Thursday, March 31, 2005

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Hey 73, this is my first time posting a message on the blog itself, after waiting for a vvv long time for the invitation.. Anyway, juz wanna say all the best to all those who have started a new journey in other Jcs, and you all mus have enjoyed all these times in the 73 family rite? We will always remember you all as a part of the 73 family..So do come back for all the CT outings and visit the class blog often kz..And to all the new comers, welcome to the 73 family, im sure you will heve a great time here. Three months are over pretty soon, and the hectic JC life is really near..lets all work together for a better future!!

Thanks for hearing my so very long speech, feel free to look at some of the pictures that i have taken at the recent class outing and other times...

Tianjiao (in valles's way of saying)

Sunday, March 27, 2005


One important thing.

To everyone out there, please help me take good care of my dear k!
dont anyone dare bully her when im not around hor!

Take care all.

Ex-ct rep step down le.

I hope I havent done too badly.
I tried my best le.


i am scared.
a glimmer of hope.

have we taken things for granted?
is this a punishment?

thanks alot 73, and especially you, dear. thanks for everything you've done.
i dont know what to do.
cling on the the hope and risk a greater disappointment?
accept my fate?
whatever it is, i am glad i got to know every single one of you.

it hurts.



so afraid.

~ni yao xiang xin, xiang xin wo men hui xiang tong hua gu shi li, xing fu he kuai le shi jie ju~

life goes on.
lift our heads.
move on.
face whatever is ahead.


looking for a lighter

hey... this is an impt announcement... some girls borrowed jenyi's lighter to light sparklers on the bbq day but didnt return to him leh. anyone seen it around or is keeping it for him please let me know ok? its one of his prized possessions...


Hey :) Here are some of the photos from the faculty outing.. and Huang Cheng!

Image hosted by

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Saturday, March 26, 2005


woke up feeling a little feverish today....wondered if it was the food i ate?? hmmm...i tink our bbq outing was quite a success...haha weiquan xin ku le...for dragging pple hu lived all over sg to congregrate in the east...n almost the entire class turned up in the end...the food was a success too (w/o tt somebody's kind help to start the fire for us in exchange for 2 chicken wings) & ruiyi said tt the chicken wings tt delia n i marinated were gr8!!!tink dis is one class outing that 73 wun ever forget.

will u remember
the 2.50 kite that kept getting stuck in the trees(it's still stuck there in the end)
the bubbles blower that we havent played with for a long time
the truth and dare game on that dark dark nite n the 73 cheers
the loud sparklers that looked like Harry Potter's wands (bern love tt alot ;))
the endless rounds of bridge n daiti
the dreadful soccer ball which keeps inflicting pain on us (ask georgia n muppet)
the corn sweet potato chicken wings potato satay sotong balls crabstick marshmallow sausages garlic bread tt we ate
the hugs (gals)n hi5s(guys) we exhanged

i hope u do...
like i did...
Rushed from the southern most tip of singapore to the eastern most tip of singapore for S73 farewell bbq. hah.. flied kite agaiN! too bad i had to leave straight after i ate 2 sausages + one chicken wing + a few satays. SOME outsiders were really irritating! Occupied our BBQ pits first.. then KPO come and teach us how to start a fire [not like we need ANY form of help] .. worst thing they made fun of the guys in the class [WTH!].. OH the damn thicked-skin fatso..just koped the kite delia just bought n played with it!! WAH PIANG. NV seen so thick skin- AA- kao pei people before. Oh well, i guess there will be more to come in life. gahh but i just CANT stand him.

Ehhh... haha left sorry


yup... as usual the talented me was just listening to an jing when i was struck by some inspirations... my first attempt at changing lyrics while retaining some of the relevant original lines! xian chou le. haha... hidden talent man...hope to a certain extent it will serve to inspire... i like the ending. ok shall stop bragging... i dunt think the rhythmn is there. but yeah, just entertaining. here goes, the xiaolee's version of an jing... dunno what title to give yet.

三个月已过去 我并不属于这里
我懂我也知道 自己非走不可

你说你没有办法 我不相信
成绩比我逊色 却混了进去

你要我说多难堪 我根本不想走开
为什么 Appeal 你也不多看一眼
我其实蛮有天份 也不比很多人笨
会考只差两三分 你却翻脸不认人

别叫我快点滚开 我自己慢慢走开
建立起来的友谊 不会停止在这里
不用担心得太多 我会一直好好过

我已经远远离开 谢谢你让我明白
对未来充满期待 两年后听到喝彩

是我当年放弃你 去寻找新的天地

and the outing yesterday was fantastic! although some of us vomitted out $41.90 of taxi fare (3 destinations in the west with midnight surcharge), we really had a great night... heard those who stayed over also enjoyed themselves! hmm... hope we'll have more times like this. i dont care next time it will be in the WEST hor!
hey guys! thanx for making e BBQ such a success n my last class outing wif u guys so memorable! glad all of us had fun.. guess tt for all of us hu got transfered out tot tt our new sch sux on e 1st day.. i tot i was e oni one hu was so pessi.. but nevertheless i'm trying v hard to accept my fate so so shld u..

hope e guys hu stayed overnight had a nice time.. i wld too if not for sum toopid complusary meeting e nx morn.. sobbx.. it was realli hard saying gd-bye.. ya sum of us gals cried.. including me.. haiz~

eh i tink it's time u elect a new queen..


Friday, March 25, 2005


BBQ outing at Pasir Ris Beach!!!
Meet at 5 pm at Pasir Ris mrt!!!!
Bring any forms of entertainment!!!!

Muz cum kkk =)

especially after how hard we walked to book the bbq pits at the ulu National Park Board

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

New Beginning

It's going to be a new beginning for all of us. Although the first three months of honeymoon are over already but life has to go on. Let's all be motivated and start this new journey with life and vitality! Best of luck to all those who are appealing and though some of us may be in different schools or classes from now on, the s73 spirit will keep on burning. Looking forward to the outing on fri. James
Yea finally! My very first post here after finally receiving the invitation :) (Btw my font face is georgia... heh)

Posting results out today... wont say no more abt it here, but just want 2 tell everyone in 05S73 : I cherish all the moments we've spent together, and treasure you as a friend. Even though our paths may not cross again, i'll always remember u (promise!) . Hope u'll be happy wherever u are...

Ct outing this fri... looking forward to it.. :)

Sunday, March 20, 2005

hey alL! Thanks so much for supporting huang cheng!! Hmm and everyone seems to be posting sentimental messages. Oh well, First i have to apologise for not doing the job of activity+welfare rep well.. being quite occupied with huang cheng. So.. erm , we might not have very frequent outing. Aiya.. anyways most of the class not free also la hor.. so not that bad :p. just wanna rah rah everyone to go for the outing weiquan they all have organised for us on fri. Most prob the last outing as the original 05S73. Some may have other programs on, but do try to come for the chit chat part [bbq part dont come, we still can safe money ;p]
i believe every single member of the class do feel a certain sense of belonging to the class, laughed with pple, talked to pple, made close friends.. take the time that night to say thanks, show appreciation or just have a big huggle. ^^

no. it's not the end.

naruto photo credit @

i guess this picture speaks a thousand words. my first entry. better late than never.

genesis. first entry. reminds me of the first day when i stepped into this class and realised that i would have a hard time mixing with the huge CROWD of gals in 05s73. but these 3 months have proven me wrong.

i seldom get emotional. really. people get me as the cheerful barney, corny sianzilla or lame jiankai. me crying? i hope not.

wat have i learnt these 3 months? teamwork. not that i've not learnt it some 5 yrs ago. not that i'm antisocial. i just think that when we work together, we do wonders. remember the class banner and the games we played together during the orientation week? it seems like i was still flour-ed at the war games yesterdae.

wat have i gained these 3 months? friendship. as i've often asked ningfei, can friendship exist between a boy and a gal? my ans is yes. rmb those kbox and pool sessions? we enjoyed the hell out of ourselves. it's the outings that make us wat we are. 05s73.

i really enjoyed huangcheng last nite. u guys have put in alot of efforts into this production. although u guys may have missed some of the outings, i tink that it's alrite so long as the class spirirt is in ur heart. sounds really abstract? yes it does. only one whu truly regards 05s73 as his/her class can decipher this...

wat else can i say. huangcheng. end of first 3 months. it's time to say bye bye.

no. it's not the end. it's jus the beginning of another life which wld be full of excitement and laughter, tears and sorrow. but if we are united, nuthin can pull us apart.

quote: would you cry because things are not wat they used to be; or bid farewell to these changes with a smile and embrace a better life ahead? - anonymous.

barney ~
黄城夜韵 2005
圆满结束了!!! it was a v nice evening.. e shows r beri nice!!! lyk e 3rd one.. my fren kip commenting tt Takeshi too short.. muhahaha.. ok nvm.. toking abt laughter.. we r reminded of muppet's.. it was heard throughout e threatre during e 1st show.. where our菲哥 induced lotsa laughter.. hahax..
anyway dis were e 2 fotos taken..

our dear 菲哥 and Barney

n for video of "nananana~" cheer.. click here.. (erm.. u can left click n save as lahz.. if link not working tell me.. best view wif quicktime=))

Friday, March 18, 2005

..saying gdbye..
haiz~ 3 mths so fast fly away le.. hav to agree wif wad fei ge said.. tot a rare blogger but he certainly writes meaningful stuff when he blogs..
i'm glad i came here to experience hc life.. really glad to b in dis class.. tho i do feel odd being in a LEP class when i'm not one but well i do hav fond memories.. =) barney n his gang r defintately no. 1 on my memory list.. e nx will of coz b e birthday u guys organised for me.. hahax..
will miss e class bench when i'm gone.. blif no other sch has class benches.. haiz~ it's oni a few days more when i'll vanish fr dis sch.. will miss hc life lots.. sobbx..
seems lyk everyone's mood not v gd thses days hor.. all seem so depressed.. haiz~ inevitable.. end of 3mths le.. hav to part le.. tho our jnrs will b spared dis agony but they'll nv get to go thru wad we've bin thru in dis 3mths.. no exciting orien.. no slacking ard.. as our snrs said 1st 3mths is DA BEST of ur jc life..
well enuff of e saddening stuff.. now for sum gd news.. as u hav known i'm into robotics.. n my team has juz won e judges's sportsmanship award!!!! yea!!!! *clapz* representing award to mr ang on tues.. heez.. =)

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

s3vEN`3: u sT0Ne.. wE r0Ck!!!

s3vEN`3: u sT0Ne.. wE r0Ck!!!

Actually I am quite sad that I cannot go for the JTS. Dunno that my Officer course will drag until so long. Anyway, haven't congratulated Shi Yan for being the fac princess.

Time really flies. 3 months pass so fast. Recalling the first day I knew that there was only 5 guys in the class, I was quite sad. But then I think the class is quite fun, at least the girls will not mix with themselves only, ostracizing the guys. DO a lot of stupid things but fun. Now that the 3 months are almost up, I suddenly feel so sad. I know changes are inevitable, but why so soon?

Next Friday is actually Easter day, a public holiday. It will be good to have one final CT outing. Actually, I have this idea of going to the East Coast or the Changi Beach (maybe even Pasir Ris Beach)for the night and sits around and talk about the 3 months experience. Then we have this time which we will bid goodbye to those who are going to leave us. I dun noe if you all want to have a bbq session before that. I think this is actuallyu quite touching. I think it is real touching to sit by the beach, experience the cool wind and have a night of talking ur hearts out. maybe some of us may cry.

So do give ur feedback. If you all are really interested in having the bbq, I can go and book the bbq pits. DO respond to it.

Anyway, still haven't found out who is that kok???? Real angry with this person.......

Monday, March 14, 2005

just remember...

wad a funny way to express it... im sticking out one finger now.

aniwae heres a nice song that everyone must listen to. hope it doesnt affect loading time. sorry i missed the jts cos i was sick and only woke up to eat and bathe and sms. hope u guys had fun!

glad to see most of us have enjoyed our first 3 mths together as a class. fond memories that would bring us through our 2 years in hc. well... the honey moon is sort of coming to an end... pple leave the class, newbies come in... then its block test, promos and b4 u noe it, the big As. Sure i missed ny but im oso glad to noe new nice pple in s73 who've somehow made a difference. and I got to noe pple whom i once thought i knew.

yeah... perhaps all has been a dream. and we must wake up to reality somehow, someday. call me a pessimist but this is life... yeah... 3 months. too long for that sense of attachment, yet too short to build a solid frienship. pple will drift further apart and there will be some futile attempts to keep in contact... but for me, it doesnt matter anymore. the bittersweet memories should be enough to see us through? whenever u take a bus down bukit timah road, whenever you see any of the s73 first intakers, whenever u visit this class blog... we'll just rmb all the rest of the 25 names, 25 trademarks and 25 special individuals who once made up a unique class.

im glad our juniors will be spared from our agony.

aniwae im just very sad now cos i lost my kitten. super depressing week.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

heys...decided to add some warmth here too...mebbe we'll suceed in building up 73's fire...feel like crying after reading ningfei's entry. wateva it is i'm realli glad that i'm in this class for the 1st 3 mths...i'll alwaes rmb all the funny stuff tt we did as a class...gambling away during bio, ice cream before cross country, attempting to pon chem tutorial (but we were such gd kids tt we went in the end), stj, jts @ sizzler, the chao complicated family tree, pool/majong/kbox sessions n tt crazy n "romantic" val day nite in frnt of tan kah kee! i haf this crazee idea but wat abt 10 yrs down the road, let's meet up again?

but to ningfei: i tink there's little hope of u trying to bai tuo niang niang jun...seriously moz manpower dun like lep i tink
Wahh.. I would like to present an award to ningfei for writing the longggest entry ever!! [applause] haha and i rock cauz i finished reading his whole entry. :0)
For me, 05S73 is a class full of funny + weird people. You get the non-stop laughters and lameness like in no where else. You get all kinds of people and attitudes.. haha if you all rmb.. muppet's laugh-at-anything syndrome.. Ruiyi's way of talking/scolding..the purple barney..weiquan's ever-crappy speeches..our cts..and meat's hysterically sniggles. how can one ever forget the dynamics of this class?
Truly, i dont wish for anything to change.. but they do change.. oh well this is getting dark.. think of the brighter side: HEY we still get to see each other when term starts! yay! [futile attempt to cheerio]

Sunday, march 13, 2005

hey guys...hahaz i thnk most prob evebodi aslp now le.hehez 2 am in the morn i jus return frm band concert + realli dunno wat to do so i decided to pop in a is realli a SPECIAL day for me...i suddenly knew 2 v impt thgs tt haf been bugging me for the past few days...even the past few mths.hmm....i jus wanna say tt i regret not having to noe some of u more...i admit i was act 2 stuck up wif huang cheng stuff tt i din haf ani time wif my clazmates. but i dun regret joining huang cheng cos it has realli opened a new doorway in my life....hmph. seems like wat they say is true : life is like a double-edged sword.
now den i realise tt the first 3 mths have past so quickly....heard alot of seniors say tt these 3 mths r the most fun-filled in jc life...hmm wonder haf u all enjoyed it? haf u all make alot of new frens n created alot of fond memories? for me....i thnk so lahz....hmm but mayb it could haf been a beta first 3 mths for me?
oh yahz i noe i pon lessons quite frequently....hahaz seems like my parents starting to get totally bu shuang in claz i thnk onli like pam n i pon the whole day b4? tt's a gd sign....hope we dun haf so mani notorious guys ard tt when we pon we dun mass pon but we pon w/o the teacher unfortunately....i thnk the tchrs all noe me ...hahaz i thnk loo noes me too well alr....niwae loo SUX BIG TIME...(i ate fries like i was in Mc right at the first row of the vip seat n he din even fren say he is lecturing to himself....i agree....) n den tengara now oso noes "jiankai".....anna goh sway sway noes my bro so oso pick on me....haiz. so the summary of tis para is : pon sch while u can.once the tcher noes u, pon other tchrs' lesson.....hehez.
ok.wat i feel is tt tis blog is getting REAL cold~~~~~so i decided to add a little warmth in it.i wonder : if evebodi each reach out wif their hands, their warmth wil surely b illuminated in tis blog.even if u stuck out one finger....ur warmth wil oso b pple pls b more enthu k?
for those who r leaving tis claz....i dunno how u feel. u cld haf a lot of fond memories of the outings tt some haf organised....u cld haf a lot of fond memories of the days when the tchrs r not ard n we crack n share jokes as a claz...u cld haf a lot of fond memories when we cheered so wildly for 05S73 during orientation....u cld haf a lot of fond memories workin wif various clazmates on gp projects or debates....u cld haf a lot of fond memories when u were jus toking n toking n toking to ur clazmates....i realli dunno how u feel, but i realli wish to noe. issit regret? guilt? relief? remorse? joy?.....or issit.....nothing at all? no feelings at nothing watsoever.den when somebodi ask u when u join their claz: how's 05S73? or how's hcjc? wat wil u reply? but most importantly, ten yrs down the road, when one of 05S73 members ask u: were u in hcjc in the claz 05S73? i hope u rmb those fun n laughter...
haiz. today dunno y like realli wan to say n write alot of stuff.mus b under alot of pressure these few days.hmm....right nx wk is huang cheng luck to all those in huang cheng! mus do ur job well horz! n for those non-huang cheng peeps, i realise tt that sat wil act b ur last time as a "first 3 mth 05S73" le.....hahaz so mus zhen xi!rmb to cheer for us! tt performance wil mark a beautiful ending....n oso a new beginning for all. yupz i look forward to second intake pple coming into our claz.... hahaz hope more manpower come in so tt we can finally bai tuo niang niang jun....oops!
ok i realise tis entry is like damn long n tt my hands r getting lethargic....heart pumping slower n brain mechanism functioning at a slower rate of reaction.....lastly jus wanna say tt if u haf e patience to read tis whole chunk until here.......u realli rox. hahaz. THREE CHEERS FOR 73!!
Ning Fei

Monday, March 07, 2005

i'm soree...din mean to flood the tagboard but i haf no idea y my msgs repeat themselves so much...aniwaes zhixuan dun feel bad coz my practicals r as bad as yrs. i got 170% purity too! hi5! haiz both my testubes cracked too though they din crack as artistically as yours. But luckily they broke onli af heating. Budden i realise tt once i put them into the test tube holder, they'll crack like mad...

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Yay! JTS! Okay, although I don't really have a lot of money to pay for it, but it's something to look forward to. =) And I still don't know if it's Breks or Breekz/s but it will be fun, 'cos people will be around... Right? -raise brow- Must go for JTS!!! Besides that, since xinhui so nicely put up pictures of my very pretty broken test tubes, I must point out that one of them was actually dented. Or rather there was this nice curve where my test tube holder used to be. XD It wasn't my fault actually, I didn't know how come my sample produced so much water! Kai ling and wei quan can attest to that, in fact kai ling kept laughing at my failed experiments... =( But besides that, my titrations are kind of weird too (170% purity... Ptsh), which all just leads to the conclusion that my practicals are bad. -shakes head- I wonder what my sec school chem teacher would say... Okay I shall not dwell on depressing things like that, looking forward to JTS!! Or class lunch soon. (Like tomorrow anyone?)

Wait... I know I'm a bit slow, but how come my capital letters don't show up? At all? -frowns- This is kind of annoying...
Shell you cant sneak into talenttime? Hmm but when i go aft huang cheng, there wasnt even a single person at the doors la! hhaa so i just walked in and no one bothered about me-lalalal-. But i wasnt in time to catch jenyi's performance! What a waste! but congrats!!
Dont forget! JTS this next sunday 13 march! lunch time! details to be confirmed. Make the day free k? might go elsewhere after the meal..
i juz got back from talentime too...haha sneaked in after huangcheng, like real...mi n yanwen paid $8 bucks for like less than half the show*sobz* we tried sneaking in frm all possible entrances but simply failed coz the security was so tight. wished i got to listen to more vocal groups...But nvm, fortunately we managed to catch jenyi n his gymmers n our snrs in their stylish CO performance(congrats!).
oh yes i wan to sae happy bdae huanwei!! before i go off to sleep....

ps. i'm soree but i dunno wat colour the words r in coz my monitor onli shows green n blue now.forgive mi if it's ugly.



im just back from Talentime! really a pity for those who didnt go! really entertaining! aniwae despite his injuries, my darling and his team emerged third! but he'd alwaes be my champion lol!

btw, this is to inform everyone, pls attempt the ct blog survey in ivle. oso rmb to do bio survey. also to those who didnt order hua2 yun4, i regret to inform u that u have to bring $4 on mon cos its compulsory for all LEPians to buy that. ok?

yep... thats all for now... enjoy the weekend! rmb to register for JAE. hope we spend our last week of the term fruitfully. so that those who may no longer be in s73 in term 2 will bring with them the most wonderful memories of 05s73. bring camera ok?

Saturday, March 05, 2005

What an interesting tagboard war.

go on kok, show us the meaning of immaturity.

took a pic of zhixuan's infamous test tubes yesterday. here are they!

Friday, March 04, 2005

Your Guide To Achieving Emotional Stability

For the pathetic little troll residing in the ancient cave, this is to facilitate better character n mind development for u. As a concerned member of the public and a loving member of 73, i'm going to use some of my precious time to give u a free n easy guide to anger management or rather control of your unwanted emotions. Why bother, u may ask...but i just cant bear to see precious resources n our taxpayer's $$ go to waste @ the woodbrige institute.

The natural way to express anger is to respond aggressively. Anger is a natural, adaptive response to threats; it inspires powerfulaggressive, feelings and behaviors, which allow us to defend ourselves when we are attacked.
On the other hand, we can't physically lash out at every person or object that irritates or annoys us; laws, social norms, and common sense place limits on how far our anger can take us.
People use a variety of both conscious and unconscious processes to deal with anger. The three main approaches are expressing, suppressing, and calming. Expressing your angry feelings in an assertive—not aggressive—manner is the healthiest way to express anger. To do this, you have to learn how to make clear what your needs are, and how to get them met, without hurting others. Being assertive doesn't mean being pushy or demanding; it means being respectful of yourself and others.
Anger can be suppressed, and then converted or redirected. This happens when you hold in your anger, stop thinking about it, and focus on something positive. The aim is to inhibit or suppress your anger and convert it into more constructive behavior. The danger in this type of response is that if it isn't allowed outward expression, your anger can turn inward—on yourself. Anger turned inward may cause hypertension, high blood pressure, or depression.
Unexpressed anger can create other problems. It can lead to pathological expressions of anger, such as passive-aggressive behavior (getting back at people indirectly, without telling them why, rather than confronting them head-on) or a personality that seems perpetually cynical and hostile. People who are constantly putting others down, criticizing everything, and making cynical comments haven't learned how to constructively express their anger. Not surprisingly, they aren't likely to have many successful relationships.

Steps to Achieving Emotional Stability
Breathe easy. Take long, deep, steady breaths.
Relax the face muscles. Intentionally relax your angry expression by clenching and relaxing your jaw, forehead, and mouth.
Walk away. Seek space for solitary thinking; leave the situation alone.
Own your anger. Take possession of your anger and make it your responsibility. Talk to yourself about what is happening and why it impacts you.
Make a plan. Look at possible solutions for the immediate situation and long term solutions.
Work out your anger. Physical activity or exercise can help relieve tension and anger. Go run around the chs track.

Some simple steps you can also try:
Breathe deeply, from your diaphragm; breathing from your chest won't relax you.
Slowly repeat a calm word or phrase such as "relax," "take it easy." Repeat it to yourself while breathing deeply.
Use imagery; visualize a relaxing experience, from either your memory or your imagination.
Nonstrenuous, slow yoga-like exercises can relax your muscles and make you feel much calmer.
Practice these techniques daily. Learn to use them automatically when you're in a tense situation.=)

we do not tolerate such disrespectful behaviour n if u haf several stressing issues u cant seem to work out, pls leave yr big name or cum look for members of our loving class to help u out
Hahahaa im darn amused. To that poor insecure guy/girl, 05S73 will surely welcome you with open arms, just to comfort you and give you your deepest desire -attention. But too bad, if you really really want us to shower love on you, do leave your name :) Oh, and i recommend you to Muppet, shell, georgia and heavenly banana's anger management class.. i really think you need to reconsider the way of venting your anger -pat pat- We understand. -breathe in... and out- x 10 Hahah I'm a bitch! woof woof! Then im curious. How can a dog be more civilised than the one who said im a bitch?Then what is that thing which posted the message? hmm.. perhaps im really stupid -shrugs- Oh.. sorry im drowning in my own lame-ness