Monday, January 31, 2005

erps... sorry ningfei... i took off the pic le. for those who didnt get to see the pic, too bad =)

aiyah u must sing more wad... actually that was my first time in kbox n i thot i wouldnt sing in the first place. oh ya that day how u go home ah?

anyway, back to the topic i wanna announce today =D

GEORGIA AND I BOUGHT THE LAST 2 HCJC COLLAR PINS!!!! er, srictly speaking, we didnt buy. the councillor gave us!!! wee~~~~!!!

opps... a bit exaggerated... but i really love it~ =D

photoshop rocks

s3ven`tHre3 wArRiOrs

s3ven`tHre3 wArRiOrs

Hi everybody,
It is like two in the morning, just finish my Bio tutorial. the last week has been hell for me. catthcing up with the lessons and lessons after lesson. But I WOULD LIKE TO THANK THE CLASS that you guys help me to get back with my studies, esp the man and barney. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Notice tt the nicks list is getting longer and longer. Time seems to be flying, so fast a hectic week has been past. But I think it is fun to have you as my classmates. Anyway, tt all i want to say, very tired liao. So good bye.

Wei QUan

(I haven't written in the class journal)
wah going to get u for tis xinhui......y show photo???hahaz actually i had fun stoning lahz.....since the karaoke all got nice **** videos...den u all sing oso not bad wat. ha esp. when s******** n m***** sing couple liddat...hehez.oh n i hereby promise tt me wont eat 2nd helping animore during class outings.......else like ytd u all wait for me so paiseh.......hmm...thnk the others mus be more enthu yahz?? got time den come out wif us for those who wasnt contacted one way or another is prob. cos we alreadi noe u not free (oac hike or bandage) or u were uncontactable.Nx time ken ding wil cal u de! cos we had so much fun finding POOL in CHINATOWN cos SOMEBODY was SURE there was! hahaz chinatown oso quite re nao wat wif all those new year stuff.
okok me crapping like siao here cos me damn sianz jus haf a bath so cannot sleep hair stil wet n most of all im stuck at a maths ques. hmm....listening to "hui zhe chi bang de nv hai" sung by rong zhu er n which i thnk is a chinese version of hindamari no Uta.yup. finding the piano scores for tis nice.n i wil NV go ktv again..........unless i haf to lahz.......sighz.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

er... encoding unicode (UTF-8) pls.

whoa kailing you u r so fast. haha! yep yep, kailing, zhixuan, michelle (as in shell), jiankai, xueying, ningfei and me went to kbox @ chinatown today. oh, let us embrace cheena-isity today everyone. 某某人 said there is pool in chinatown but surprisingly we discovered the non-existence of any shops of that kind in 我们伟大的牛车水 after some glorious 30 minutes so we settled on kbox. but then we realised actually nf didnt want to sing so he just sat there n stone. sigh~

brought my digicam which i firmly believe is to be the first generation of fuji finepix along. 2MP, 5cm thick. Eww... nevertherless, took this pic :)

sianzilla was feeding the siansified nf delicately with snacks o.O"
oh... flagpoling... *speechless* who took the pic?!
xinhui 29012004

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Flagpoling is downright childish and disgracing to those performing it. Shoo off. Pole all u wanted outside and not in school la. bibibabiboo!!

Guess what's the hippest thing people of our class has done this week? Not having hip GP lessons but going CHINATOWN (when everyone goes there to stock up for CNY) to play pool! Just to find out that we have no where we can play pool in CHINATOWN [dunno which dumbo suggested it hor???] and we sang kbox with a handful enthuist and one almost sleeping. Wahhaha. Xue YIng is officially upgraded from muppet [spelt correctly?] to DA JIE DA! ask barney. :p

Friday, January 28, 2005

oh mianz.. poling is darn disgusting and chardish lahz.. why do guys enjoying seeing their 同类 not having any father's day anyway? anyway, here are the interesting things we had today..

we had chem pract in the morning which was disastous (for me). reason 1: i couldn't get used to using that burette; couldn't control the liquid flow. 2nd reason: i'm nuts at preparing the standard soln. result: 1st tritation, there wasn't a change in the indicator at all!!! 2nd n 3rd tiration, i've got 29 for my FA3 while others got 22.. ARGH!!!! i sux at dis!

had a very INTERESTING debate during gp.. very intense indeed. our class sure has good debaters! hope our class can win in the inter-CT debate.

Promised i'll change the skin to include more space as soon as i get my photoshop.

Hihi. This is Alvin here from 04S73... here you see a wonderful picture taken by yours truly on flagpoling performed in hwachong.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

LEP Attack

Thanks for inviting me. Though it seems strange for me to address you guys in English, but I have to spare a thought for those who still cannot view Chinese character in their browsers.

This blog looks cool to me, bit of dark, but funky.

Keep it up!

Wang laoshi

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

i am not me

Hi again. There is more than meets the eye. Do not look at the name at the bottom of this post and think that it is me. Do not bother to find out who I am. I am not me.... hehehehehehe.........


BOO!!! Hahaha... sumone here from 04S73 vandalising your blog! Ok... we seniors had a meeting today and decided to propose to you peepz the venues for the JTS. Yup, the places we really want to go and eat with you guys are:

1. Crystal Jade... the la mien place
2. Marche... Heeren one nicer
4. Fish n Co
5. Swensen's
6. Secret Recipe
7. Country Mana

So kailing please take note of our preferences hor... we not very demanding right??? Wahahahahahahaha... now we become more demanding! Due to popular demand by my classmates, we wish to have an OUTING to accompany the JTS. Wah!!! very scary iseneh? Hehehehe... chill lar. Dun worry. Tell you what my class did for JTS last year. We went to sentosa with our seniors. Paid their sentosa admission fee, went to Palawan Beach, had pot luck (food supplied by us), played ball, slack, eat, play water, blade, sun tan, play cards, play guitar, sing song, talk cock... etc until night time. Then we went to Harbourfront and treated them to Pastamania. So it is like we take care of their expenses for a whole day of outing!!! Impressive hor?

Now must treat us nice nice also. JTS must also make until nice nice for us hor! Hehehe. If you too stressed then no need to organise outing lar... can just go out for a NICE meal.

Right... for those who dun noe yet... STJ is next sunday. We are going for high tea dim sum buffet! So high class iseneh? Meet at Raffles Place MRT at 2.30pm. Dun eat too much before that, being Singaporeans, we must naturally get the most out of the buffet. Dun reach late. The buffet start at 3pm, and we MUST make FULL USE of the time there eating... hehehe... that's the Singaporean spirit!!!

Hehehehehehehehehehe...The 04 class welfare rep signing off... guess who am I??? Hehehehehe... Wahahahaha...
i'm sitting here on a wed aftnoon while others r slogging their hearts out in sch for their CCAs.. hahax.. coz obviously my CCA (photography) ppl r smart.. organised their meeting on days other den wed coz they hav dis thinking that the others will go to their 2nd CCA (if they hav one).. so i'm here contributing to da class blog..

oOps! i should TRY to write in prefectly GOOD english cause our GP teacher Mr Eric Val-yes reads this blog!!!!

*trying very hard to write in prefect english* ok i changed the linkies to black since (guess) you all don't like pink. i will be changing the skin since it seems very cramp; shall introduce more space! But that will have to wait till my photoshop is installed. Anyone out there has Photoshop to lend me?!

Pam was late AGAIN (countless times) today. She only came in during Bio which was the last period of the day. (PW is not counted since we did nothing)

Actually i have SV orientation today but i decided to join SV after the 1st 3months since i already have lots of activities: Robotics (which is taking up LOTS OF my time) and Photography. (Robotics will be more relax after the competition in March.) i guess others may have more but if there is more, i don't think i would be able manage. Trying hard to balance the academics and the non-academics here. Hope you guys can manage well too! but my advice is: if you can't, then you'll have to make sacrifices.

Monday, January 24, 2005

HI kailing's back again! anw i think the links select box is up. Scroll down at the tagboard section and u will find this pink box [dont ask me why it's pink, i didnt choose the colour] hahah i've added the link to my blog, though i seldom update it. To add your link.. go to template of this blog after u have logged into blogger. you will see a whole chunk of text which may seem alien to those who dunno javescript. then just scroll down near to the end and u will find such a code: " <>" yup copy and paste that line down and change the address in it and also insert your name la :) complicated? NO! haha ok. Diagnostic essay!!!!!! i dont want!bish i'll probably get a F or something.
Heya everyone... ok this is weird. first time writing on some blog. argh you guys should be having LEP lesson now, while I'm stuck here rotting away~ nice to know about the ecp outing! Queen Quack 17 years old officially made a big splash in the sea!! AHhaah. hmm can somebody please tell my angel and my mortal (who has probably guessed who i am) that I'm really sorry about the letters. They are becoming seriously outdated now. Oh yes! How was PE anyway? Need to tell myself that 140 for sbj isn't THAT bad hehe (self-denial?!)... and I still feel kind of bad for the boys' pullups. They should be called like "jump-and-haul" or something manz.. yupyup please don't get sick anyone! and keep having fun. oh and actually i thought weiquan had always been charcoal =) toodles~
haha... glad that all of us had fun with the cake. to think that i was stupidly trying to handle the cake with care so that quack would have a nice cake to admire. haha... sure slowed me down. aniwae i thought some of the seniors would rather have the cake in their stomach? so funny. =P

dinner was ok wad! wad did luolan and gang buy? sounds horrifying the way u guys describe ur dinner.

Think the cycling 'expedition' was great! haha... although most of the time pple slowed down to wait for me. paiseh lar, but i wonder why we have to cycle so fast. ok lar. admit that my lousy sense of balance makes me a more cautious cyclist i suppose. haha. thanks to luolan who treated us to drinks when we were all dehydrated and suffering from severe butt pain. reached home dead tired and my ankles hurt from the 5 or more falls that i suffered when i was learning how to inline skate. having that negligible sense of balance didnt help much lol.

looking forward to our next class outing!

Sunday, January 23, 2005


s3ven`tHre3 wArRiOrs

Hi Wei Quan here, I am back. Now I am now like an burnt charcoal. Australia is so hot. haha. 41 degrees. Heard that you all have lots of fun last week esp at ecp. that used to be my usual hideout. Anyway, look forward to see oyu tommo. Bye


s3ven`tHre3 wArRiOrs

Hi Wei Quan here, I am back. Now I am now like an burnt charcoal. Australia is so hot. haha. 41 degrees. Heard that you all have lots of fun last week esp at ecp. that used to be my usual hideout. Anyway, look forward to see oyu tommo. Bye


hey all,
glad everyone enjoyed the outing! cheers!

i seriously think the cake would've prefered to be eaten lor... haha.. nvm lar.. have fun can le
can everyone do their part to make this place more alive? come on leh.. post more!
we've invited the seniors to join our blog!

looking forward to the next class outing too!
probably sentosa and jts for dinner!

gtg do my maths tutorial 1 -.-
think tutorial 2 is due tmr ya?

yoz! am finally here, sorri pple my com crashed and is still dead.rite now i'm in a noisy LAN shop with my bros n the noise pollution is killing all my brain cells so i cant realli mk sense of wat i'm writing. juz want to say i enjoyed fri's outing although i was terribly late n all i got to witness is the 4 gambling princesses playing dai ti ( i missed the gr8 drama of queen quek being thrown into the sea) n yes luo lan i cant agree more tt yr food was horrible.....tink the chef used salt water frm east coast to cook it. ours was no better....dun ever buy yr cha guo tiao frm there *yucks* coz the chilli will burn yr insides up!!!

agree with kailing

yoz, everyone! Luo Lan here. I agree with Kailing, Friday's combined class outing was really great! But dinner was not too enjoyable. Kailing should be glad that she did not join us for dinner. The food tasted horrible! I bet they just pour in molten salt. Xue Ying and Shell will agree with me. Anyway, we still had fun complaining about the food and decribing how it tasted like. Haha!

Saturday, January 22, 2005

thanx guys.. for celebrating for me on fri.. thanx barney n gang for dragging me into da sea.. ya.. fri was beri beri fun if u ask me.. yuppx.. n thanx for da cake which was eventually SMASHED.. i'm too smart to hav my face in da cake.. muahhaha..

oh cap's ball wif da snrs sure was fun.. i lyk da gals VS guys game.. hahax.. aft tt i went blading n was LEFT behind to try out blading meself.. lucky i got skating bkgrd if not i'll fall to my death out there.. da ppl r lyk so not violent..

foot ached n had to stop.. so lyk spent an hr out of da 2 toking to mollie fangyi bren n pam.. wasted $$$.. n obviously sum1 was making full use of da $6 lahz.. ya actually it's not cheng jie's fault lahz.. we were EARLY tt's all.. but thanx for da ice-cream anyway.. hehex.. (kkz.. i owe u one..)

dinner wasn't tt fun as lou lan had described.. my food wasn't tt bad though.. it's juz tt we din really get 2gether n eat.. yuppx.. den aft tt went home le..

on da bus bren n zhi xuan r lyk trying n not trying to tell me hu's my angel lahz.. ok take it tt i'm blur.. so wad's going on? any1 of u noe?!

n stop calling me queen quack!!! (dis msg is esp for barney n gang)
Hi! I sure had a great time at east coast ytd, though i had to leave early but..well still, thanks everyone for the wonderful day! I guess th day was memorable for QuEEN QUEK yeh? Hahhaa being smashed by the cake[come to think of it.. most of the cake landed on shyan and not queen..sheesh sry shyan..i got poor aiming] and dunked into the sea! Oh and i have to apologise for wasting the cake too! Oh and i demand a new pair of slippers from PAM, DOR, SHYAN & MEAT! So violent, broke the strap of my fav rainbow coloured slippers! Hmm ok.. anw here's a BIG HINT. today i went orchard, heard from alot of friends from HC that they are having STJ and JTS at fish co. we HAVENT had one right? how abt having it SOON? hahha oklame.. anw snr..we know you all busy.. so we shall start with JTS first, yes everyone? haha. btw, snrs please do not expect too much from us. We are a very poor bunch of people [except pam mabbe who shops at GUESS when i shop at pasar malam]. HAHA. alright.. have a great weekend people, and remember to do the bio prac ws, or else you will be thrown out of bio lect by mrs foo!

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Well, I think the chem lecturer was damn lame. A lot of -huh- moments for me, but he was still very very lame... And if I'm not wrong the pictures were of Nancy Sit, Cindy Crawford, Marilyn Monroe and Phua Chu Kang because he was teaching.... Mole Concept! Oh my, he's our other chem lecturer too... I think practical lessons should be relatively interesting, what if his stuffed toys caught fire? Okay, maybe I'm thinking evil thoughts too early, but if it did catch fire, it'd make for a very interesting What Not To Do lesson for chemistry practicals. Bleh, we had Bio lecture today, by the fierce science head, and we were late! (from LEP <- I insist it's not our fault that we were released late) And of all times to start falling asleep, I started yawning and nodding off during bio lecture, quite obviously too I thought, but thankfully didn't get caught. Although my handwriting became even more atrocious than it already was... X( GP speech didn't go as horribly as I thought it would, basically because I couldn't be bothered any more. In fact I was crapping a lot about myself because Meat was in front, telling me to tuo yan shi jian so that we could postpone the Diagnostic Essay. Oh, and if my angel reads this right (btw it's Zhixuan here), I forgot if I replied to your last letter! Which means that I might have been waiting for nothing... But I'll write by next Monday k, quite sorry! Anyway, can't wait for the outing tomorrow, hope I don't end up crashing into a tree/bush/hard object/floor while trying to learn how to cycle...


hello everyone, james here. the colour blue shall represent me. just doing my part and contributing since there are so few posts here. the only thing really memorable today was definitely the chem. lecture and the lecturer was Mr John Ng i think. although i didn't really understand today's lecture, i still think that today's chem. lecture rocked! first there was this grand introduction to the chem. lecture then there were these powerpt. slides which included three picts featuring Lydia Sum, Cindy Crawford and someone else, which in the end had nothing to do with the entire topic we were about to learn. Mr Ng also used a Mashi Maro toy which produced a sound to indicate that time was up. lol. heard that he also has a barney soft toy. Ok, basically that's the most interesting part of the day for me. looking forward to the class outing at East Coast tomorrow, which also happens to be Delia's birthday!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Extemporaneous Scribble

haha... bold attempt bernice! jia you!

alright.... i've just sent invitation to another three people. too lazy and this stupid thing only allows me to invite like 3 people at one go so im going crazy soon.

oh im so sleepy.

anyway i need to prepare how to give an inperaneous speech(bleah... some word that Mr Eric Wal-yes wrote on the board) and my question is "where can you find the best roti prata/chao gui tiao in town?" like... WHERE?! good thing i still have time to do some research but i think this topic is so duhz. shall try my best to fluff up whatever i have lol.

back to the word he wrote. it was EXTEMPORANEOUS (sth said or done w/o prior preparation. Oh what have i just done? haha.. researched on roti prata to give an EXTEMPORE speech...irony... sorry im tempted to use big words i've just learnt. lame lame.

just laming ard cos im falling asleep. shall continue inviting pple tmr man...

have a nice week ahead! dream about roti prata...

oops. that was me...bern. sry. a bit extra. i'm still experimenting
it's my first time blogging. i noe -suaku right. but just can't be helped. i'm a bit of a computer idiot. my past achievements include: learning to use M.word at the age of 12, learning to use email in sec one and excel in sec two....and now... i'm learning to blog. K. about class outing on Friday...if we don't bring stuff then it's not pot luck u sure u wanna just go hawker centre?oh. and i haven't quited figured out how to change the font colours yet, so just give me another month to explore this blog thing. really, it's quite alien to me.
Orange is for jenyi hor! haha..
Hey class, thanks alot for the letter. xiaolee and i are really touched. we'll work harder k!
Trying to finish up bio tutorial now.. anyway, have a great week ahead all!
Not forgetting the seniors, thanks for helping out ^_^
Cheers, Jen

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Kai Ling takes green and no one else should!Yup so here i m doing my part to keep the blog alive! YAy! I think our class quite a number of people inHUANG CHENG right?? Yay! how was the first work day? FUn? i hope so -cross fingers- well anyway haha i heard that our PW teacher Mr Ross's a really nice teacher to have. Hmm, heard alot of other classes complaining abt their teachers..i think our teachers so far not so bad la hor? hhehe or izzit our yao1 qiu3 lower? Aiya dunno la. And i m definitely looking forward to friday!Anyone wants to tan like me? hahah go cycling and such!! Oh and zhixuan or someone else was saying we should meet up somewhere before going to buy things to eat.. for lunch. haha since it's we settle ourselves one, why not we dont bring anything[super bulky la] and we just go off to the food centre near east coast for lunch or dinner? hahah i think the food there's yummy! Anyone for my idea? -wavess- yup tt's all for now.
i'm now slacking in da sch lib while da rest of da class r mugging.. OMG!!! stress stress!! nvm.. i gonna make use of da time (free 2 periods coz no bio pract) to use da com to blog since sum idoit spoilt my com back home.. so sorry i can't maintian dis webby (n blog)for a while.. leave it to xiao lee n da others ba..

tutorials hav started n they're juz so sianz.. haiz~ stil can't get used to da system.. gonna crash phy later.. muhahaha..

i tink it's inevitable tt i'm gonna leave dis class aft 1st 3mths.. (i noe it's a bit to early to say dis kinda stuff) but i'll treasure da time here de.. u're a fun bunch.. esp da seniors(i c they had fun wif da tagboard..) but juz dun mug too much in da 1st 3mths can?! (lyk wad u r going now..) shld enjoy mahz.. hahax..

really lokking 4ward to fri's outing though i'm lil afraid of wad u guys r gonna do to me.. (i've bin ADVICED to bring an extra set of clothes).. so ya.. hope to hav fun wif u guys on fri!!! (anyway u can take 401 [servive available oni on sun,sat n public holi] fr Bedok lohz.. it cums 1/2 hourly..)

P.S u seniors hu r olreadi members can blog lyk me.. no nid to flood da tagboard.. so check ur mailboxes (including JUNK folder)..

P.P.S xiao lee!! quick send da invitations to everyone.. sorry i can't help u..

Sunday, January 16, 2005


yoz! yellow is for xiaolee n nobody else. happy blogging and thank quack for the lovely layout! okie. im still trying to get rid of the weird characters on top but if u find them irritating for now switch to the unicode encoding n they will somehow miraculously disappear. poor me and my limited HTML knowledge. alright. have a nice week ahead! anyone has any idea what to add as background music?
-Cheers, Xiao Lee
Yay! Chio new blog, courtesy of quack. =) So sad that orientation is over, the slack week of only lectures and long breaks is over and even LEP orientation is over too. Now all the proper tutorials and lectures begin... Sian. =( But never mind, we still have weekends and mini breaks in between to catch our breaths and all. Now I wonder if we'll still have time for morning meetings, it's quite fun lehz actually. <- Or am I the only one who thinks so? Anyway, shall look forward to the closest class outing which Friday is it? In the meantime, must finish tutorials first. Okay, then I shall kope blue. =) But not enough colours to go around anyway... Whatever lahz.
yoz.. 73's blog is all ready to function!!! i shall now announce it offically open.. yea! so da posts shld start cuming in.. any objections or suggestions to da dsign u can tell me.. n thanx xiao lee for doing part of it.. erm.. now cld we tink of da song n a funky name for da tagboard.. plus.. pls givmme links to link dis blog to..

Saturday, January 15, 2005


yoz.. quack here.. ur yallow lil duck.. hahax.. welcum to s73's bloggy!!!! nope.. dis not gonna b da templete lahz.. gonna dsign one SOON.. but there's olreadi a tagboard le.. juz tag lahz.. meanwhile i'll start inviting members.. 73s (past n present) let's start blogging!!!