Friday, September 30, 2005

Huang Cheng 2006

大家好! 老牛到此一游!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hello everyone! Just to lift your spirits up a little, the bungalow has been booked! Yeap, it's confirmed already... Anything else you need to know you can click here to navigate. Hope all of us can make it yea? Something to look forward to in the midst of all this promo mugging... =)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

cookie sale!

Hey! For those who dont know yet i used to be a Girl Guide and im still involved in Guiding activities back in NY and at HQ. everyone, except those without guides in ur schs should noe about the annual cookie sale right? yummy yum...its here again and details are as follow. i need to submit orders by 10th oct. so if u're interested pls place order with me or any Young Adults u noe... i highly recommend macadamia and white chocolate!!! if u find it too ex can also share the cost among a few too!

many thanks from Girl Guides Singapore!


The objectives of the Cookie Sale are to:
· Fun programmes, local and international, for all our members;
· Meeting operating expenditures on manpower and maintenance of building (i.e. the Guide House and Camp Christine);
· Support the provision of services to the community so as to put into constant practice our Guide Laws and Promise.

There are three types of cookies for sale. The mint-chocolate and the chocolate- cream which are both chocolate-coated will be offered at $8.00 a tin. The macadamia and white chocolate cookies are offered at $10.00 a tin as in previous years. The cookies are packed in the attractive blue, brown and green tins which have become associated with the Girl Guides Singapore (GGS).

Monday, September 19, 2005

Hello people! I know this is quite overdue, but better late than never right? Here are the erm 4 class photos from that time and yea... If you want original files can get it from me online or something, although I think it should be of the correct size on the link too? Yea that's about it, jia you with mugging for promos! =) Oh yar, the class tee looks cute! The green is actually quite a nice shade lehz... Although I agree with shell that having it in more colours would be nicer... Okay, I need to hit the books again, toodles~!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

hahah jiayou n MUG!!!! hahah crazzeee promo with result in CRAAZZZZEEEE post promo prog!! hahah that the icecream gang has painstakingly worked out!!!
OH AND NEVER try Reverse O in or something liddat in serene center, unless u are lalawee. haha. Applie pie, coconut, teh tarik, sour sop and horlicks (sounds exotic ah?) were DAMN NICE! try try try MUST try. It is to the extent that we dont mind being BROKE k?So it's really very good.
Ok after promos plans:
1. AFter the DARN LEP paper (haha sorry physics peepz, have to wait for us) it will be intensive overnight MAHJONG! at 4 different places : North south east and west! hahaha
2. The next day: KBOX/MOvie/eat at marina square the cool cool shopping center
3. AT night: suggestions by lalawee, clubbing at china black? hahah sounds exciting man.

Yep plans made, it's up to us to make the attendance look good :) Dont u dare use mugging as an excuse.. if so u are WEIRD!

zhong qiu jie kuai le!
hey!! i LUV e class tee design!!! hahax.. darn nice.. let it b blue on white ba.. i wan one too!! tho my name's not on it.. e front looks beri nice.. n Mayday rawkz!!! i luv 知足!!


hee... not bad after all... can we have the design in more colours? and pictures might make it more striking too.. lets NOT have another black shirt yeah?

yeah im bored and my brain is so saturated after mugging for the whole dae... photosynthesis and respiration can really memorise till i feel like puking... plus theres still sooo much more to go... and only 2 more weeks...

同志们,不要畏惧!咱钔 05s73 兵是精兵,将是强将,一个萝卜顶一个坑!

pardon this crazy girl she needs an outlet....
and a more colourful life...
i was bored. so i made these:

class tee (front):

Class tee (back):

the idea is from the mayday cd that shell lent me. hehe, thanks dear.

this is the first draft of class tee design. people do tell me your opinions (colour schemes, use of nicks etc...) so i can improve on it right after promos and we can have our class tee fast. hurhur.

sigh. i really need to mug.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Sunday, September 11, 2005

under e request of zhixuan, here r e MAF photos..=)


wei quan, barney n ning fei (sry a bit blur)

class photo outside audi

outside 7/11


Friday, September 09, 2005

Hello people! We're all going for maf tomorrow right? Bring candles and sparklers and lanterns and stuff to play with or something. Oh yar, must bring lighter and/or matchsticks too! Good luck to all performers and councillors tomorrow! I hope the weather holds up. =)

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

(wat la...i damn smart ok.haha u actually believed i believe u??? can some gou zai dui cal some1 in the middle of folloing a couple? n the camp outside esplanade??nobody sane wil do tt!! haha georgia, wanna trick me nx time mus do more pro lohz....muahahhaa.)

tts wat i hope to say la. budden....hehe ya la u sound so real la gg. erp but i wasnt tt slow~ i knew b4 raffles mrt. cos the beep sound of the mrt door.haha.

ok crap. cya all...fight promos!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

hahas yea! class outing was v fun... we ate at tt kai xin wu where pohjee claims that the doufu is very nice! then afterwards we walked around suntec. hahas dunno why we kept looking at the kids stuff and the toys...relieving childhood memories? (too bad toy r us wasnt open yet!) and georgia realli wanted that 6 man tent v badly so that she can camp outside vt during huangcheng...hahas but she can't find 8 of mi to share the tent with her. mebbe we could use it to camp at pasir ris after promos? then when we were in carrefour we wanted to buy red wine for *ahem* some reasons (our devious plot to get someone to disvulge infomation!) but we didn't lah. then we thought of going to esplanade to haf a late night picnic...but it was too late le so we went home...haahs then on the called nf to say that some of us are drunk and that we were camping out as esplanade's waterfront and that we spotted barney and his ahem while we hid behind some bushes and take pictures!! hahas...he actualli believed it until the mrt system went "Next Stop...Raffles Interchange..."

Class Outing on 3 Sept

ok im here 2 blog abt our class outing held yesterday! after much discussion abt e stayover at joanne aka number three aka giam hur's hse, only 3 ppl namely joanne herself, xueyi n pohjee stayed over.. anw e rest of us, me, shell, liqian, tianjiao n yuqing met at city hall mrt at 7.30pm n walked 2 suntec.. cldnt decide on where 2 eat so we walked ard e shops surrounding e fountain of wealth, trying 2 look 4 a place wif good food at affordable prices.. finally decided on this place called Kai xing wu (happy house) offering hongkong style dim sum.. met up wif weiquan just outside e place n we went in.. den barney joined us a while later though we were all surprised 2 c tt he was alone.. ?? haha.. anw we had dinner, during which we enjoyed ordering weiquan ard cos he was dressed lyk a waiter.. haha.. he told us he just came back frm being an usher at youthspeak.. food there was quite good except tt it came in v small portions... then after dinner, weiquan suddenly wanted very badly 2 go 2 carrefour 4 some mysterious reason.. so we made our way there but barney had to leave halfway cos he had other *ahem* engagements to see 2... haha... but b4 carrefour, we went 2 this shop selling all kinds of hello kitty stuff which were all pink and fluffy, making tj go weak in e knees.. haha.. then after tt we went to e arcade n played a bit.. then we saw this huge sign saying "fun kids" n we were dying of curiosity (ok, only me) to find out wat it's abt.. so wif much anticipation, we rushed there only 2 find out tt it's only a place selling kids clothing.. :( ok anw we took a photo (e one u c below) n finally went 2 carrefour.. saw this really huge six men tent on sale n guess wat?? it only costs $39.90!! moreover, it's waterproof!! can u believe it?? it's such a great bargain!! shell and liqian almost had to tear me away from it.. but i really think we shld get one.. make it a class tent! then we won't haf 2 waste money renting anymore chalets n can just camp outside.. isn't it a great idea?? haha.. anw after tt we went round looking at everything, n then us girls bought a bottle of sparkling wine each n had a toast.. haha.. after tt it was already quite late.. ard 10.40pm so we all went home.. so yea! class outing was quite successful :D lets haf another one after e promos!

class outing pics

wat am i? a green lobster?

73 @ suntec!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

ooo! i've been to aloha loyang. it's near pasir ris beach (right beside it actually, cos i rememebered playing in it's bball court which was separated from the beach by a fence only). yar it's quite big. the one i went had dunno 2 or 3 rooms, a living room, a kitchen and 1/2 bbq pits at the back of the chalet for u to use. bleah, i forgot all the exact no. le. yep, it's big lar. not bad.

anyway, my sis went to book chalet for her class recently. it was $90/night and it's at sentosa. seems quite cheap. but she said if u book after 1 sept you have book at least 2 nights 3 days.

yar, i think if we want a chalet then we gotta book earlier! *looks up hopefully*