Thursday, June 23, 2005

Haha, I'm not xiaolee either, and my studying is going nowhere! Actually I don't even think it's sort of moving yet... But the worst thing is that, BTs haven't even started yet, and I'm thinking of post BTs! =( I feel bad and guilty. =( So must mug! And about pw... What are we supposed to do now anyway? Okay, I'm rambling and am currently, relatively, yu wu lun ci-ing... Who's up for outing after bt? I want to learn how to cycle!!! Okay, ignore me and go mug now. Mugmugmugmug! -slaps head- I'm not very sane right now. Not at all... -shakes head-

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

OK im am not xiaolee! haha happy? yea. Kaiz here. Im here to complain. Im only 40% through mugging.. and i only have 5 days left!! Goodness. I will fail like a pile of rotting decomposing trampered stinky shit! AhhhhH!!!! What will happen to my promo??? I want to promote ah!! Gah.. shouldnt have slacked too much at the beginning. GAhhh and pw is 1% complete only!!! PW mates ah.. do something ah!! GAH!! Im going crazee ah.. someone help me ah!!!

start to mug

still like this? k lar... jia you for block tests... i mug until very sian le...shall blog to entertain myself. or anyone out there who still bothers to visit this ulu and dying blog.

finally managed to start mugging proper after the camps and genting and jb trips. now im getting bored and tired. mugging since 8am til now. wish for a longer break haiz... wad a trying period. the price to pay for shutting down during lectures... sian1 tian2 hou4 ku3... bleah... just hoping for the best.

lets see, how bout sharing how we've been spending this hols?

hmm... nvm lar... just hope the person blogging next wont be me again.

Friday, June 10, 2005


yup... i just returned from a guides camp.... it was a crazy camp lar... did lots of lame stuff... sad to say the class blog isnt quite updated... i think everyone kancheonging over block test now... next week im going to genting... haha... then will have 10 odd days left to cheong everything. how i hate this. but i hope everyone is enjoying the hols as much as i am... haha... hope to see some updates soon?

Monday, June 06, 2005

lep msn group

heys pple this is a msn group for reading or sharing your very own chinese literary works eg poems, short stories etc or general lep stuff. Please join if interested...'s open to all so you don't have to be in LEP to join too... >.<

Friday, June 03, 2005

ubin+strings photos

hey so qiao.. just when i (finally) wanted to upload our ubin and strings concert photos, i found out that it was already full of photos... heh but anyway here's a sneak preview...

Image hosted by
what are ningfei and liqian doing???

for more, visit

yea so tt's it :)
hello guys! i'm here to upload our precious photos =)

ningfei, holding a you-know-what.
disclaimer: i am -forced- to put this up. so nf, dun blame me =P

barney, ningfei and david chan @ project bazhang cip

30th may ~ 2nd june: LEP xie zuo ying

sports school swimming pool

sports school track

sports school courts

sports school canteen (where we ate like pigs)

doreen, huanwei and georgia

the artistic shot: doreen and huanwei <- who got unusually crazy!

gamblers unite!

an exhausted zhixuan after staying up until 7am with ningfei and xinyu

s73 farmily photo before leaving sports school =)

actually meat is coming to the field beside innova jc at 2.30pm... but sigh, we have left sports sch by then... =(

*in ong lay hua's tone* that's all folks!

---brought to you by beng*

Thursday, June 02, 2005

back from camp!

yep, the lepers are back from camp! tho i didnt spend much time with the class for their midnite outings, i got to know a group of funny and nice pple from nyjc and tj. haha... group 16 rocks! quite enjoyed myself and i hope the rest of us did too! rest well and enjoy the rest of the holidays lar, tho i believe a lot are already mugging for block tests lar. thats all.