Monday, July 28, 2008

New shirt/ singlet

yes!! I want a new shirt! Why not we make a singlet too! It is cheaper and we can wear it to our usual sporty outings, like climbing park connector, beaches and ubin. =)

cheeyun mentioned that she just came back from batam and it's 2 days one night for $100. Sounds qt reasonable and exciting. Maybe we can try together one day!
Hey, my 73 tee is really really cui right now and I kind of want a new one. And apparently a few other people have their tees either a)thrown b)in unwearable conditions c)too transluscent/thin to wear. So! Does anyone want a reprint of the shirt?

And for other issues.. Since our class is more or less meeting up once every week/fortnight already, why not do something healthy! Like er fortnightly badminton/bball/vball/frisbee games? Actually 只是我想玩 but it's healthy! So.. anyone up for it?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Picnic at Pasir Ris!

Hello everyone!

We're having a class outing with all the 归来游子, namely a picnic at Pasir Ris park! Details as follow:

Date: 13 Jul (Sun)
Time: 10.30am (try not to be late!)
Meeting place: Pasir Ris Mrt
Activities: Blading, eating, swimming (?), kite flying, playing bridge, cycling, talking.... u name it :)

Please check with Li Qian what food you're supposed to bring for that day... hope to see everyone there! =D