Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Dearest 73, first of all, Happy 2008!! =D

Secondly, i know it's still a bit early, but Xin1 Nian2 Kuai4 Le4, Gong Xi Fa Cai!! (let's have a 2nd cny gathering at xxx's house again when im back ok? OK??)

Thirdly, an early birthday greeting to our dearest class Bimbo BENG, whose birthday (I have not forgotten) falls on the 1st of Feb. Sheng Ri Kuai Le darling bimbo beng!! =D

Fourthly, get well soon Auntie Tianjiao!! I know that this year hasn't started off too well for you, but bi3 ji2 tai4 lai2, things can only get better from now on :)

Fifth: daughter shell, mummy is shocked at your new wild hairstyle!!! BUT.... it looks GREAT, i must say!! ;) i hope my other daughter is not going to surprise me with a wild punk hairstyle as well heheh...

Finally, do NOT forget that i will be BACK the 18 FEB at 1750H, so please send me lots and lots of love messages i hope to receive the moment my plane touches down on sunny singapore :)

See you guys soon! Lots and lots of love from romantic France (urgh.. i shudder at this myself =p)