Tuesday, December 26, 2006

hello! christmas party photos have arrived!

visit -ME- to enjoy! =D

oh ya, the last pic was taken when some of us went to esplanade. there was a booth where ppl can write their wishes for 2007 on some big white balls. the balls will line the marina waters during new year countdown or sth haha!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

an entry irrelevant to anything below:

i've uploaded 2 videos that i've taken onto youtube! (dun worry its private!)

1. miss ong's farewell

2. ningfei humming a song @ xmas gathering 2005

sent invitations to everyone, do tell me if u still cant see them k?

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

haha... so the most enthu one was ningfei all along lol.

aniwae... im pretty fine with decorating my house. parents never believed in christmas so its alwaes very bare in my hse. my hse will be free for the whole dae on sat so just give me a call and i'd go fetch anyone coming earlier. can reuse deco stuff lor. n if i see nice ones these daes i will buy also lar. 73 xmas tree sounds fun. i dun mind storing it in my hse permanently if we're going to have an outing every year lol.

my bro can help set up the hi-fi system. so most likely we'd be bbqing at the porch with lots of music. wee. need pple to bring CDs for xmas carols leh. lets hope it wont rain. after which stayover will be in room on the third level. its completely bare and only equipped with a shower. and i really apologise becos we just threw away some old beds i dunno if the ground will be a little too hard but i'll try to work out sth asap. hehehe. mahjong allowed but i dunno wad kind of tables u all need must go n find. n bring ur own mj set and cards cos i dun have... haha... erms. wad else... nope i dont have projector either. i got princess hours dvd we can all watch wahaha. i got pirated vcds too *sshhh...*

i will make every buck stretch and ensure that not a single soul will get hungry thru the night if u're staying over. not even ningfel. haha... so not to worry about food. but if u wanna bring u're welcomed to. wee!

yeah. so basically im quite flexible. so just bring present and money and urself for a good time! fyi, the pple who've confirmed attendence with me: muppet, shell, liqian, beng, cheeyun, veron, ningfei, jiankai. hope to see more faces!

looking forward to see everyone!

whee!~ i can blog!

heyy have been wanting to ask some questions --- hope pple c this in time

for the saturday gathering at xiaolee's house right, can we haf a pre-decorative programme or sth hahahah like decorate xl's house wif xmas stuff n make it more homely (altho it IS homely enuff) n cosy too (altho it IS oso cosy enuff) den can sleep nicer mahhhh (i wana sleepover!) wif all the beautiful stars n moons n xmas trees etc..yes yes xmas tree!!! are we gonna haf our v own 73 xmas tree??? like u noe those in shops n blah blah n twinkling stuffs hanging ard fake leaves. even those small small ones in popular! den can take photos mahh. ...

ok i dun luosuo liao. so can decorate ur house xiaolee?? i believe wif our combined efforts we will surely make ur house shine even brighter ~~~~ butt right, i dun exactly noe how to go abt decorating (like buying stuffs to decorate jus for one night???) but i jus feel my muscles twitching n itching to do something constructive to a house right now ....altho haha my own desktop haven been cleared since a's. oh well.

n xl do u haf a projector at home or sth? errr. or sth tt can be connected to a biggg screeen. hehehhe.

oh yeaa can some of us bring sth together to the house like u noe some FOOD altho i noe there will be plenty there but food willl be damn precious in the night (as proven during our most successful prom overnight stay hehe). dun worry i shall try my best to cook up sth n bring there so that we all can enjoy delicious food! provided i got timeee hhaha. n i gona brg the chocos tt haf been flooding the refrigerator since my mom came back from aust...(e chocos taste the same as in sg -_-) yeaaa FOOD!!

oh er. mahjong allowed there rite? cos i kinda lost track of mahjong for a while . tt time go muppet's house us guys onli play 1 round leh before u pple kick us downstairs for dinner. hee. n of cos i believe pple like erhem will bring cards whereever laaa riteyyyy

oook shall we attempt to construct a more xmas atmosphere by connecting some mp3 player to speakers or jus simply blaring out xmas carols via xl's com??? u noe, like partyyyy.

ooh actually who can goo? hope most of us are free. its gonna be the last (altho we keep saying its the last everytime we go out haha) gathering liaoz~~ shld be rite. for the year. unless we miss each other so much tt we haf another countdown party!... aft tis realli bye-bye liaoz rite. somebodi say no leh. sniff.

run out of ideas liaoz. mayb we can haf msn videoconferencing wif those tt are overseas like hengwei or tianjiao or err is there others haha i dunoo.

hohoho lets relax one day/night tgther!!! like REALLY relax. no mention of studies, of the struggles of life, of the difficulties or probs tt evebodi face nowadays (unless u r damn depressed). lets jus tok about the memories of the past n the hopes of future (but not ten years later pls), and, u noe, try to derive some romanticism (watever its called) from the star-lit night (i sure hope there's no rain--) .lets jus RELAX.

strange thg is aft A's life doesnt feel like what it shld be when i tot of it before A's. dotz. "fun" in a sense is crafted into something different.

ehh i will blog again when wonderful ideas hit me! whee!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

hello guys...

due to the lack of funds i've originally decided not to hold an xmas gathering in my hse. however a number of enthu souls have been asking me bout it so i couldnt bear to disappoint them and changed my mind. thus the gathering this year will still be on, on 23rd dec! however becos im very broke after prom and then paying for my driving lessons i got to trouble u guys to bring 8 dollars on top of your presents for christmas exchange. the money will go to the food for the night. =) pls sms me at 96859000 to confirm ur attendance.

becos the swimming pool just outside my estate has just opened u guys may want to come earlier for a swim! there's one slide like the one in jurong east lol. but thats optional lar. we'll meet at about 5 at jurong point. those who want to stay over are welcomed to but would have to bring ur own sleeping bags if u really want to slp. lol.

to sum it all up:

event: chilling out at xiaolee's house
date: 23rd dec 2006
meeting time: 5pm, jurong point
bring along: urself, a WRAPPED present (hahaha) to exchange, 8 dollars and slping bags if u're staying over
dress code: red/green clothes. lol.
reply to 96859000!

yay. hope we'd have as much fun as last year, if not more! =P

Saturday, December 09, 2006

rather random but anyway...

yeah xxx is right! i misss k-ge/pool and maaahjong! ^^

happy rotting!
Hey! Anyone up for k-ge ing or pooling or something next tues/thurs or the week after that? Don't think I've been to kbox this entire hols yet.. =X

Friday, December 08, 2006

prom photos

hi all, i've uploaded some of my prom photos as well onto the class account on photobucket =D

Thursday, December 07, 2006


im not so sure abt photobucket but shutterfly does allow u to upload the orginal size. cos some pple order prints online. yups. for photobucket i think u can save the pic while watching the slide show in order to get the best quality size. no worries kae!

right now i think pple who've uploaded photos are shell, james, zhixuan and me... more more more!


im so bored!! writing christmas cards liao...
hey i think a lot of the image hosts do not retain your original image size, or websites like photobucket limits your image size to 800 X 600, that means we have to edit the images before uploading. so i suggest that we just email to a gmail account where everyone can have access to it...is it okay?

Can give more suggestions....

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I've put up the photos I have on the class webbie already! =)
hello pretty girls and handsome guys! all of us looked great at prom!!!

aniwae... here's the link to my pictures


hope to see more pictures up too!


post prom tests!

You Are Animal
A complete lunatic, you're operating on 100% animal instincts.
You thrive on uncontrolled energy, and you're downright scary.
But you sure can beat a good drum.
"Kill! Kill!"


I've uploaded the pics i took at prom nite. I've sent email invitations to you all. Hope you all can also post links to your albums? Meanwhile, below are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Ning Fei acting cute
Almost complete class photo

Saturday, November 25, 2006

邱凯铃从小立志当个维护社会安宁的守护者! 哈哈, 即使多么热爱歌唱也不能取代我的使命(",)


since exams are over, we should not let this place become stale! i was looking thru my folders and found some undisclosed photos hahaha. enjoy~

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hey Hey

Wow pohjee, really a very loooonnnggg entry, but that really means a lot. i still have the picture you drew for me in 1st three months lor, and the cow on my class contact list as well. haha.Must come my house someday and watch shows throughout the night.

Haha, only bio paper 1 to go... Then u all going to gek me again for physics S right... Enjoy yourselves tml then... But then i have one tiny weeny little request for tml... Sat back and play bridge with me, then i go meet my fren at 11 am...
so worried for my papers that i dunno what to think now.
Got class outings??? must organise hor...

Argh, anyway that photo of dunno what self-proclaimed "shuai1est" person is so horrible and terrifying. Post that to scare xiao hai zi is ti???

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


介于群众要求,我 copy 了这个 entry over.

its my first entry here.

n the first chinese entry too. :)















倒霉又可悲的是,我们又要考多一次 “A” level 吗?




不管是第几个2500万年, 我还是感激老天爷做的安排。




说真的,能到73 是种缘分,也是种机缘巧合。










记得我第一次踏进73的时候,你是我印象最深刻的男生。因为你的嗓子大,要lead cheer, 又穿着那么短的khaki shorts. 应该是我们班最多衣服的男生吧 (粉色系还蛮适合你的),也是发型越来越糟的一个。Jk la~ 虽然我们没有多少互酸的机会,但觉得你这个人还蛮热情的,Jk fund 要被坑光了还心甘情愿任我们宰割。不管你要当歌手,还是妇产科医生,都祝你顺利。还有,不要再穿那么短的khaki shorts 了。

说真的,我不是很了解你。你给我的感觉是你很温和,独立, 创意十足的人,舞也跳得很棒。你的手上功夫真的很不错,总觉得你应该修读arts 才对。感谢你在我纪念册里留下那么多的“加油”。你也要勇敢的追寻自己的梦想,放心去飞吧~

你的笑容很好看,为人亲切,工作起来很认真,其他时候就疯疯癫癫的。我的 GP lessons 因为有你而不再无聊,希望你也是那么想的吧。(如果不是,就不要告诉我)不过呢,总觉得你缺乏那么一点点自信。所以,不要给自己那么多压力,也不要总是被欺负,跟着感觉走就好了。相信自己的实力~ =P

亲爱的 猫
从 SA 到HC,我们都念同一班,在同一个clique. 真是巧。可能我们的性格很像,所以时常拌嘴吧。但这也是情趣所在吧。Lol. 全班只有我们是同一个星座的。谢谢你对我的包容和照顾,我知道我偶尔会让你生气,但我都不是故意的。对不起lor~ 希望你的那股冲劲可以继续维持下去,保持那么on!还有,不要老是说你要减肥,要不然我都不要吃饭了啦。而且,不要说你不会有男朋友,你一定比我先嫁出去的~ ; )

我是第一次那么称呼你。我好像没有真正和你交谈过。总觉得你是那种很能干,多愁善感,想多多,功课一流,超用功,闲不下来的吧。不管有什么事,都能放心让你去处理地。如果你走得累了,就暂时停下脚步喘息吧,或则找人分担。很期待在往后的 class outing 看到你。(如果还有的话)祝你到美国去的一切顺利,平安。

Soon Hock
Hmmm...全班体育细胞最发达的应该是非你莫属吧,好像没有你不会的运动。(和我完全相反)我认为你的喜剧感也很不错,总能抓住对的 tempo. 所以, 你应该是心思很细腻的那一种吧。Aei, 记得上次庆祝你生日的时候我迷路的事吗?还得劳烦大家出来找我。抱歉啦,我不是故意 apparate 到 pohjee land 的。闹失踪真的非我本意。=P 祝你爱情事业皆顺利。

阿哈~ 认识你一件很愉快的事情。我本来以为我已经很叽喳了,认识你之后才知道什么是 “棋逢对手,甘拜下风”。说你有 gift of a gab 也不足为过。你的华文真的很power, 而且不止背书一流,就连你说的话,也可以一字不漏地重复耶!真的是太神奇了。我怀疑你是不是还没有出娘胎就已经学会说话了。不过呢,幸好我回家的路上有你相伴,我才不会寂寞。有空的话,我们还是可以“勾肩搭背”到你家楼下吃饭,聊那些超 shong 的泡泡剧。: D

幼苗 – cum – the MAN
其实,我觉得你已经渐渐地在muppet 的摧残下,蜕变成国家杂草了。(跟打不死的蟑螂差不多吧)陪muppet 拐带你,押你上车也已经成为我的习惯了(很无奈地),所以你也应该把它看成家常便饭了吧。Lol. 我可以想象如果你当兵后选择念中文系的话,历史重演的画面。唯一不同的是,让muppet 奋起直追,练习马拉松的bus已经不再是961了。=P

你是在班上我认的第一个亲戚吧~记得那时是 我 ahma 背着你排练舞狮的时候。很开心能找到和我一样喜欢沉沦于偶像剧书籍的人,我们都喜欢动手做手工,唱歌打屁。晴天娃娃, ms Ong 的 farewell gift,圣诞节的玫瑰都是我最珍贵的回忆。知道你喜欢到处见识,所以希望你能够在四十岁以后放下所有的工作环游世界,到时候要告诉我旅程中所有的故事。还有,我要手信!

亲爱的 咸鱼
应该说什么呢?你为人亲切,单纯,善良。所以总是被我欺负吧~ 抱歉咯,你往往成为我 mood swing 发泄的对象。我们会那么close 也多亏physics 不是吗?你总是说你不知道是哪根筋烧坏掉,莫名其妙 take physics。 或许,我们是注定要想遇的。=P 我不会忘记我牵着你的手在学校里跑,在 Z-pop 自 high, 在下着雨的playground 里疯狂跳舞,在 你的lecture notes里涂鸦 to save it for the future generation… 还有,你可以告诉你妈我又要到你家破坏你家的锅了~

9233 beng
说真的,我没有看过那个和你一样头发卷卷的老师,只闻其名却不见其人。真是遗憾~ lol. 你的设计功夫大家是有目共睹的,超赞的!不管是class T, 黄城,歌谣,还是 life skill camp 都需要你的大展拳脚。你是一个不可多得的人才,所以不要向现实的社会屈服,埋没了才华。总觉得在你层层叠叠的粉红色 bimbotic 外壳下是一个蓝色,真诚的心。Last but not least, 我还是坚持信君比较帅!^ ^

你是一个积极向上的年轻人,这世界上好像没有你不想学的 life skill。 你总是很认真地完成每一个任务,闲不下来。你仿佛就是那种天不怕,地不怕,就是怕没有工作做的那种。所以呢,我已经可以预见你workaholic 的未来。Lol. 我国人明有你那么努力地服务,看来我们无后顾之忧了~ 还有,身为大男人不可以软脚虾啦,有喜欢的女生就敢敢去追嘛~ 我们都会支持你的。

平易近人,分析仔细,想太多…… 是你的天性吧。很喜欢你的文采,挺欣赏你待人处事的手腕,但你的理智往往用不到你自己身上。可能是因为你很重感情吧。有什么意见或有什么不愉快,就大胆说出来吧~ 你也是其中知道我最多秘密的人,所以我不可以对你太坏对不对。Lol. 毕业后,希望我们还可以像现在一样,一起看海,数星星,吃麻署,到你家吃早餐。这些,我应该会很怀念吧~还有,不要钻牛角尖,也不要在自己的思绪中迷失。祝你心想事成。

Lame quotient --- 比石头更像石头
如果这世界上真的有前世今生的话,我 reckon 你前世应该是石头吧。要不然,你就是勤练变化石的忍者吧,还走火入魔的那一种。Lol. Jk la~ 我们第一次说话是什么时候?应该是 Eric Valles 的 GP lesson ,我们要 discuss 一个essay qns 的那一次吧。你是一个谨慎,风趣,力气颇大的人。记得你爬monkey bar 的时候,还真让我叹为观止叻。喜欢跟你一起打牌,23 号要来了!

你呢,偶尔觉得你精明能干,有时又觉得你疯人疯语,十足一个神经大条的傻大姐。所以,我也被你弄糊涂了。你很喜欢模仿,说话大大声的,给人一种开朗大方的感觉 。或许,你就是这样才在 kbox 电到人吧~ lol. 你的追求我不是很了,但我相信你是那种 dream big, 然后一定成功的。加油!

Moron --- my fellow mon
在班上呢,我认识你最久。可惜,我们不是 the best of frenz. 但可以和你再续前缘,也是种缘分吧。谢谢你对 Destroy-it-Yourself 的捧场和支持,配合我的无厘头。你的聪明才智让我自惭形穗,被你冷到不行也逐渐变成习惯,一起逛街,打球,引吭高歌是我这两年来不可缺的活动。感激你都没有缺席。不管你是否会到英国深造,还是要祝你一路顺风。盼望你学成归来。

我的 responsible 且木纳的fellow welfare rep -cum- pw group mate –cum- 黄成行政。 一直很好奇你脑袋的构造到底是怎么样的,这世上如果你的思考模式是第二怪的,就应该没有人敢称第一了吧。你的 Martian theory 我还真不敢恭维。Lol. 我想,如果我们又到 Pulau Ubin 玩的话,你应该不想再载我了吧,想到了还会让人发笑。还是要感激你策划的 Sentosa outing, 应该是两年来最完美的 class outing 。最后... ...不要再 act cute 了~

我想,我们没有说超过十句话吧。Cos you are the man with few words. Lol. 很遗憾地,你没能完全融入我们的班,真的是差距太大了吗? 你应该是我们班的足球小将,外向兼内向的人吧~ 虽然你的crapping skills 我没有真正领教过,但也略有耳闻。如果有机会的话,应该会更用心认识你吧~ 记得你说未来的 class outing 你一定会到,还会带你的孩子一起来,我会期待那一天的 =P

哈哈!活该~ 这个名字是你应得的。你既 no link 又有 inert power, 是我们班另类的开心果。今年最催人泪下的黄城剧也非你莫属的。你工作态度认真,有上进心,可以 indoor 也可以 outdoor,跟你相处很好玩。还有,我真的没有凶你啦,更没有骂ok, 所以不要讲到我很可怕似的。毕业旅行呢,要让你失望了,我想倒扁不在我们的计划中,不会灭九族的拉~ lol. 祝你能成为最有名的记者。

你是我认的第四个 ah ma. 能文能武,喜欢音乐,精通3大语言,可算是全能的吧~ 让我印象最深刻是你拼死保护 eeyore 的那一幕,舍己救eeyore, 超神勇的啦。Lol. 还有,我觉得你老来退休的时候可以开动物园叻,只是里面的品种是屈指可数的啦。应该会有黑鸡,白鸡,purple bear, 山羊,白羊… … 当然,还可以开放你的三宫六院让人参观,从 number 1 到 number …

顾名思义,你跟北极熊一样活在寒冷的冬天,只是没有北极熊白。(也没有北极熊可爱 …oops!)虽然没有和你正面说过话,但你给我的印象就是那种孤立的富家子弟,会有几个很贴心的朋友,得奖无数,应该会在科技界闯出自己的一片天吧。可能,当全世界都在为 depleting 的 fuels 烦恼时,你可以提供天然冷气为处在global warming 世界的我们解暑,但请收我便宜一点… =P

辣妹 --- 天乐嫂
Aei…我不是真的很了解你,但你掌风的凌厉我就很了解。Lol. 你好像也是什么都学过的那一种。觉得你待人真诚,是个值得交的好朋友。虽然我不是港剧迷,可是听说你的港剧收藏叠成一座小山了,所以,我可以去打枪你家吗?jk la. 你说你不想当商界大头,我看也由不得你吧~ lol. 最后,希望你可以不负众望,帮咱们争取 100% 特优!祝福你。

人比黄瓜瘦 --- 筱丽
套句你常说的话:“ I noe I’ll cya at Redhill blk 83 for a long long time to come.” Lol. 你说这是你做过最有意义的社区服务,我也是。 很开心你愿意帮忙,我也有人陪我闹。我想,做寿司经验应该一次就够了吧。去年的圣诞节是在你家度过的,今年怎么可以例外呢,就准备一桌丰盛加油等待着我的大驾光临吧~ ( BHB) 嗯,会很期待的。

能歌善舞 --- 邱凯玲
你真的不像那种在眼里的家教下成长的人。你豪迈,直爽,不是男生真的有一点浪费。Kbox outing 因为有你的存在而变得更好玩,谢啦!不清楚你的志愿是什么,但如果你当上歌手的话,我也一点都不奇怪。当然,我要你演唱会first row 的 seat! 祝你幸福。

X cube
你很witty,不愧是GEP 的,没有丢 GEP 的脸。你是班上我第一个说话的人,你应该不记得了吧。而你对我说的第一句话竟然是:“pohjee, 你很lame 叻!”有印象吗?lol. 记得你曾经说过,你看了《爱上总经理》后想当酒店经理,不知道还是否一样? 不管怎么样,你一定会成功的~



我先在这里献上我最真挚的祝福。* kiasu-ism*


期待着 2500 万年后的重逢~

Sunday, November 19, 2006

as requested by "we all noe who".

one of the "shuaiest" i could find.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

HEY! take a one minute break!!!

come this week quite jialat... got so any papers at one go. everyone must jiayou!

aniwae last week my meimei saw this photo n asked me if there will be a christmas party this year too?! haha...

xmas gathering at my hse again okae?! hohoho!

alright. i go off le.. discuss after As! hopefully its sth to look 4ward to! yay!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Heh, decided to pop by here and blog since I don't think I've been here too often. Anyway, after watching the movie today and talking to you people at LJS, I realised that... I'll miss you!!! -wails- It's nearly the end of the prelims and in another month or two we'll all be leaving the school! The guys will go for NS, people will be flying overseas and I'm sure everyone will be busy with one thing or another.. We were casually mentioning meeting up 5 years later and veron said that it was quite soon, but who knows if even one year later the entire/majority of the class will turn up for a gathering? Despite not really remembering much of what went on during the orientation, school life has been very memorable thus far.. Perhaps it's the common experience we've shared so far, the various teachers, festivals, programmes that've forged this strong bond of friendship/comradeship between us. But whatever it is, I know I'll miss the times I've had with all of yooooooooou.....

Hm, don't know why I'm feeling so sentimental all of a sudden, but in any case, jia you people.. A few more months ahead of us. =) Treasure the times we have left together! X)

Friday, September 15, 2006

haha hmms most of us shld be recovering from the lep or maths paper tonite *bleah* came here to make some noise!!!!!

ppl let's go watch the banquet!!!!!

(psst..okie one main reason is coz there's daniel wu)

hehe =P

Friday, September 08, 2006

erps. im one of those slackers who still have some time to read self-proclaimed bullshit! hahas.

nf have u read too much into daiyu zang hua?

haha... jiayou mugging! =) 2 more days!

aniwae to destress watch the jin san shun show... its super funny... even a tv hater like me is attracted to it.


tip: to make myself less guilty i study kong que dong nan fei while watching tv. hoho.

hmm... dunno wad else to say le. just jia you kae. i noe a lot of pple prob wont be seeing this.

but i alwaes thought it'd be a nice thing if we could graduate properly without going thru this much dreaded period. hmm. but nvm. we're in it together bah. till the day we become opponents in the real battlefield i wish u all the best my frens.

HUGS! jia you!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

im bored

heyy im bored n im drowning in a pool of books n books n books.

so sorta come here to "destress" actually is to waste time.

budden, i guess evebodi is muggg-ing now so haha nobodi is gonna c all these bullshit lalalala~

aniwae,jus wana say,tt now is alr 7 sept, 7 sept!! which doesnt mean anithing. hurhur.

ohh guess wat i see tis bug on the screen. "BOO". blew it off. hahahah. lala~

wait, from the day when u r still a baby, to tt day when u r old n shacked n white hair all over, when is the time when u realli grew up? puberty? copulation? when u noe the truth? when u noe urself? when u noe how come the earth rises from the east n sets in the west? when some deity/immortal comes into ur dream n tell u u haf alr grown up?

BAAH. its prob the stupid nerves in my brains causing all these bullshit to roam about in their nuclei. generating useless question marks.

n while all this while, it was jus u, me n her/him. n it. nth else. wth. somebodi explains.

the flowers will one day wither, n the leaves will fall off. who will den replace them? onli when the flowers n leaves fall to the ground, will they realise how far they were up there then.

in the end its they themselves who will bury themselves.

head it? see it? feel it? touch it? smell it? who will care? as long as the day sets the night will come. who will care?

its realli good to spout rubbish here. hehe.

oh ya. sth random. i jus tot of wat weiquan alys like to say "ten years later who will we be" thinggy. n i tot, ten years ago who was i? i think i cant even decipher that. n each day my cells are growing. bahh. except my nerves.hehe.

tears tt cant dissolve in the tide of time,will forever be abandoned.

HAHA. irony eh.

hm. breaktime over. gonna go muggg/sleeep.

JIAYOUS EVERYONE!!! (altho tt will sound horrible from ningfei. haha)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


i was doing some last minute research for gp when i found this wonderful site... take a look at this article~

coloured bubbles!

aniwae click around to see pretty pictures as well... not the typical boring science journals. erps... when u have time that is!

jia you for gp tmr!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

hey!!! sth cute to check out:

Tortoise who adopted a hippo

jia you for revision! =)

Thursday, August 10, 2006


yoh! as requested by pj and veron.... the nice sheet of paper i found!

happy national day and have fun!

jia you!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Our Dear Friend

Youjin showed me this picture of our dear friend up for sale.
Haha. Enjoy the pic!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

june camp

yay... after much hard work... the june camp has been successfully executed!

those who took photos pls upload kae!

aniwae its been tiring but i had quite alot of fun. esp during outdoor cooking of cos... heh... not too bad lar... i was expecting many more dishes to get burnt. n poor liqian almost got killed by a mob of somewhat agitated kids lol... luckily ours is only a half dae camp. i would have died if it were the original overnight camp... yeah... some of the kids were quite adorable lar. but others were just monsters.

yep! started studying for blocks? jiayou kae! =)
CO pple jia you for concert too!

Friday, May 12, 2006

aH LiNkeD's first entry

Yeah..i can finally post this. Thks to xiaolee!
I have finally made an appearance on this blog! We went for a 73 outing yesterday…walk till our legs broke but I truly enjoyed myself esp in tt game shop at taka. Btw stoney lq has supernatural power, he can distort his fingers like nobody business! Alright, shall just stop randoming.
I really appreciate the fact tt I’m in 73. It’s really crazy and enjoyable to have u pple around. Credits to our 2 welfare reps who have tahaned our sometimes lack of response when doing surveys in class. U guys have indeed tried ur very best n put in a lot of effort to organize bonding outings. Cheers to ur passion!!! Well, I seriously believe in class bonding alt I might look cold to u guys at times. Sorry if I have hurt u pple for missing outings!
It’s sometimes painful tt time really does dilute feelings…ten yrs down the road n we will all be too occupied wif other things in our lives tt the very moment of being in 73 would be forgotten and we would never find back tt very real feelin. I just want to say tt I really treasure u guys!

Just for laughs...

Have been browsing blogs and I found this particular podcast about jeff lopez and the ba chok mee man on mr brown's blog to be extremely funny. click the first link to go to mr brown's blog or click the second link to download the podcast. http://www.mrbrown.com/blog/2006/05/browncast_the_p.html http://media.libsyn.com/media/mb/tmbs-060501-the_persistently_non-political_podcast_no6.mp3 Enjoy the long weekend:)

Sunday, May 07, 2006

hey ppl dont be so upset! like they say, tian xia wu bu san zhi yan xi... but fen1 li2 rang4 ren2 geng4 qi1 dai4 xia4 yi4 ci4 de xiang1 ju4! we may be graduating this yr but i have not forgotten, nor will i forget e fond memories we've had as a class! frm the carefree days of 1st 3 mths, senior junior outings, stj, jts, ubin trip, the bbqs we had, the various concerts we attended, maf, class chalet, huangcheng (which so many of us were involved in), to the many impromptu outings.... never have i seen a class as united as ours :) maybe ten yrs later we'll have a reunion, and we'll discover that though time has moved on, the friendships forged now have always stayed close to the heart...

and i will look forward to that day :)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

yay i can see the titles now le... and i added my qin ai de's link liao...

The ramblings of a xiaohaizi

Haha it's me!!!

Wow, 3 posts in one day. That really break the record sia.
Anyway, the Sentosa Outing is really a success. Everyone had their own share of fun and enjoyment, and it's one of the very few chances where i got to be involved in so many games.

And for those who came, i hope the activities had really cheered you all up, let you know that despite all the problems each and every of us are facing, there are still your classmates around you, who is always there bringing joy to you.

I also know that a lot of us might sometimes just feel so out of the class, like not close to your classmates... But please remember and take it to heart that the most important thing is whether we can come together in times of troubles and stand up for each other. And i'm sure we can do it! Through so many things that happened around me or happened to myself, i realised that there's always people in the class caring for you and treasure you. It's just that they didn't say them out in words but they do care!

And i'm glad to conclude that i think i've really grown up a lot with the class. From someone who's so anti-social, so 抗拒 of the class, to turning up at class outings, to having fun with classmates, and now going through ups and downs of feelings and sharing our sorrows.

I'm so blessed by God to have known you all, friends!

Let us love, not in word or speech, but in truth and action.
-1 John 3:18-

Monday, May 01, 2006

wah 2 very touching posts (: people no good at words like me should just volunteer my photos which say a million times - I love 73~

i believe this is a well-known icon for our class (:

some photos taken during the zi lian spree on the bus to depature terminal.. with the last one perhaps a lil shocking.. but the rest are simply chio :p

enjoy may day~


that was a moving post which makes absolute sense at the same time.
with that sigh of resignation yet the glimmer of hope.
just glad that our paths crossed- it has never been meaningless.
i've learnt alot, and i appreciate what i already have now.
in s73, in hc, in life.
thanks for everything.

now wats left for us to do, is to finish it wif a final touch of sincerity from each n every one of us.

y we choose to have memories: they are always beautiful. with pretty smiles, joyous laughter, the crap, the fun, the cabbage, the orange sunset. n they've been real.


class outing! n some tots...

heyy hey. i think i v long nv blog here le.
jus had snr-jnr class outing today at sentosa....i think its v fun! hope evebodi who was there played their hearts out..

actually, i think tis will be one of the last time the class would haf the chance to go out together le....to go out n play in sandy beaches, or parks to bbq.in a few years time these will jus be sth tt we do at our teenage years, when evethg is so simple n fun.

i jus read the previous posts from since last year. aft i reached home i duno y but jus tot about the class n all. so decided to peek into the class blog. i noe v few pple realli come to the blog or do believe in class bonding n such...but,i jus think tt the class has grown alot since last year. the pple grow,the class growed too. cos its the pple who made up the class..from the v first post of this blog, from the days of j1s where there were so mani activities for class bonding n outings to various areas around the island, from the days where the class started fresh n anew, all of us anticipating alot for the days ahead wif this class....to the v last post of this blog, to the state where in one month onli 2 or 3 posts are seen in the blog, to the days where pple became busy wif their lives n din haf time for the class, to the days where wat appears no longer is wat is hidden underneath, n pple start to drift...pathways tt were originally crossed together meaninglessly, now starting to untangle themselves n leave the junction. this junction..is coming to an inevitable end, we all noe, but i stil believe, along tis small stretch of road to the end, there would still be unerasable memories that can be conjured up by us...n that would nv ever be illustrated by ani other team or organisations in the future.

times realli changed.but isit time that is changing, or isit the people that are changing?what if time is actually a fixed figure,n onli people are able to instil change?

sometimes when u searched back in ur memories, did u ever thought of if other pple were oso thinking about tt same memory?
i think we mus appreciate that we HAVE memories to searched back on in this class, these kind of thing, isnt wat one or a few pple can do alone. it isnt wat diff pple wif diff views in life can make out, even if they are in the same organisation. n so, i stil feel happy n touched when i read some of the previous posts, cos i discovered that actually we haf so much memories that we haf conviniently forgotten...

this class is filled wif so mani pple that wants to create memories. altho in the near future, we must separate into diff pathways, we mus stil write our own story, we haf started it with so much hope, written down both beautiful n sad memories, now wats left for us to do, is to finish it wif a final touch of sincerity from each n every one of us.

n under the large night sky with the crescent moon, while 73 was walking along the bridge by the road n leaving sentosa further n further behind, i saw the backs of my classmates moving ahead, n that gave me yet another memory to rmb n hold on to...

smile evebodi! :)

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Past photos

Some Photos taken by me and pohjee super super long time ago...

Friday, March 24, 2006

bt1 is over!

hey! haha block test has ended!!! (more or less) yah and we really love xiao1 xiao1... O.O"
no more mentally torturing memorisation and having to deal with both bio and lep at the same time! (for some time to come at least) everybody go out and have fun!!

*opens champagne
just came here to make some noise !


ps. to xueyi: yeps i changed the archiving earlier on to monthly coz weekly getting a little messy =)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Popping in

Hmm i guess the lep students are still taking their paper now...
Just half an hour more to go...
Going to take my nap and study physics...
Good luck!
Anyway i changed the archiving to monthly, or is it changed earlier? cos i think for some weeks there are practically zero entries haha =P.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Maths was.. interesting. limited vocab la sorry.
first question stuck, the rest anyhow do. YAY!

n there is like 22 marks of P&C!haha meaning if my P&C screw up, can say hello to a C n below le!

MUG hard for chem tmr. i love founders day.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

hey all...

good luck for next weeks papers! they're showing pearl harbor on channel 5 now, in case u need to destress. geee...

click this!

jia you jia you!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Heheheheh im free now too!! While u guys are having bio lect and probably being treated to more gory scenes of my poor shan yang being dissected by sadistic ppl :(:(:(

anw... beng has made a weird connection btw two totally un-linked photos!! and wat's with tt comment?? *hrrmmph*

jts tmr right? hope everyone can make it! including all e huangcheng ppl... 14 more days to e perf.. jiayou!! :D

Saturday, February 18, 2006

hahahahah i love that photo! n the comment even more!
LONG time since i posted and i think i should be one of the few freest pple in class to post right? haha HUANG CHENG pple jiayoU! Give you guys moral support! hah. Your genuiene passion will see you through! Take care and have a pleasant experience!
hello people!
cue: clears suffocating cobwebs and appear in view

my computer is back from the graveyard, hence with that i managed to chunk my accumulating load of photos into the comp! since everyone's filling up the blog with photos, i thought i should join in the fun too. gahaha, dumb orientation06<-click me! photos here!

in addition, i thought that this photo resembles this...
cue: eww...

have a nice weekend!

beng :)

Monday, January 30, 2006

cny photo (1)

Image hosting by Photobucket

haha the sweet girl is not blocked in this photo...
liqian must treat me for this!

Friday, January 27, 2006

cny photos

Some photos taken by me and Poh Jee.

Sunday, January 15, 2006


heys everybody! hope u ppl enjoyed campfire night as much as i did. The songs and dance really bring back many memories. It was lovely to see many of us in our sec school uni! the guys (barney n ningfei) look like oversized grown-up kids in their khaki shorts (accding to dor) and haha x cube looks cute in mgs uni!! nice meeting the jnrs too! (we havent told them abt our class blog rite?) Hope that they'll have as much fun as we did! 73 rocks!

i'm just glad i belong here.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Online Garage Sale

Hi everyone! the lunar new year's round the corner and my family has started our spring cleaning.

Stuff which are no longer useful/meaningful/appealing to us are going at cheap cheap prices. Items include old books, old notes, magazines, gifts, collectibles...

please visit http://leegarage.blogspot.com for more details. this is my online garage which will be updated frequently. hopefully u will find sth u like! =)

Monday, January 02, 2006

hello people, here's the class tee design proposed by shell, dor and me. have a look and tell us ur opinion! click to enlarge :)