while we oni hav ONE..

well, gd luck to u guys!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

HI!!! im here to make some noise. Hardly anyone post any message recently leh.. it has been 3 days!! Comeon peepz.. talk! hahaha
Oh the 73 family tree is partly done. yay.. it feels like primary school again. haha. Boo results not going to be released on friday.. must go for x country le. hahah.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

the rumour

hi, this is james. i just read shell's post and i think that the rumour is true because i've just found the article on the net. It's from the TODAY newspaper. The link is According to the article, those people who received the letters had an average L1R5 of 17 points. Anyway, best of luck to everyone for the results and don't worry too much.
hey pple, rumours haf been flying arnd tt if u get a MOE letter asking u to becum a tcher, yr L1R5 is between 13 to 18. So if u haven received sucha thing, u r saved...most pple received a letter telling them abt JAE.

aniwaes, let's not worry too much :)

and yes huangcheng rawks!!!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Oh, i'm so honoured and delighted at the same time to become an admin of the blog. wad crap... it's photos now!! this is xinhui ur er, photo rep?


oh, i'm crapping. huangcheng rocks!
SPCA sales
it's ur lovely CIP rep here, back fr my trip to e SPCA where i returned e remains of our sale! yeah! SPCA sales 圆满结束le!!!! thanx 73 for helping out n e snrs for buying our stuffs on da 1st day.. n thanx all e teachers, esp xiao lao shi n mrs koh for dropping by too! thanx lots for ur support..

aft i received e receipts, we stil hav to write down our post-evaluations n reflections before this CIP offically ends.. yuppx.. so thst's to b discussed in class e following wkend.. meanwhile, enjoy e rest of ur wkend! (there's nth much to enjoy actually-- wif e impending doom of release of our results n chem SPA n lecture test nx wk.. let's hope e results announcement falls on fri so we wun hav e SPA test.. muhahaha.. =))

Friday, February 18, 2005

Hi! Your ever-caring welfare rep is here to solve your problem, xinhui. First you log in to blogger. go to template of the blog. Then u find a java text that says "div id = photos" yes.. then you will see something like "img src="xxx" scroll down and type in the link to your photos according to the format at the end. :D

Ooo and according to latest information, the snrs want the JTS to be before March hols cauz they got block test and need to mug during march hols [which is pathetic] So.. we settle JTS on a sunday k? Since most of us can make it on the sunday for STJ, we can make it this time round too... right? Eh.. dont run away or excuse yourself just because you dont wanna pay for the JTS ah!!! If not the others will pok one k? heehee we love everyone else so.. do be kind :D Yup.. will confirm the details again soon.

to all those who have not receive their SingPass or lost their SingPass:

SingPass is needed for JAE!!! *shivers*

go to the SingPass website and click on "online request". fill up the form which wil require your name (duh!), I/C and I/C date of issue. our ever-efficient goverment will send you your singpass in 5 days time. I lost mine but i received my new pass 4 days after request =P

The JAE website says students are advised to apply for the SingPass before 21 Feb so be quick!!!

good luck for your o'level!!!!!! *trembles*

xh =D

btw, how do i upload the pics to the photos section? only admin can add the html is it?

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

dis muz b wad our seniors muz b waiting for (an ultra LOONNG time i muz say).. 盼得好久。。已迫不及待了吧!! yuppx.. shldn't we start discussing it olreadi?! muz b ard $20 lahz.. since they paid $20 for each one of us for STJ.. (feel so bad..) anyway this's e list of places e seniors proposed for JTS sum time ago.. i vote for pasta mania anyway..
1. Crystal Jade... the la mien place
2. Marche... Heeren one nicer
4. Fish n Co
5. Swensen's
6. Secret Recipe
7. Country Mana

^singles outing^

^singles outing^ in the end onli 6 pple turned up....haiz...was supposed to tell everyone we went to esplanade instead (we shld haf been there in the first plc) budden i tink every1 noes when we went instead. But it was still quite fun lah...toking in the dark n eating ning fei's fav sweets (the square square colourful ones) n looking at the stars (we spotted 3 tiny ones in 1 straight line, wonder wat izzit called?) n haha looking @ half-naked pple running on the track...

Monday, February 14, 2005

Woh.. just one day and so much happened?! hahah okok glad that xiaolee found her hp.
Haha Happy Valentine's! I still think singles rock! Well anyway hope you people enjoy the games during the PE break :D Tmr is ren2 ri4.. anyone wants to lou hei? Alright i feel like im talking to a computer -_- hah
Oh official announcement to all: Calling all gamblers or gamblers-wanna-be. Hands itchy? wanna learn to play the hippestmj? [mahjong] haha join and support the mahjong club! it's a game of high order thinking and intelligence!helps you to become more alert of your surroundings! here's our publicity photo:

- message brought to you by 酒鬼+赌鬼+色狼 KL =D -
just posted msg and received call from darling quack. haha... thanks jenyi xinhui quack and those who went back sch to look for my phone! so touched.... i think pple sounded more anxious than me. so nice to be taken care of by so many! =P i will try my best to be less blur lar...

have a nice week ahead!

you are the enzyme and i am the substrate. arent we a perfect match?
thanks and big muacks to everyone! Happy V day!

V day was so hong hong lie lie todae! felt so guilty cos i nv br my presents for Both my angel n mortal. how blur can i get.

more blur when i actually forgot to claim my phone from Chun Fong after Pe. now dunno where it is liao... hopefully not with the indian cleaner. aniwae i didnt noe that i lost it until an hour ago. all the while i thought it was in my bag and i spent about an hour looking for it, before i realised that the last time i saw it was just before PE. how very blur. 8 hours without my phone n i didnt realise it!

This is the first time im not using yellow cos its really impt. if anyone picks up a nokia hp from the class bench please please read the unread messages and answer the calls from "HOME"! Thanks!

urm, something urgent. i know maybe posting this "lost n found" here is a lil irrelevant but heck...

anyway, did anyone lost a handphone today? i found one nokia phone (dunno wad model) after pe and urm, right now it has tonnes of missed calls and smses =X


yuppx.. today's v. day.. everybody collected n gav their angel n mortals presents today! n i gav everyone cookies! sorry e cookies e lao hong.. honestly i baked them on fri n wrapped on fri.. hehex.. erm.. juz throw it away lahz..

SHOOOOOOO SORRRYY to barney n ning fei.. they hav bin trying v hard to persuade me to go for their v. day single's party tonite.. feel so guilty sitting here blogging.. ARGH!!!! sorry lahz.. really sorry.. i hope they hav a great time star-gazing at chi high now.. hey no one's indispensable.. my presence wun make a diff.. yuppx.. so guys.. DO enjoy urself!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

so sad... wheres my yellow? cant live without yellow...

btw we need entries! whos the boy in orange? someone's valentine?

love is in the air! happy V day!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

no prize for guessing who am i =)
haha... the new design rocks! BUT but but... arh!! yellow font is now invisible! quack how could u do this to me... i propose, we should either have a black background so that yellow can be seen, or, we could have YELLOW background instead!!! hahaha...

Happy CNY!!!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

erm.. for those who don't know, i've changed the blogskin!!! yuppx.. it's one of the class diary, with a touch of 'huai jiu gan'. hope that it's in time for the judging and that it's better than the previous one. ya people complain that it's too dark so i changed it to white.

the reason i chose the class diary is because it is one of our PRIZED possesion; it's also one of 73's tradition to keep a class diary too. so i think it's very suitable to be on a class blog.
i know guys, this looks very gal. but we are made up of mainly gals right? and furthermore, barney loves PINK.. muahahaha.. (ok guys, if you really think this sux.. PLS PLS tell me.. i'll try my best..)

yuppx.. and SOOOO SORRY to KL for accidentally deleting the photos she posted when editing the html. Really sorry. if u guys haven't noticed, there's something wrong with the logger's saving files mechanism. ya so guys better check carefully if your posts are published before you exit. it'll also be best if you copied one copy into words or wadnot. just in case it doesn't get saved, you won't have to re-type everything again.

any comments on this new skin please tell me! i'm stil thinking whether to put a scrolling class list anot? will it be too distracting? if yes, where do i put it? comments pls!!!!


Tuesday, February 08, 2005

CNY celebrations

Hello people! haha thanx Quek for the new template!

Hope everyone enjoyed themselves during the CNy celebrations today! the street market stall was a HUGE SUCCESS! SOLD OUT!! wheee!! over whelming response man! hahah though i really dunno how much profit did we earn. hmm.. i think less than 70 bucks. hhaa oops. Eh.. not bad already la.. analysis:

1 hr street market - $70
If we sell outside for 10 hours - $700 per day
Amt of $ earned per month - $2100 per month! That is good money leh!

Ok so here's a BIG thank you to people who helped at the stall. I apologise the the confusion during the shift change.. haha didnt make it clear enough that people had to come back punctually at 10 am. So to shift one people who did extra, sorry no CIP hours and i really really appreciate your help. Oh and a thank you to james too. Paiseh i had to go over to NY in a rush.

Yup, happy CNY everyone! I uploaded some photos. Click on the photos link at the side! Take care!

Monday, February 07, 2005

sausages galore.

umm ok xiaolee you're not the only one who freaked out on sausages. the first batch i fried were totally huge and bloated and they cooked so fast by the time i tried to flip them over they all greeted me with a chao-tah look. argh the second batch looked loads better though. hey i used olive oil to fry them you know!! ahaha healthy right? yes now that is literally what i call "smelly intestines" my whole house smells just like chinatown or bugis or something. fantastic. see you peeps tmr man.--> theman2


i just cooked 8 EIGHT packets of sausages... somehow wonder if they are imitations of taiwan sausages. or were they just hot dogs? little dragon brand cheese sausage.. bleah. looked super obscene lar.. the first 2 packets that i grilled for like 2 minutes! within 2 minutes the whole thing bent and curled up and wrinkled and looked like everything but an adorable xiang1 chang2.

ok so i tried boiling them, and started fishing out the plastic wrappings they were shedding in the water. this time they looked better but i really really wonder how on earth we will be marketing them tmr!!! ar!!! whoever has heard of Boiled xiang chang...n they look weird... too pale to be xiang chang... ar...whatever... ive done my best liao. hope to make some decent profit tmr!

haha... rock on 05s73! must get customers! and dance well for fac dance! haha.. excited excited...

Sunday, February 06, 2005

hio peeps... choon siang here... the asst CT rep for 04S73... thx to all who turned up for STJ today... u all made it a success!!! Cheers!!! n keep up the enthusiasm... :)
BUIG NO for long sleeves! Singapore is near the equator, dear xl! Ehh i thought the S73 tee the 04 class wore was black with yellow words as well? hahah anyone agree that we shall keep that? Or we can just keep the colour but change the design n we can look like dangerous bumble bees [black + yellow = warning]. Oh i have been a banana[nynp] + bumble bee[nysc] for 4 years already so I dont really mind being something like that again. -_-

the man2! you dunno the existence of yahoogrps?? ok it's
STJ!! DIM SUM!! YUMMY! Aahhah -grins greedily- CRAP MORE, PEOPLE!! about ANYTHING!!!

For eg. here a fun song to sing[black + yellow: not for people with great imagination. BE PURE and INNOCENT! :p] :

If I were a carpenter's son, if I were to marry.
I would marry a carpenter's daughter
more than anybody
For she can screw, and I can screw
and we can screw together
In the middle of the night,
screwing one another!

If I were a doctor's son, if I were to marry.
I would marry a doctor's daughter
more than anybody
For she can inject and I can inject
and we can inject together
In the middle of the night
injecting one another!

If I were a satayman's son, if I were to marry,
I would marry a satayman's daughter
more than anybody
For she can poke, and I can poke
and we can poketogether
In the middle of the night
poking one another!

If I were a vampire's son, if I were to marry
I would marry a vampire's daughter
more than anybody
For she can suck, and I can suck
and we can suck together
In the middle of the night
sucking one another.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

okie ruiyi and georgia here comes ur savior! its easy to use this blog. go to first and from there create an account. There are step by step instructions from there. after u create ur account just sign in and u will reach Dashboard. From there you can post entries. no sweat!

btw people pls go to the yahoo grp by this Sunday to check out some impt stuff.

i propose that we should have a bright yellow class tee to outshine all the rest of the CT... haha... im thinking of a long sleeved one hahaha... banana... btw we should have the warrior image thruout right? how bout printing a black and zai one like our blog? haha... words in yellow pls!

aniwae can someone tell me how often does our class comes online? we are so inactive and everytime on msn onli pple there!~

Friday, February 04, 2005

More photos

hmm i think i practically took the whole class down

this is chun feng. chio eh?

delia [quek] with an intelligent look

Georgia with a sweet smile :D

Huanwei, the woman who never shows her age!

the infamous baRney!looks toot here

luolan..whahha cute pose there!

Mingtse aka the MAN2 with a cho lo pose.

ningfei..kiam-pa face as usual.haha

RuiYI the apple face!talks funnily!

tianjiao - the sausage IC! haha

Veron.. constipated look :D

Xinhui! i think she's the only one from our class whose name appeared on the list of high scores for bio diagnostic test. PRo ah!

xiaolee and jenyi.Eh.. the picture says all :p

xueying aka muppet aka da jie da aka gossip source!

yanwen - the X country runner.stamina damn zai la.
I dont have picture of james n weiquan!girls anyone else?haha oh.. how can i forget myself?!
tadah!!aint i good at zi-pai-ing??

hahah alright enough crap. Oh and we had debates today and the debaters totally rocked! Not arrogant or something k but i really think our debater trashed the other class. If we did participate more in the crossfire, we might win a nicer battle. Some photos:

working hard on their speeches. I didnt ask them to pose leh.This's natural.

trying to lighten the atmosphere...

And Prop 1 started, followed by Opp 1 Meat. Paiseh.. forgot to take your picture :s.

Then it was BERNICE!

bern presenting her speech with jiankai's extra portion of his head


seriously discussing..

Then is was doreen's turn and she stunned us with her speed and fluidity

and at the end, they all lived happily ever after :D !!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

candid shots

wahhaah barney is embarrassing + embarrassed! he n ningfei kept laughing for some weird reasons non sto during LEP lesson today. I dont find it that funny la! I mean ok it's quite sadistic if you think abt it "brain matter being smeared like kaya on the battlefield" [near translation] but.. it's really not funny. aiya whatever, i think we are good at entertaining ourselves at the very least : )

Actually i dunno the significance of STJ / JTS or what's so bad abt STS. I just know it's quite dificult to get the majority of the class to be free on a particular day..haha but nonetheless, will try my best. So pple reading this.. give FULL support to class activities k?

Ok upload some photoss:


zhi xuan! looks cute
shyan..terrified the audi.lamed by mr john ng!
guess who??of course it's doreen!chose to hide behind maths tut instead of taking pic!!
pam with a cheeky smILE!

..da guy wif da PINK file..

see barney, even Mrs Tan think is PINK; you still keep insisting it's RED!

ok for those seniors, this is what happened today.. during bio, Mrs Tan was getting everybody to settle down then she suddenly shouted," That guy with the pink file, please settle down!" 73s immediate response was to turn our heads towards barney's direction and burst out laughing... wahahahahha..

this is NOT the funniest thing yet! next she asked for his name. Of course, Barney was too embrassed to reply. Meat answered for him and shouted(in an almost quiet LT)," BARNEY!!!" Following which, the WHOLE LT burst out into laughter.. Mrs Tan continued,"But Barney's PURPLE!" more laughter... hahahahaha..

so are we suppose to giv barney a name of something that's pink?