Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Heh, decided to pop by here and blog since I don't think I've been here too often. Anyway, after watching the movie today and talking to you people at LJS, I realised that... I'll miss you!!! -wails- It's nearly the end of the prelims and in another month or two we'll all be leaving the school! The guys will go for NS, people will be flying overseas and I'm sure everyone will be busy with one thing or another.. We were casually mentioning meeting up 5 years later and veron said that it was quite soon, but who knows if even one year later the entire/majority of the class will turn up for a gathering? Despite not really remembering much of what went on during the orientation, school life has been very memorable thus far.. Perhaps it's the common experience we've shared so far, the various teachers, festivals, programmes that've forged this strong bond of friendship/comradeship between us. But whatever it is, I know I'll miss the times I've had with all of yooooooooou.....

Hm, don't know why I'm feeling so sentimental all of a sudden, but in any case, jia you people.. A few more months ahead of us. =) Treasure the times we have left together! X)

Friday, September 15, 2006

haha hmms most of us shld be recovering from the lep or maths paper tonite *bleah* came here to make some noise!!!!!

ppl let's go watch the banquet!!!!!

(psst..okie one main reason is coz there's daniel wu)

hehe =P

Friday, September 08, 2006

erps. im one of those slackers who still have some time to read self-proclaimed bullshit! hahas.

nf have u read too much into daiyu zang hua?

haha... jiayou mugging! =) 2 more days!

aniwae to destress watch the jin san shun show... its super funny... even a tv hater like me is attracted to it.


tip: to make myself less guilty i study kong que dong nan fei while watching tv. hoho.

hmm... dunno wad else to say le. just jia you kae. i noe a lot of pple prob wont be seeing this.

but i alwaes thought it'd be a nice thing if we could graduate properly without going thru this much dreaded period. hmm. but nvm. we're in it together bah. till the day we become opponents in the real battlefield i wish u all the best my frens.

HUGS! jia you!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

im bored

heyy im bored n im drowning in a pool of books n books n books.

so sorta come here to "destress" actually is to waste time.

budden, i guess evebodi is muggg-ing now so haha nobodi is gonna c all these bullshit lalalala~

aniwae,jus wana say,tt now is alr 7 sept, 7 sept!! which doesnt mean anithing. hurhur.

ohh guess wat i see tis bug on the screen. "BOO". blew it off. hahahah. lala~

wait, from the day when u r still a baby, to tt day when u r old n shacked n white hair all over, when is the time when u realli grew up? puberty? copulation? when u noe the truth? when u noe urself? when u noe how come the earth rises from the east n sets in the west? when some deity/immortal comes into ur dream n tell u u haf alr grown up?

BAAH. its prob the stupid nerves in my brains causing all these bullshit to roam about in their nuclei. generating useless question marks.

n while all this while, it was jus u, me n her/him. n it. nth else. wth. somebodi explains.

the flowers will one day wither, n the leaves will fall off. who will den replace them? onli when the flowers n leaves fall to the ground, will they realise how far they were up there then.

in the end its they themselves who will bury themselves.

head it? see it? feel it? touch it? smell it? who will care? as long as the day sets the night will come. who will care?

its realli good to spout rubbish here. hehe.

oh ya. sth random. i jus tot of wat weiquan alys like to say "ten years later who will we be" thinggy. n i tot, ten years ago who was i? i think i cant even decipher that. n each day my cells are growing. bahh. except my nerves.hehe.

tears tt cant dissolve in the tide of time,will forever be abandoned.

HAHA. irony eh.

hm. breaktime over. gonna go muggg/sleeep.

JIAYOUS EVERYONE!!! (altho tt will sound horrible from ningfei. haha)