Saturday, April 30, 2005

i'm here to crap too...but bf that muz remind everyone that we haf a class outing tmr (sunday) 5.15pm marina bay mrt kk...bring $12 for steamboat cum bbq!!!! Dun b late coz we booked de and need to sit in early!!
ningfei is such a gd crapper! alwaes got chang2 pian1 da4 lun4 once in a long long while *impressed* it's gd tt u r becuming more positive now...dun alwaes sit @ the step behind class bench before assembly n stare into empty space....veri scaree de u noe.. muz follow thru wat u wrote n smile more k (although seeing fei ge smile will most likely be equally freaky hahas)

ermz yah lor...the lep tchers esp chen bo shi seems to noe our entire life history or cums she noes so much stuff?? ohya now than i noe wang lao shi last time so li4hai4 de...he was in swimming exco, lep council and chi soc exco... so shen

lastly...muz muz muz cum for class outing k. it's our first official class outing with the 2nd intakers!! so muz cum! it will b very memorable de!!!

yoz! suprised to c me blogging here ba.. hahax.. not an offence for a ex-73 to blog ba.. hahax.. anyway i went back to hc yest.. but all of u having LEP club meeting so i was left to stone at e bench.. while waiting for me fren fr 7D.. b4 tt bought guitar concert tix fr jenyi hu went for gym aft tt.. oh yea, hu's going for guitar concert ar.. can lyk all e 73 ppl meet 1st b4 e concert n we sit 2gether.. dun leave me alone lehz.. hahax.. mayb we can all buy a bouquet of flowers n present it to our snrs n classmates preforming.. ya so wad's e deal muz tell me hor..

so sorry tt i cldn't go for e steamboat on sun.. tot ubin was fun.. ya mayb nx time ba.. haiz~ my idiotic bro havng his b'dae bbq on sun i've to b at home to make sure his frenz dun destroy my com n my rm.. so ya, so sorry.. anyway.. muz kip me update abt ur activities hor..

anyway.. life's BORING in aj.. totally sux.. aj photog asks e club to capture photos of 'aj spirit' but i simply can't find any 'spirits' lingering in tt sch.. it's juz so DEAD.. even e track n field ish sHi0o0 DEAD.. haiz~ sad life.. mugger paraside.. miss u guys n hc so much but everytime i go back it's a diff feeling all 2gether.. dunno how to describe.. but i juz noe i miss e life there.. n u guys too...

Saturday 30 april 2005

hi guys....yahz i agree tis blog is deadening so i decided to spend my time crapping here instead of stoning in front of the comp.ok firstly tis bloody long week is finally over, wat wif all the crap tests n shld haf a class outing tis wkend! so everyone shld relac n enjoy themselves n jus play play play! so mus come marina bay horz!! can eat, bowl, pool, lie on grass tok, watch stars, fly kite, kick ball, gossip......SEE! so mani things to do wif the class! N we haven haf a class outing wif second intakers! N we haven cele april babies! N we simply din have a class outing for a looooooong time! yupz thnk if we all wan to haf a nice two yrs ahead wif each n every one in the class happi to go sch meet classmates n crap, n each n every one laugh heartily during lessons' jokes....we mus haf frequent bonding sessions like this. right.
ok i realised tt nowadays realli thnk too much abt stuffs ready to go wild now. yay~. aft all life is not jus abt politics n such, or abt who likes who...who hates who...tis kinda thing, or abt xiao ren n da shld be happi...n the onli way to do tt is to BE happi urself! if ya thnk of it......all the feelings tt we have in the course of our lives are wat we wan ourselves to feel.....if someone hates u, u can hate him or her back, but u can oso look on the bright side n be happi tt u stil haf other we shld jus smile.....n smile......
jus heard frm my fren abt his claz.damn envy. their claz although not super-united....but like each clazmates wil noe each other's difficulties n such.den they wil try to help them.hmm......den pon lectures oso yi qi pon.....haiz tel ya shld haf pon more lectures during first 3 mths....oh i realised sth so funny lahz....everytime the boys sleep their postures all v guai one.....den ish not one sleep but two or 3 slp lehz.....den aft these 3 wake up another 3 wil slp again....- ___-.hahaz. yay n i realised the 2nd intake boys like to slp more :) now even quan n kai slps too......esp. valles lesson. oh yahz he damn cute lahz.....exactly like man lohz. bigger version. man arhz......mus psycho u to slp tt one fine day u'll find all 8 guys sleeping.......oh stil got dik. he adrenaline pump lahz.....everyday like so jin shen liddat....den when u prepare to slp he wil blast some cold wind in ur face ~~~~~~~~~~.oh yahz lt 2 n audi like so blooddy cold lahz.....maths n chem lect. haiz. cant they jus change the venue or sth.niwae wonder who;s our new maths teacher?......prob some old gag tt's going to be v strict....cos our tchrs like all v slack liddat .....rite?......hahaz or mayb i do too litt hw cannot appreciate them.
n y does professor tan noe all those scandals in our class harz? issit our claz got spys?.....hahaz toking abt scandals....heehez....mayb shld find more couples to tease....v fun to c them blush n such...muahahaz.
okok from all tt above can conclude tt im damn bored now, so crapping shld stop here. hmm.....mayb wil find time to crap pple out there, if ya reading tis blog.......STOP reading n START typing! yesssss......even if crap zhong de crap oso nvm.....lets c who can crap more!

(rubbish bin)

Friday, April 29, 2005

class outing details

ok we haf the details(if u haven got the msg yet)Our class outing will be steamboat @ marina bay. Meet at marina bay mrt 6pm. i'm really sorry abt the ppl hu wan to go to pulau ubin..mebbe we can go another time...

btw liqian made a promise on msn today in repentence for some "horrible" things he did lol...and if he doesnt fufil it...he will get killed by alot of ppl. evidence as follows:
"Feel like slapping a lot of ppl. Pls pardon me today says:
from now to next tuesday
- Feel like slapping a lot of ppl. Pls pardon me today says:
i'll listen to everything michelle says ok?"


where off to?

ahhh! where r we going for class outing on sun? pulau ubin or steamboat? pls response! pls also tell mi if r free on tt day.thnks

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


haha... nvm lar... light bulbs. maths lecture todae quite fun for those two i guess, lalala~

kiekie... go mug bio liao. lets work hard to pull up the class average. tho with me ard its quite hard.. stressed.... study study!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Wahahha Kai LIng is here to do her part~!

Recently the class is very re4 nao4 and bright!! Why? cauz there are (26-4 ) dian4 deng1 pao4 in the way EVERYDAY in school. -Oh we SHINE!!- hahhaha

example, a quote from


石上流. 竹归浣女

Eh.. i didnt say who orh. i swear i didnt say! -hahahaha-

the other one.. hahah cannot say :D

Looking forward to mahjong club outing and class outing and April babies bdae celebration.

Monday, April 25, 2005

not funny

joke of the day: The answer to a maths problem was "log(1+x)". A student copied the answer from the student next to him, but didn't want to make it obvious that he was cheating, so he changed the answer slightly, to "timber(1+x)".

ok cold. short one cos im off to memorize tao yuan xing.

as usual, take a moment to make a difference to this blog. its getting pathetic.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

if everyone takes a minute to add an entry

hey people take a moment, stop mugging and revive this blog... if everyone takes a minute to add an entry then we'll have another 25 more entries.

hmm... nth much to say though. just hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. im listening to jay chou and trying to do maths tys. wondering what i have been doing for the first 3 months cos none of the formulas ring a bell. shall continue mugging.

aniwae guitar concert is coming up soon and pls fork out some time to go! the seniors have a special performance n james, jenyi n i are performing the opening theme n the finale song haha... we've been practising hard real hard so hope to see some pple there! getting excited. yeah... its the first concert of my life lol... tix are still on sale and costs $5 each.

anyway to hype up the whole blog i've changed the song... erm... dont ask me what this song is about. just found it on my play list and thought its quite hyper.

ok happy studying everyone!

Friday, April 15, 2005

im so tired lately.. tired till the point where i can even fall asleep while standing listening to the morning announcements.. and this morning during chem prac i was so tired i forgot to use tare while weighing my thiosulphate crystals, so i ended up with titration results of 50++ cm³ of FA4.. ask beng² n nearby lab partners dikai n guanhan how frantic i was... haha.. anw y am i talking abt chem spa on e class blog? cos today mr john ng gave us some nice wristbands tt he'd bought for charity.. really nice of him.. at first i thot he only gave me leh.. then found out i was one of e last few ppl to get it.. -_- budden still he must have spent quite a lot on them.. thanks mr ng! will really miss him when he leaves hjc... :(

Thursday, April 14, 2005


I know that u all are quite broke now after paying for all those tys but for those who haven't already received the msg, pls note that I will be collecting $31.28 for the newsweek magazine. The amount that you pay will last for the rest of this year. For those who already have subscription at home, pls pass me the sheet of paper showing the name of the recipient, which comes with the magazine, so that you dun have to pay. The deadline for payment is next Tuesday. Pls pass down the message. Thanx. James

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Hi! I know this is totally irrelevant and im gonna get bished for posting this BUT, to all reading this, please go to this website and look up for some information regarding the african culture and yadah yadah. i think we are more interested in doing the TRIBAL thing right? haha anyone interested in doing the urban africa?
yup.. read up already then we can, let's see make 2 paper dolls [around 50 cm in height] and dress them up like an african tribe.. hahah mabbe add a lion or two at the sides. Then.. mabbe we can tie drums to the class bench.. haha ask the lion dance pple to go n learn some rhythm used in African dances. haha not bad an idea eh? Just suggestion cauz.. the deadline is 3 days away :)

Friday, April 08, 2005

looking for a lighter

hmm... i noe its been very long... but some things will never be forgotten, such as an extraordinary lighter. will those who borrowed it from jenyi to light sparklers when we went pasir ris a few weeks ago please check if u've kept it by accident? its quite sad noe, to lose something aft lending it out... to u it may only be a lighter, but to the owner it might hold a special meaning. pls check if u have it with u. thanks.