Wednesday, August 31, 2005

wah.. the bungalows at aloha loyang so big meh?? comes with 4 rooms and 5 toilets?? o_o anw sounds good to me.. loyang is near changi beach rite??

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

HEY people! I've gotten the "what's left" dates for the chalet/terraces/bungalows. It's at aloha loyang, which is quite a cool place I guess... =)
Bungalows have 1 floors, 4 rooms 2 queen sized beds 4 single beds and 5 toilets,
Terraces are the same except they have 2 floors. The garden terrace has 1 floor, 2 rooms, 4 single beds and 2 toilets.

Garden Bungalow is $160
Seaview Bungalow is $160
Pool Terrace is $200
Seaview Terrace is $200
Garden Terrace is $90

I think it's er per night or something? Should be wad right? Actually I don't know at all, anyone with prior experience??? And if there's more stuff you want to know can check this website...

Monday, August 22, 2005


Sunday, August 14, 2005

have a good week ahead!

yep... next two weeks sort of packed with all kinds of assessments... but smile and take things easy k! =) all the best!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

73 on 8/8!

happy nat day!!


georgia & muppet @ party world

barney looking purple

dor & huanwei presenting the.... scrapbk!

"happy birthday to you....lalalalala~~"

ah mok li qian can sing wor?

thanks everyone!

Hey just wanna say a big thank you to everyone from 05s73 who have helped in some way or another in making my birthday such a memorable one! esp thanks to xiao xuan xuan, shell n xinyu for e highly entertaining sketchbook, filled with many entertaining stuff, details of which i shall not disclose here... haha.. i shall cherish it greatly.. n thanks to someone ( you know who you are) for (sort of) cheering me up just b4 my bday... haha.. and my dar dar... yes i've got ur msg.. ;) thanks for all the smses and gifts (esp kailing's ultra thoughtful gift).. barney for bringing e barney soft toy...haha... ah jiao, mingtse... pet pet for your five exuberant kisses.. haha.. thanks everyone! :)

Saturday, August 06, 2005

hee... i love to sing too... but i cant make it after national day cos im going out to watch charlie and the chocolate factory! so sorry bout that. have fun tho!

on another note, the lep pple should find this site useful.. yup. this a site created by mr ong for his students. i found it some time ago, but didnt noe that it actually contains the ppt slides that chen bo shi uses during lessons. so convinced now that theres no need to copy so furiously during lessons? hehe... have fun with hong lou! for some reason im always very excited about it....

haiz... enjoying lessons is one thing, doing well for the subject is another...

but then again, the weekends are here! yippee!

Friday, August 05, 2005


Let's a class outing after national day celebration.
it's georgia's birthday and we can invite our taiwan fren to come along as well.
yup, nancy said she like singing.
Do try to be there.
No i should say attendance is compulsory and strictly no ponning.
ponners will be dealt with.
so see ya

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

congrats to wei quan n his team who got 2nd in e 4th inter sch chi current affair quiz.. yuppx.. it was held in aj n here i am to update you guys on e details as i was there to watch it..

b4 e 3 finalists teams were chosen, i walked past wq n he told me that it's not possible that he wld go up budden minutes later he was up on stage sitting on e 1st seat of e 1st table..

den e quiz started wif wq answering e 1st qn but unfortunately he chose e wrong qn.. so din get e pts.. rj has an army bhind me n cheer wheneva they hav a correct anw but they dun hav much to cheer for anyway as tt VJ guy took away all tt glory.. totally one-man-show lahz..

btw i rooted for hc ok?! n so did our aj mc when she saw tt hc's sorce was quite low.. in e end e sorce was HC:VJ:RJ=11:44:8..

n i wonder y e mc kept saying 高中部.. isn't tt supposed to b chi high sch section?