Saturday, July 30, 2005

cutting hair

heys cheeyun checked it out and they said that girls are going nxt wk...but they'll cut the hair until where it reaches the ear'll be quite short...

went to watch arts fest today and the performances were great! xueyi looking so pro with her clipped up hair in harmoc, shiyan with her cute costume in chi dance and guanhan in choir!

enjoy yr weekend:)

Friday, July 29, 2005

yay... the weekends are here again! im happy!

do hope the class photo turns out nice. thought i looked like crap that dae... we should take photos in the morning when everyone is smelling nice and feeling fresh. haha...

btw, in case u guys dunno, all of u have become the team members of this blog... the first intakers are also among us too. esp quack... yeah... so other than posting entries we can all make changes to the template itself or add music or wad lar...

saw the shaving in the hall today... quite scary and we all decided not to get our haircut cos there were no girls there and we werent brave enough (to go up on stage and get pictures taken while the hairdresser works on ur hair)... haha... but some guys look quite ok... as in... i tot they would shave until shiny bald.... but there still is about 1cm of hair left lar... and most didnt look too bad in their new hairstyle. haha... apparently the guys in our class love their hair alot lar...

yep... the guitar ensemb learnt shi jie mo ri todae after our formal practice. i love this song. fridays rock!

thats all frm xiaolee... rest well everyone! =)

Thursday, July 28, 2005

class photo

yea! finally took our very first class photo today! :D

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Ge Yao 2005

heez, snr here to crash~!!! haha, here to add some life into the blog ba, heez. actually here to advertise ge yao rather lohz. =P must come ge yao ok? it's on 13/8 sat 7.30pm @ sch audi!!! keep that day, or rather, that evening free oh~ ;) there'll be six grps competing & they're chailing and fengyi, amelia and fengyi, yinfei, me and choonsiang, wanxin and liting & some JC2 guy from band. i'm sure it's worth the ticket money so do keep $5 aside and grab the ticket when it's out wo~~~ =)


hey eve1! jus v sianz now at lib wif xueyi n sheila (i prefer calling her du gui) and ponning u-noe-who's lesson. ermz they doing maths sianz. den me stoning.wana read newspapers but pple cope away! trying to think of wat to type now....hmm....oh yahz where's our clasz tee?? r we having one in the first place? hm n yahz nowadays evebody busy wif their commitments n stuff so its understandable tt the claz not v on now. BUT aft promos we chong pool ok??? n chalet n nitecycling n mahjong!! blah~hahaz xueyi jus walked past n saw me.....thnk i shld go back "mug"...cyaz later in the canteen!!

Monday, July 25, 2005

class lunch

this time, class outing had more ppl than the previous i guess...hmz...hahaz i'll blog abt our free and easy activities after lunch...ningfei and xueyi were responsible so they went for their talk @ esplanade library which they had to attend. shiyan left early n xl, jenyi & joanne left after the ddr it was left with lala, lq (lame quotient), zhixuan & mi not knowing wat to do after leaving the we walked from 1 gift shop to another(with ke lian de lq trudging behind lol) and made several new discoveries and educational breakthroughs!!! you'll see when xiao xuan^2 posts her photos..;) we found animal figurine magnets that could b spilt into half to hold notes and we swapped their heads and bodies (demonstrating co-dominance!!!) and we oso found mahjong tiles keychains and attempted to form 13yao1...but onli suceeded in making half of it. we met bengbeng @ bk then continued to tink to wat we can do...wanted to go to kbox but it was too late & exp at tt time...mahjong/crashing sm1's hs crossed our mind (but we realized there were not many living near)....pool crossed our mind too....but in the end, after stoning for a long long time....we decided to go home and attempt to mug...

Sunday, July 24, 2005

hey! sorry for not turning up for class lunch. :( strict parents + homework + alot of i-dun-like-to-do-but-still-need-to-do-rubbish = cannot go out~! but from xl's post.. sounded like those who went had fun la hor. n joanne jiu shi joannae.. play ddr also so stylish. zai la!

class outing


not bad after all... long time never eat hawaiian pizza from pizza hut le. but the attendance was quite pathetic... me jenyi shiyan liqian ningfei xueyi joanne shell zhixuan sheila...

haha... after tt we went to the arcade... and i tried my luck to grip the gigantic pooh bear... but too bad lar... cheated my money. and we watched sheila play ddr... quite pro. beside her, unfortunatly, was our giam hur, joanne... haha... quite hilarious. she was controlling the left and up, zhixuan helped with the right button and shell the back... then they managed to improved from 3 combos to 12.

i wonder if i heard wrongly, the machine kept saying "are u a monkey?"

hope all those who went had fun. i dont know...i used to return from "class" outings feeling cheated. but guess we're all immuned to it. nobody was very disappointed. just ate a hearty (plus pocket draining) lunch and had our own laughter.

yeah.. for now, just dont let this bit of spirit die. wishing for a real class outing one day.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

oh mans...dun remind me...takoyaki, ps cold hard floor, unsteady fence to lean on, a cup of chao exp lemon tea and the 2 of us...then liqian's horrible sms.
hey, shell!
We are back to that dreadful ps... the horrible experience... hahahahah

Oh i'm finally here

Yeah, i can finally blog here. hahahahahaha
Anyway everyone MUST go for the class outing okay?
do try to be there or say hi bye AT LEAST...
DON'T let the class spirit dampen!
Oh ya rest well and shout out loud for the Zpop!!! GET HIGH and pls remain HIGH on sunday.
Energy is on tv now~
ppl we (ppl in mass convo where mass = 5 right now...with a rather inactive member who is supp to be the host but bz toking to a single pretty lady) ahemz we shall not dwell into his actions or rather his lack of actions...aniwaes we conclude tt our class blog is really dying pls make more noise to liven up this place!!! anithing can do! and pls pls pls turn up for class outing...considering the dismal number of turnups the previous time....hopefully we wun be seeing the same few faces...but all the faces!!

kk ppl going zpop enjoy yrselves tmr nite!!! cheer for jj for the rst of us!

mass back to 5 rite now...with mi, xl, nf, xueyi, liqian online toking abt class outing

see you there kk!

Friday, July 22, 2005

class outing


our online meeting quite pathetic. actually i've been wondering from the beginning on the year y 05S73 pple are seldom seen online. haha... nvm... the details of the outing have been decided by the 6 of us present... coming sunday, 24th July 2005, we'll be meeting at entrance of Plaza Singapura at 1pm. going to pizza hut for lunch first. then free n easy after tt. mebbe we can bring cameras along? yep... guess thats bout all for now.

so finish all ur homework (maths tutorials 1,2,3 bio tutorial, chem kinetics) by saturday. mugging is not an excuse to miss class outing. muahaha...

Monday, July 18, 2005

haha actually i forgot, think it's doreen. She suggested mabeb our class could wear ethnic costume to school on thursday and then we take picture la..haha then make into montage lo. hmm.. im for wither idea.If having class outing on sunday then we could take pictures of what we do and name it.. "" hhaa ok cliche name

Sunday, July 17, 2005

just went to spotlight @ ps yest. realised they sell a lot of fabric. and books on how to make costumes. mebbe we can work on costume if we dont have photos for the national day thinggy. think we should get started on sth?

have a nice week ahead! =)

Saturday, July 09, 2005

National Day

hmm... i think the photos one quite cool... mebbe we can have like everyone submit one funny photo then we string up the whole series to make a singapore story... should be quite fun?

btw, heres sth i found in my junk mail. quite funny...

alright! enjoy ur wkend every1!

Friday, July 08, 2005

nat day project

The following is a msg from liqian (i helping him post)

HHEEEEEEEELLLLLPPP!!!! National day project, so tough lah! I don't know what u all want leh... Costume design? If we do that then we have to make the costume itself... Kinda troublesome, don't ye all think? Or we can do the photoslides. Who is fantastic with IT? Eh... help leh ppl. I need a whole team for that. Those with artistic talents lah, enthu photographers lah... Which one do u all want?

from Liqian, yr welfare rep

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

more imp announcements

imp announcements
from the emb (

Re: XP/IVLE password From: HWANG CHENG LEONG 06-07-05
To: All Students
Dear Students,
Please be informed that your XP/IVLE login password has expired
after 120 days. You might not be able to login to IVLE from home.
Please login to the PCs in the Library/student lounge to change your
password. You will be asked to change your password once you've
login to the domain, HCI.


Re: Kinetics Quiz for JC1 Chemistry Students From: LOY HUI CHUN 01-07-05
To: College1
Dear JC1 Chemistry Students,
The Quiz for the Reaction Kinetics Independent Learning Assignment
will be held during a tutorial lesson in the week of 18-22 Jul 2005. Your
Tutorial Tutor will inform you of the date for this Quiz.
Duration of Quiz: 15-20 min
Type of questions: MCQs & short-answer questions
Note that your results for the Quiz will constitute 5% of your final JC1
Chemistry grade.
Materials for independent learning can be downloaded from:
IVLE \ CHEMISTRYJC1_2005 \ workbin \ kinetics independent learning
Happy Learning !
Mr Loy HC

3. for lep ppl
pls bring untaught gu wen for chenboshi's lesson tmr! (thur) someone taking over her lessons tmr...

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Initial D

yeah, so some of us went to watch initial D! and to those who adore Jay Chou no offence but he's really a good actor whos able to display 4-5 different emotions with a single sian diao look. btw is he supposed to be rebellious or nerdy? frankly i was quite bored thruout the show. cos theres only one racing route, 3-4 cars, and u close ur eyes oso noe that Jay Chou's going to win (except for once when the engine failed him). cos they always take the same old route towards the end of the movie i know the exact spot where they do all their drifting and everything... i think things might be more exciting with a few more casualties and wrecks here and there, and more stunts.

ok lar... watching a few idols walking around worth that 9 bucks... but for the car racing i might prefer to go home n play need4speed. but the ending seems to call for Initial D (II)... haha, or isit initial E? ok lar... wadeva it is u wont be satisfied with the ending i think. so If u happen to stand outside a cinema these days, u might not regret choosing War of the Worlds over Initial D.

coming soon: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. seems interesting!
IMP ANNOUNCEMENT: Please bring an envelope (normal kind) with a stamp attached with your home address written on it when school reopens. (this is for the school to mail your results to your home) Thanks and please help spread the msg around!!

I'm just back from watching Initial D with Doreen @ J8!! Shiyan, xiaolee, veron & chee yun are watching it now @ j8 too! Our verdict: it hasn't got the right stuff to be the best show ever, it wont grab your attention every minute and personally, i like the car racing bits but the parts of jay chou with the jap girl is making me go squeamishingly "erps?" but still, a nice show to catch with a few actors who can really act (except...) and esp if edison, shawn or jay happens to be your eye candy...

rest well & enjoy tmr!!

Monday, July 04, 2005

YO people!hahah we (kailing, zhixuan, ningfei(ok mabbe not haha)) had an interesting mugging session at xingyu's house. hahaha..but i think zhixuan and i both agree that it wasnt really that productive cauz we had a very entertaining character there la ya and i seriously crapped too much to concentrate on studying. OK one more day to go!!
TUESDAY we shall rule orchard road!!haha let's have some activities before watching INtidial D in the evening can?hhaahaa the CO people got rehearsal though, ask us to wait for them for INitial D leh. HOw ah?bring a change of clothes then we go kbox/pool first hahah mabbe arcade lo.Aiya.. be abit sporntaneous and flexible la k?but i want KBOX BADLY!and i want to shop tooooo GREAT SINGAPORE SALE!!!hahaha see how la k? that's all folks!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

hmmmx.. i can't seem to tag.. so shall blog ba.. juz drop by to say
happy birthday 73!!!
Hello people!!! Okay, I'm in the middle of bio, enzymes to be exact, but decided to pop by here and wish all 73-ers happy birthday! XD Good luck for the last bt and jia you for mugging!!!!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

watch war of the worlds

i just watched war of the worlds today and i highly recommend it. haha... of cos i noe BT's not over for us, but doesnt mean that we have to spend all 3 daes mugging away for 1 subject. wad a waste of youth and the long weekend! haha... btw, just half an hour more to 3rd july, and thats 73's bdae! haha... crap... i doubt anyone rmbs but still, happy birthday and all the best for bio! jus 1 more paper and we can go enjoy life once more!
i'm here to add so life too! my tests r over.. hahax.. lyk getting Fs for maths n chem le.. din really blif when mollie told me aj's maths' tough.. but now i really hafda blif le.. ARGH!!! hahax.. nvm abt tt.. it's now over le.. e nx hell will b when i get back my papers.. meanwhile.. slacking n enjoying e days w/o tests!!! hahax.. shldn't gek u guys.. best of luck for ya block tests!!!!

Friday, July 01, 2005

heys...i'm here to add some life to this very very quiet blog...slacking away and resting on this friday nite ;) after two horrible papers mug hard for bio!! we haf juz a few more days to go!! and rmb it's youth day holiday on monday i stay youthful, lively and alive!!! gambate pple!!! and yah i'm tinking abt post bt activities too not a gd time to tink abt such stuff but... hehe...