Tuesday, December 26, 2006

hello! christmas party photos have arrived!

visit -ME- to enjoy! =D

oh ya, the last pic was taken when some of us went to esplanade. there was a booth where ppl can write their wishes for 2007 on some big white balls. the balls will line the marina waters during new year countdown or sth haha!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

an entry irrelevant to anything below:

i've uploaded 2 videos that i've taken onto youtube! (dun worry its private!)

1. miss ong's farewell

2. ningfei humming a song @ xmas gathering 2005

sent invitations to everyone, do tell me if u still cant see them k?

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

haha... so the most enthu one was ningfei all along lol.

aniwae... im pretty fine with decorating my house. parents never believed in christmas so its alwaes very bare in my hse. my hse will be free for the whole dae on sat so just give me a call and i'd go fetch anyone coming earlier. can reuse deco stuff lor. n if i see nice ones these daes i will buy also lar. 73 xmas tree sounds fun. i dun mind storing it in my hse permanently if we're going to have an outing every year lol.

my bro can help set up the hi-fi system. so most likely we'd be bbqing at the porch with lots of music. wee. need pple to bring CDs for xmas carols leh. lets hope it wont rain. after which stayover will be in room on the third level. its completely bare and only equipped with a shower. and i really apologise becos we just threw away some old beds i dunno if the ground will be a little too hard but i'll try to work out sth asap. hehehe. mahjong allowed but i dunno wad kind of tables u all need must go n find. n bring ur own mj set and cards cos i dun have... haha... erms. wad else... nope i dont have projector either. i got princess hours dvd we can all watch wahaha. i got pirated vcds too *sshhh...*

i will make every buck stretch and ensure that not a single soul will get hungry thru the night if u're staying over. not even ningfel. haha... so not to worry about food. but if u wanna bring u're welcomed to. wee!

yeah. so basically im quite flexible. so just bring present and money and urself for a good time! fyi, the pple who've confirmed attendence with me: muppet, shell, liqian, beng, cheeyun, veron, ningfei, jiankai. hope to see more faces!

looking forward to see everyone!

whee!~ i can blog!

heyy have been wanting to ask some questions --- hope pple c this in time

for the saturday gathering at xiaolee's house right, can we haf a pre-decorative programme or sth hahahah like decorate xl's house wif xmas stuff n make it more homely (altho it IS homely enuff) n cosy too (altho it IS oso cosy enuff) den can sleep nicer mahhhh (i wana sleepover!) wif all the beautiful stars n moons n xmas trees etc..yes yes xmas tree!!! are we gonna haf our v own 73 xmas tree??? like u noe those in shops n blah blah n twinkling stuffs hanging ard fake leaves. even those small small ones in popular! den can take photos mahh. ...

ok i dun luosuo liao. so can decorate ur house xiaolee?? i believe wif our combined efforts we will surely make ur house shine even brighter ~~~~ butt right, i dun exactly noe how to go abt decorating (like buying stuffs to decorate jus for one night???) but i jus feel my muscles twitching n itching to do something constructive to a house right now ....altho haha my own desktop haven been cleared since a's. oh well.

n xl do u haf a projector at home or sth? errr. or sth tt can be connected to a biggg screeen. hehehhe.

oh yeaa can some of us bring sth together to the house like u noe some FOOD altho i noe there will be plenty there but food willl be damn precious in the night (as proven during our most successful prom overnight stay hehe). dun worry i shall try my best to cook up sth n bring there so that we all can enjoy delicious food! provided i got timeee hhaha. n i gona brg the chocos tt haf been flooding the refrigerator since my mom came back from aust...(e chocos taste the same as in sg -_-) yeaaa FOOD!!

oh er. mahjong allowed there rite? cos i kinda lost track of mahjong for a while . tt time go muppet's house us guys onli play 1 round leh before u pple kick us downstairs for dinner. hee. n of cos i believe pple like erhem will bring cards whereever laaa riteyyyy

oook shall we attempt to construct a more xmas atmosphere by connecting some mp3 player to speakers or jus simply blaring out xmas carols via xl's com??? u noe, like partyyyy.

ooh actually who can goo? hope most of us are free. its gonna be the last (altho we keep saying its the last everytime we go out haha) gathering liaoz~~ shld be rite. for the year. unless we miss each other so much tt we haf another countdown party!... aft tis realli bye-bye liaoz rite. somebodi say no leh. sniff.

run out of ideas liaoz. mayb we can haf msn videoconferencing wif those tt are overseas like hengwei or tianjiao or err is there others haha i dunoo.

hohoho lets relax one day/night tgther!!! like REALLY relax. no mention of studies, of the struggles of life, of the difficulties or probs tt evebodi face nowadays (unless u r damn depressed). lets jus tok about the memories of the past n the hopes of future (but not ten years later pls), and, u noe, try to derive some romanticism (watever its called) from the star-lit night (i sure hope there's no rain--) .lets jus RELAX.

strange thg is aft A's life doesnt feel like what it shld be when i tot of it before A's. dotz. "fun" in a sense is crafted into something different.

ehh i will blog again when wonderful ideas hit me! whee!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

hello guys...

due to the lack of funds i've originally decided not to hold an xmas gathering in my hse. however a number of enthu souls have been asking me bout it so i couldnt bear to disappoint them and changed my mind. thus the gathering this year will still be on, on 23rd dec! however becos im very broke after prom and then paying for my driving lessons i got to trouble u guys to bring 8 dollars on top of your presents for christmas exchange. the money will go to the food for the night. =) pls sms me at 96859000 to confirm ur attendance.

becos the swimming pool just outside my estate has just opened u guys may want to come earlier for a swim! there's one slide like the one in jurong east lol. but thats optional lar. we'll meet at about 5 at jurong point. those who want to stay over are welcomed to but would have to bring ur own sleeping bags if u really want to slp. lol.

to sum it all up:

event: chilling out at xiaolee's house
date: 23rd dec 2006
meeting time: 5pm, jurong point
bring along: urself, a WRAPPED present (hahaha) to exchange, 8 dollars and slping bags if u're staying over
dress code: red/green clothes. lol.
reply to 96859000!

yay. hope we'd have as much fun as last year, if not more! =P

Saturday, December 09, 2006

rather random but anyway...

yeah xxx is right! i misss k-ge/pool and maaahjong! ^^

happy rotting!
Hey! Anyone up for k-ge ing or pooling or something next tues/thurs or the week after that? Don't think I've been to kbox this entire hols yet.. =X

Friday, December 08, 2006

prom photos

hi all, i've uploaded some of my prom photos as well onto the class account on photobucket =D

Thursday, December 07, 2006


im not so sure abt photobucket but shutterfly does allow u to upload the orginal size. cos some pple order prints online. yups. for photobucket i think u can save the pic while watching the slide show in order to get the best quality size. no worries kae!

right now i think pple who've uploaded photos are shell, james, zhixuan and me... more more more!


im so bored!! writing christmas cards liao...
hey i think a lot of the image hosts do not retain your original image size, or websites like photobucket limits your image size to 800 X 600, that means we have to edit the images before uploading. so i suggest that we just email to a gmail account where everyone can have access to it...is it okay?

Can give more suggestions....

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I've put up the photos I have on the class webbie already! =)
hello pretty girls and handsome guys! all of us looked great at prom!!!

aniwae... here's the link to my pictures


hope to see more pictures up too!


post prom tests!

You Are Animal
A complete lunatic, you're operating on 100% animal instincts.
You thrive on uncontrolled energy, and you're downright scary.
But you sure can beat a good drum.
"Kill! Kill!"


I've uploaded the pics i took at prom nite. I've sent email invitations to you all. Hope you all can also post links to your albums? Meanwhile, below are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Ning Fei acting cute
Almost complete class photo