Monday, November 19, 2007

xmas party

hello class
how's everybody doing? I'm currently in my hall...decided to visit this blog coz i was wondering if anybody updated it at all haha. anw it's the exmas period now and i'm having my accounting paper tmr! yea qt freaky >.<

yeps but anw..some of us are thinking of having our annual xmas party on the 24th and 25th dec this year. will be a sleepover as usual. keep that two days free ya?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

maf's coming

hey ppl!
maf is going to be here!!

we'll be having dinner 5pm at currywok before tt:)
So far those who will be having dinner - ahjiao, zhixuan, shell, cheeyun, ningfei, weiquan, liqian.

we'll be wearing sch u

see u guys there!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Okay, this is an entry advertising our canvassing endeavours for Camp Outreach 08!

Camp OutReach is an annual special project organised by by the Welfare Services Club of Nanyang Technological University aimed at reaching out to the hearing-impaired (HI) community. Having been awarded the Commonwealth Youth Gold Award 2004, the annual overseas adventure camps we organise for the HIs aim to challenge their mental and physical limits, promote independence and allow them to acquire various lifeskills. COR08 will be the 15th Camp organised, and the 4th Overseas camp.

In conjuction with Mid Autumn Festival, the organising committee for COR 08 will be selling Chop Tai Chong Kok mooncakes (大中国月饼) to raise part of the funds needed for this project. Do show your support for this meaningful project by placing orders! Prices are as follow (4 pieces per box):

Lotus Seed Paste with four yolks -- $36
Lotus Seed Paste with two yolks -- $27
Lotus Seed Paste with one yolk -- $25
Plain Lotus Seed Paste -- $23
White Skin Lotus Seed --$22
Mixed Nuts with One Yolk --$27
Mixed Nuts --$25
Red Bean Paste --$20
Green Bean Paste --$20

email/sms xiaolee to place ur orders!
~Lets bring joy to their silent world. Thanks!~

Friday, July 20, 2007

birthday party!

Hi everyone, it's me again!

Just a gentle reminder that my bday party will be held on 1 Aug (Wed), 5.30pm onwards at Aloha Loyang Bungalow 10. It's the same place where we had our class chalet 2 years ago, but in case anyone's forgotten, it's at Pasir Ris, next to Downtown East and Costa Sands Resort; think there's a shuttle service from Tampines MRT at regular intervals. Really sorry that a few guys won't be able to make it cos it's on a weekday, but all the chalets have already been booked for every weekend all the way till October :(

Anyway the following people have already confirmed their attendance:
1) Chee Yun
2) Joanne (staying over)
3) Liqian
4) Meat
5) Poh Jee
6) Shell (staying over)
7) Soon Hock
8) Veron
9) Beng (staying over)
10) Xueyi
11) Zhixuan (staying over)
12) Tianjiao

Others (whom most of us might know) who are coming include: Yingjie, Jiayan, Pin Yun, Xinyu (from 06S79), Big xinyu (will try to come), Xuet Ying, Ying Hong, Yun Ling and Minsi. In the meantime Barney, Guan Han and Sheila will confirm their attendance again.. hope I haven missed anyone out?

Ok that's all then, see you guys soon! =D

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

we aren't crashing school tmr! we'll probably do it during the last week when hopefully more ppl are free..i'll keep u all informed..

Monday, July 09, 2007

hello ppl! erms bad news...we might have to postphone the crashing sch thing coz the sph ppl shld be having rehearsal on wednesday. and apparently hc now has temperature taking every wed. but good news is that joining our jnr class during assembly shld be qt safe! coz dearest ms soh is their ct and she wld recognise us! heh i hope the bio tchers arent reading our blog right now.

if you are really are two things for you to do!

1. go join the hwachong 05S73 group on facebook!
pls go to to take a look. currently it has only 4 members =(

2. another quiz for bored ppl & chocolate lovers
The Box of Chocolate Tests at Find out which chocolate you are!
Hey people! According to the HC calendar of events, MAF is 15th September (Saturday)! Hopefully lots of us will be able to make it back, and I think I'm posting here out of bo liaoness and hoping that we'll have something to look forward to once school starts. See you people on wed! (those who are crashing anyway) Take care!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Kelong Trip

Helloooo everyone! dun worry xiaolee this blog is not totally dead yet! i do still pop by occasionally to check for updates :)

anyway, if you've been checking your email recently, you'd know that beng is organising this Kelong Trip in Malaysia! To be exact, the kelong, called Chai Soon kelong, is located at Pasir Gogok, which is about an hour's bumboat ride away from Changi Point Jetty. I went there last month with some of my zaobao colleagues, and it was a really refreshing experience! First we took a bumboat from Changi to Pengarang to get our passports stamped, and after that, we rode for about 20mins more on the bumboat before reaching the kelong. The kelong is quite a big-sized one, which, according to the owner, can accomodate up to 100+ visitors! There are rooms which have partitions in between them (no doors, though there're curtains), 6 toilet cubicles (3 for guys, 3 for girls) which use the simplest and most primitive way of disposing wastes (straight into the sea!), and lots and lots of beautiful scenery of the sea! (cos u'll be smack in the middle of the sea)

Activites on the kelong include mahjong (mahjong pieces n table all provided), karoke (the songs are not TOO outdated), fishing, card playing, admiring the sunset and sunrise, taking the kelong owner's boat out to a little island to buy soft drinks and ice creams (tt are really cheap) etc! Lots of photo opportunities everywhere, for the place is really picturesque. Dinner is prepared by the kelong ppl, after which follows a nice BBQ (everything is also prepared by the kelong ppl) that consists of tiger prawns, stingrays, whatever fish they've caught tt day, chicken wings etc. So all u have to do is just to sit there and eat :D Breakfast in the next morning is the kelong owner's signature dish: Seafood porridge! It's so tasty that most of my colleagues gobble down at least 3 bowls at one go! At night, if u dun wish to sleep in the rooms (in which mattresses are provided), you can bring your sleeping bag out onto the deck and sleep under the stars :D

The kelong is owned by a nice Chinese m'sian family, hospitable and friendly. This is a really great place to go to, if u need to get away from city life for a short while. Fabulous place to relax, unwind and have fun! I have lots of picture of the kelong... if anyone would like to see them i'll upload them on shutterfly or sth ok?

So... what are u waiting for? Sign up with beng now! =D

hello (echoes bounce off this empty blog)

haha... this blog is so so dead...

anyone out there?

how has life been for everyone?

can someone please put up the photos of the previous outings and gatherings? thanks!

our longest holidays' about to end soon... for the girls at least.


lets hype up this blog a little.

everyone do a simple blogthing and post it up here, just for the fun of it.

i start first

Your Brain is 73% Female, 27% Male
Your brain is mostly female. You think with your heart, not your head. Sweet and considerate, you are a giver. But you're tough enough not to let anyone take advantage of you!


okae... whos next?


todae is a sunday and xiaolee is bored.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

sentosa may1

hello dear folks

class outing is set!
date: may 1 tuesday
time: 10.30am
place: harbourfront mrt station

plan: bask in the sun & merry in the waters @ sentosa
wet-weather plan: go watch spidey

pls bring
  • set of clothes to change if u wanna get wet
  • lots of water & yr food item (veron is bringing yummy CHEESE sotongballs! joanne is bringing pancakes)
  • ball/frisbee/cards
  • suntan lotion/sunblock!

ppl who confirmed attendance so far:

  1. barney
  2. shiyan
  3. muppet
  4. james
  5. xueyi
  6. tianjiao
  7. weiquan
  8. li qian
  9. veron
  10. joanne & gary
  11. pohjee
  12. sheila
  13. zhixuan
  14. beng
  15. me
am i right?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

class outing

hello ppl, this is shell here...
was wondering if you all want to have class outing on May 1. Let's go to sentosa!! Anybody interested?


Thursday, March 01, 2007

results released tmr!!

whoa how come all the events i see on the class blog are already over (except for the huangcheng one??) haha guess i haven been here for a really looong time... anw we'll all be getting our results tmr.. so good luck to everyone!

p.s.: i can't leave msgs on the tagboard.. whenever i try to, it tells me that my cookies are not deactivated (whatever that means)... so can anyone tell me how i should solve this problem? thx! =D

Thursday, February 15, 2007

hello all!

some of us talked about watching huangcheng yeyun this year but things are like hanging in mid air? so yup, i shall try to get this done!

is the class interested in watching huangcheng yeyun this year? performance dates, timeslots and prices are stated below:

10 Mar (Sat) 7.30pm
11 Mar (Sun) 2.30pm 7.30pm

Prices: $12 $14 $16

some huangcheng ppl in the class may be watching hcyy with their respective zus/other chisoc members, but for the rest who want to watch with the class, tell me by end of this week k? it's a little rush but erm... we must be fast before the tics are gone! most ppl i talked to want to watch the last show. lastly, do spread this message to those who can't access the net etc (eg the tekong guys)!


Monday, February 12, 2007

Food Hunt 2007

hey jnrs, i'm here to post again! hope u all are not sick & tired of me behaving like a saleswoman ok? i'm just publicising all these events to u all cos i feel that it'll b a lot of fun & i hope u all can tk e opportunity to enjoy!!! i hope those who went for bike quest had a great time!!! upcoming soon is another event whereby u go ard Singapore to eat and play games!!! it is again by groups of 4 as it is a competition. there will be cash prices worth up to $600!!! for more details, visit the following webbie:
or u all can jus sms or call me ok? (: all e best to u all and do tk care and enjoy ur days b4 release of results!~ may u all get good grades!!! ^-^v

Monday, January 29, 2007

Hello one and all! =) Shall attempt to try and consolidate cny plans so far cos everything seems unconfirmed and hanging in the air! Plus I want something to look forward to during cny cos I miss school..

So back to the topic at hand, cny plans...

1) Reunion dinner

Date: 10th Feb
Time: 5/6+ onwards?
Venue: Steamboat place at Marina

2) Visiting yulaoshi

3) Visiting zx(my) house - 19th Feb (chu er)

I think reunion dinner should be confirmed right? So can start spreading the word to people who don't really read the blog I guess.. Visiting activities can be confirmed much later ba? Hope to see you people soon! And hopefully we'll all still be =) after results come back..

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bike Quest 07

hey jnrs~! there's tis upcoming event held by NUS Students' Arts and Social Sciences Club which i figure u all may b interested cos it's gg to b a lot of fun! can ask ur classmates along, or even sec and pri sch friends~! it is an overnight cycling event, you can take e opportunity to cycle ard Singapore and be amazed by e night view, it is really amazing cos i went for recce liao. ;) for further details, check out if in doubt, dun hesitate to contact me at 97823579 oh~!
Xin Yu

Sunday, January 14, 2007

but pohjee means..

Your Elf Name Is...

Holly Sugar Butt

tanpohjee means

Your Elf Name Is...

Flakey Fluffernutter

shell's elf name is:

Your Elf Name Is...

Twinkles Candy Cane Lips

yoyo!! anyone on for cny reunion dinner? gees... didnt manage to catch a lot of pple at campfire... so a good catching up over steamboat/buffet dinner would be nice? i miss going to school now!

reunion dinner

yoz..chinese new yr coming

so really hope we can go eat marina steamboat on a nice sat nite

lyk wad we hab last time..

but w more ppl dis time round i hope..


cos i dun noe how many ppl actually reads this de

n not many turn up for the campfire *boohoo*


most of u ppl five day work week right

or can take no pay leave?! =X

xi sheng xiao wo wan cheng da wo


can i suggest 10 feb?

or u all decide lor~

spread the msg arnd ba

hope to c u guys soon =P

post campfire at btfc

Monday, January 01, 2007

beng says: happy new year!

muppet, jiankai, liqian and i went to marina bay's countdown yesterday! haha i realised that singaporeans are really noble: we were packed like sardines but everyone tolerated the hot, stuffy air and disgusting foam just to watch 8mins of fireworks.

BUT the fireworks were worth the wait! damn nice!!!

let the pics do the talking! ^^
(all pics by jk except grp photo)

marina bay! the little orange spots on the waters are actually the big white balls i mentioned in the previous post.

four of us sharing a single umbrella! it was raining for a short period of time but we yin huo de fu because some ppl in front of us went off when it rained so we got to move forward.

and the fireworks!

more photos available HERE!

and videos of the fireworks!
(by jk)

part 1

part 2

part 3