Sunday, November 23, 2008

aww bengsy ^^ Anyway to all the ppl still in singapore and are finishing exams soon. Look at this!

Class outing opportunity anyone?

Friday, November 21, 2008

I MISS 73!!!

minna san! ogenku desu ka? 
bengsy is doing great in beijing, albeit struggling with her double major >.<. 
hehe, wanna share with you a korean group that has been capturing the hearts of most singaporeans (meat and i included!) here, thanks to our intertwined relationship with the koreans! not sure if you guys have heard of them (because when i was back in sg for summer, the impression i got was that no one except hardcore k-pop fans know about them, how could you!!!).

wondergirls! XD

their 成名曲 Tell Me swept korea like a tsunami, in fact they are soooo HOT that MANY MANY koreans learnt the dance. i've found some on youtube videos which are freaking hilarious =D

the original MTV:

the hilarious spin-offs:

traffic police version (at a variety show which wondergirls were present too!)

Even flight attendants lurve wondergirls :D

So Hot

Nobody (the latest craze!)

Don't you find the songs catchy? 1, 2, 3 lets go!
"tell me tell me tetetetete tell me"
"i want nobody nobody but you *claps claps*"


Saturday, October 18, 2008

eh fishhh poh poh how come only bury me!!!! gnd i will pull down ANYONE who touches me . HA!

yayyyy FINALLY GG OVERSEAS. :))))))))

jiayou organiser! (poh poh!)

Monday, October 13, 2008


Hey people~

Let's go overseas together in the coming december hols!

I was thinking that we can go somewhere near like Bintan Island~

We can celebrate the guys ord or coming ord with nov and dec babies bdae? =P


Activities that we can do include:
1. Shopping
2. spa
3. fishing
5. diving
6. eating seafood.
7. paint ball
8. go kart
9. all terrain vehicle
10. mountain biking
11. trekking..

..and most importantly, BURY NINGFEI & create more memories for 73!!

What are you waiting for..hurry up and say :

"Yes! I'm going!"


Friday, September 05, 2008


Hi people! For MAF, we're meeting at 6.30pm at class bench for those who can't turn up early... For those who'd like to have dinner before that, we're meeting at 5.30pm at the class bench because Ningfei is ordering.... pizza! So pls remember to tell him if u want to have pizza or not, so that he can place the right order =) After MAF, we'll probably be going to BTFC as usual for the traditional supper with our great grand juniors! (gosh we're J4s now! *gasp*)

So, cya all on sat! =D

Monday, September 01, 2008

Hello people! Are we doing anything before maf? (assuming people are turning up for maf that is.)

Monday, July 28, 2008

New shirt/ singlet

yes!! I want a new shirt! Why not we make a singlet too! It is cheaper and we can wear it to our usual sporty outings, like climbing park connector, beaches and ubin. =)

cheeyun mentioned that she just came back from batam and it's 2 days one night for $100. Sounds qt reasonable and exciting. Maybe we can try together one day!
Hey, my 73 tee is really really cui right now and I kind of want a new one. And apparently a few other people have their tees either a)thrown b)in unwearable conditions c)too transluscent/thin to wear. So! Does anyone want a reprint of the shirt?

And for other issues.. Since our class is more or less meeting up once every week/fortnight already, why not do something healthy! Like er fortnightly badminton/bball/vball/frisbee games? Actually 只是我想玩 but it's healthy! So.. anyone up for it?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Picnic at Pasir Ris!

Hello everyone!

We're having a class outing with all the 归来游子, namely a picnic at Pasir Ris park! Details as follow:

Date: 13 Jul (Sun)
Time: 10.30am (try not to be late!)
Meeting place: Pasir Ris Mrt
Activities: Blading, eating, swimming (?), kite flying, playing bridge, cycling, talking.... u name it :)

Please check with Li Qian what food you're supposed to bring for that day... hope to see everyone there! =D

Thursday, June 26, 2008

class gathering dis sun

beng and huan wei are baq!!

lets meet at city hall mrt at 6pm this sun for dinner.

shd be steamboat ^^

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

latest class dinner


muppet has organised a class dinner this friday night
meet 7pm at citihall for waraku!

see you there!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Hey people!!! Haha, I heard from Shell that you all are planning for outing this coming Saturday but got no plans. Then it so happens that I am having this event called Beach Fiesta! check out for more details! it will be a good day of fun and sun! there is beach captain's ball and beach soccer!!! do come down and join ok? ^-^ get back to me by Thursday!!! Thankew lotsa! :)))

Friday, February 22, 2008

Back in Singapore

Hi dearest members of 73! It's me, and I'm BACK in Singapore!! Woohoo!! =D

Anyway this is not going to be a very long stay.. I'll be flying back (unfortunately) next Sat, 1 Mar at 23h55 =( Apparently according to Ziyun, the whole class is going to watch NTU talentime at Mediacorp right? And she suggested that the class might be coming to send me off again... all I can say is... YES YES YES PLS DO!! hehehehh ;) i love 73 =D i even wear my class tee in France!!

Finally just a last reminder.. Class outing this SUN 24 Mar, 12 noon at City Hall MRT. We're going to Marina Square to have Sakae Sushi! Decided by yours truly cos i simply miss good Jap food too too much :) Hope no one has any objections? heh

Ok that's all for now.. see you guys in less than 2 days' time!! =D

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

hihi ppl! Happy new year! Please try NOT to bring any more food to my place on saturday, because I think we'll have trouble trying to finish everything anyway. =) Anyway, just to 吊 your 胃口 and give you a little insight to what sort of entertainment there is in store for you (all)..

I have:
-a (singular) mahjong table with mahjong set of course, think tj might bring her chips or feel free to gamble with money if you want (at your own discretion)
-karaoke cds! (have fun digging through them again) with 2 mikes!
-2 sets of monopoly now (spongebob! + normal antique version) for those intellectual ones in class
-munchkin (which i haven't figured out how to play yet so..)
-poker cards (which you can bring more of your own if you want)
-(temporary) wii! which might disappear with my uncle on saturday so...

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing you all again! Though I just met some of you on Saturday and will see some more of you on Sunday.. X) Don't eat so much before you come! You all should come and help me finish food.. And it'll be nice, home cooked stuff so =D!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


hello! bengsy is back on class blog after a 5month stagnance, all thanks to the formidable great firewall of china which blocks blogspot (and wikipedia! damn) =X

it's truly great to be back in the warm and sunnny island, and meet the wonderful people of 73 =)

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Dearest 73, first of all, Happy 2008!! =D

Secondly, i know it's still a bit early, but Xin1 Nian2 Kuai4 Le4, Gong Xi Fa Cai!! (let's have a 2nd cny gathering at xxx's house again when im back ok? OK??)

Thirdly, an early birthday greeting to our dearest class Bimbo BENG, whose birthday (I have not forgotten) falls on the 1st of Feb. Sheng Ri Kuai Le darling bimbo beng!! =D

Fourthly, get well soon Auntie Tianjiao!! I know that this year hasn't started off too well for you, but bi3 ji2 tai4 lai2, things can only get better from now on :)

Fifth: daughter shell, mummy is shocked at your new wild hairstyle!!! BUT.... it looks GREAT, i must say!! ;) i hope my other daughter is not going to surprise me with a wild punk hairstyle as well heheh...

Finally, do NOT forget that i will be BACK the 18 FEB at 1750H, so please send me lots and lots of love messages i hope to receive the moment my plane touches down on sunny singapore :)

See you guys soon! Lots and lots of love from romantic France (urgh.. i shudder at this myself =p)