Friday, May 12, 2006

aH LiNkeD's first entry

Yeah..i can finally post this. Thks to xiaolee!
I have finally made an appearance on this blog! We went for a 73 outing yesterday…walk till our legs broke but I truly enjoyed myself esp in tt game shop at taka. Btw stoney lq has supernatural power, he can distort his fingers like nobody business! Alright, shall just stop randoming.
I really appreciate the fact tt I’m in 73. It’s really crazy and enjoyable to have u pple around. Credits to our 2 welfare reps who have tahaned our sometimes lack of response when doing surveys in class. U guys have indeed tried ur very best n put in a lot of effort to organize bonding outings. Cheers to ur passion!!! Well, I seriously believe in class bonding alt I might look cold to u guys at times. Sorry if I have hurt u pple for missing outings!
It’s sometimes painful tt time really does dilute feelings…ten yrs down the road n we will all be too occupied wif other things in our lives tt the very moment of being in 73 would be forgotten and we would never find back tt very real feelin. I just want to say tt I really treasure u guys!

Just for laughs...

Have been browsing blogs and I found this particular podcast about jeff lopez and the ba chok mee man on mr brown's blog to be extremely funny. click the first link to go to mr brown's blog or click the second link to download the podcast. Enjoy the long weekend:)

Sunday, May 07, 2006

hey ppl dont be so upset! like they say, tian xia wu bu san zhi yan xi... but fen1 li2 rang4 ren2 geng4 qi1 dai4 xia4 yi4 ci4 de xiang1 ju4! we may be graduating this yr but i have not forgotten, nor will i forget e fond memories we've had as a class! frm the carefree days of 1st 3 mths, senior junior outings, stj, jts, ubin trip, the bbqs we had, the various concerts we attended, maf, class chalet, huangcheng (which so many of us were involved in), to the many impromptu outings.... never have i seen a class as united as ours :) maybe ten yrs later we'll have a reunion, and we'll discover that though time has moved on, the friendships forged now have always stayed close to the heart...

and i will look forward to that day :)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

yay i can see the titles now le... and i added my qin ai de's link liao...

The ramblings of a xiaohaizi

Haha it's me!!!

Wow, 3 posts in one day. That really break the record sia.
Anyway, the Sentosa Outing is really a success. Everyone had their own share of fun and enjoyment, and it's one of the very few chances where i got to be involved in so many games.

And for those who came, i hope the activities had really cheered you all up, let you know that despite all the problems each and every of us are facing, there are still your classmates around you, who is always there bringing joy to you.

I also know that a lot of us might sometimes just feel so out of the class, like not close to your classmates... But please remember and take it to heart that the most important thing is whether we can come together in times of troubles and stand up for each other. And i'm sure we can do it! Through so many things that happened around me or happened to myself, i realised that there's always people in the class caring for you and treasure you. It's just that they didn't say them out in words but they do care!

And i'm glad to conclude that i think i've really grown up a lot with the class. From someone who's so anti-social, so 抗拒 of the class, to turning up at class outings, to having fun with classmates, and now going through ups and downs of feelings and sharing our sorrows.

I'm so blessed by God to have known you all, friends!

Let us love, not in word or speech, but in truth and action.
-1 John 3:18-

Monday, May 01, 2006

wah 2 very touching posts (: people no good at words like me should just volunteer my photos which say a million times - I love 73~

i believe this is a well-known icon for our class (:

some photos taken during the zi lian spree on the bus to depature terminal.. with the last one perhaps a lil shocking.. but the rest are simply chio :p

enjoy may day~


that was a moving post which makes absolute sense at the same time.
with that sigh of resignation yet the glimmer of hope.
just glad that our paths crossed- it has never been meaningless.
i've learnt alot, and i appreciate what i already have now.
in s73, in hc, in life.
thanks for everything.

now wats left for us to do, is to finish it wif a final touch of sincerity from each n every one of us.

y we choose to have memories: they are always beautiful. with pretty smiles, joyous laughter, the crap, the fun, the cabbage, the orange sunset. n they've been real.


class outing! n some tots...

heyy hey. i think i v long nv blog here le.
jus had snr-jnr class outing today at sentosa....i think its v fun! hope evebodi who was there played their hearts out..

actually, i think tis will be one of the last time the class would haf the chance to go out together go out n play in sandy beaches, or parks to a few years time these will jus be sth tt we do at our teenage years, when evethg is so simple n fun.

i jus read the previous posts from since last year. aft i reached home i duno y but jus tot about the class n all. so decided to peek into the class blog. i noe v few pple realli come to the blog or do believe in class bonding n such...but,i jus think tt the class has grown alot since last year. the pple grow,the class growed too. cos its the pple who made up the class..from the v first post of this blog, from the days of j1s where there were so mani activities for class bonding n outings to various areas around the island, from the days where the class started fresh n anew, all of us anticipating alot for the days ahead wif this the v last post of this blog, to the state where in one month onli 2 or 3 posts are seen in the blog, to the days where pple became busy wif their lives n din haf time for the class, to the days where wat appears no longer is wat is hidden underneath, n pple start to drift...pathways tt were originally crossed together meaninglessly, now starting to untangle themselves n leave the junction. this coming to an inevitable end, we all noe, but i stil believe, along tis small stretch of road to the end, there would still be unerasable memories that can be conjured up by us...n that would nv ever be illustrated by ani other team or organisations in the future.

times realli changed.but isit time that is changing, or isit the people that are changing?what if time is actually a fixed figure,n onli people are able to instil change?

sometimes when u searched back in ur memories, did u ever thought of if other pple were oso thinking about tt same memory?
i think we mus appreciate that we HAVE memories to searched back on in this class, these kind of thing, isnt wat one or a few pple can do alone. it isnt wat diff pple wif diff views in life can make out, even if they are in the same organisation. n so, i stil feel happy n touched when i read some of the previous posts, cos i discovered that actually we haf so much memories that we haf conviniently forgotten...

this class is filled wif so mani pple that wants to create memories. altho in the near future, we must separate into diff pathways, we mus stil write our own story, we haf started it with so much hope, written down both beautiful n sad memories, now wats left for us to do, is to finish it wif a final touch of sincerity from each n every one of us.

n under the large night sky with the crescent moon, while 73 was walking along the bridge by the road n leaving sentosa further n further behind, i saw the backs of my classmates moving ahead, n that gave me yet another memory to rmb n hold on to...

smile evebodi! :)